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Version: 0.1.13a

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The BMO Files

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The BMO Files is a digital trading card game where you shape your opponents mind and body with your cards. It's a direct Prequel to BMO TV, where you learn about the troubled, but very secretive past of how June Tesla took over as CEO of the BMO Corporation.

This is a multiplayer game, where you battle against other players. A singleplayer tutorial teaches you the basics and a whole campaign like that is planned, but for a lot later down the road. The AI in the game is pretty bad at this point, so the focus is entirely on PvP right now.

The core gameplay may be inspired by the big AAA TCG games, but with some interesting twists, that I've actually worked on perfecting for several years now. You don't just attack your opponent, but open yourself up for attacks instead. You need to do that in order to gain the energy that is needed to win the game. On the Tfgames-side, the biggest inspiration is Ditzy Dice, which I love, so go check that one out as well. Your goal is to play "programs" on the board and "harvest" them for their energy. If a program harvests 10 energy successfully, the opponent will gain a TF effect. If a player harvests 20 energy in one match, they win. You start the game with a starting deck for each color of Anima, and unlock more cards by installing programs on your opponents.

This is a very early release. The cards will change, the game might break randomly, and the server might not be available at all times. While the server is offline, there are some very bad AI's to play against, but they are still very buggy.


Since the game needs a lot of updating, please consider using the itch.io Launcher, that'll provide you with patches instead of always having to download the whole zip.


The Masochist

If you want to play in a consensual submissive way to get TFs without roleplaying resistance, consider putting "The Masochist" into your deck to try to get more TFs.



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Please join the Discord to get updates on maintenance, updates, etc. It's a very complicated development process and my main priority lies with BMO TV, but I definitely plan on finishing this game in the long run. I'm very passionate about TCG's and I've been working on this game for many years already. I'm looking forward to seeing a broader community play the game, and hopefully not crash the server on Day 1.

System Requirements:
64-bit Processor / OS


if you get a message that the app is broken,
open terminal, navigate to the directory with the app, and then run these two commands where [YOURAPP].app is the path/name of your APP-file:
chmod -R 755 [YOURAPP].app
sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine [YOURAPP].app

Support the Development:
I am a single developer from Germany, working on all kinds of TF games. If you like what I do, please consider subscribing to one of my subsription platforms. By becoming a Subscriber you get Early Access to all of my games, like BMO TV or Femdemic, but in a multiplayer game like BMO Files, you'll get access to cosmetics, like a new Supporter Card Back every month, a Subscriber Badge on your Name, and maybe in the future some extra clothes for your character.
The multiplayer mode is currently planned to be freely available all throughout development.

- Supporter Frame in Games
- Supporter Card Backs
- One new Supporter Card Back each month
- Access to detailed Metagame Statistics


Planned content:

- Continued Singleplayer Campaign with AIs

- A good AI (the only reason there aren't more AI matches right now is because the AI needs to be completely reprogrammed)

- Non-AI-Generated Illustrations for all Cards

- More Descriptions for TFs

- Ways to get rid of installed programs

- Fix issues (obviously, this is V0.1, the game will have bugs)

Rules that are not explained in the tutorial at this time:

Multicolor Decks

You can have decks with multiple anima colors and harvesting different colors of energy still gives you a win if they add up to 20, but only at the start of your next turn.


Killing Harvesters with Defenders

When you destroy a harvester that has defenders, either through combat or wth a Hack, the defenders are returned to the owner's hand and cost 0 anima to replay.

- more lockup fixes
- second player advantage
- more meta changes
- and more

- buffed "The Masochist", but banned it from Ranked Games
- several smaller bugfixes
- added a lot more outputs to bugfix logs
- tried to fix more lockup issues, please bear with me, these are hard

- Player Rank and Ranked Queues (making a new character will reset your rank!)
- Remove unwanted TFs by ranking up
- Anima Deck Mulligan
- game will try to force continue 20 seconds after a lockup
- Mute Toggles for Sing-Song and Giggles
- general bugfixes


- ingame bugreporter (please report your locked up games. an error log will automatically be added to your report)
- increased board space to 10
- fixed Anima visuals in game
- The Masochist: show applied cards on game end
- The Masochist: changed effect to what it was originally supposed to be
- Deck Anima Value Curve Stat


- more lockup fixes
- internal deck and card winrate logs


- more lockup issue fixes
- added complete version of orange card art


- tried to fix the lockup issues


- added "The Masochist" card
- added wip orange cards by the card artist (colors will still change)
- added more logs for bugfixing
- some small fixes


- minor fixes
- added server logs for bughunting


- added more volume sliders
- added warning to new character button
- added message about multicolor decks only winning at beginning of turn


- critical bugfixes => forced update


-fixed a bug that stopped cards being applied (NULL card showing in list)

- bugfixes
- some tf descriptions
- some more tf effects

Review by smitty96

Version reviewed: 0.1.2b on 03/06/2023

Really good foundation, with plenty of room for expansions (Preg, Anal, etc). Desperately needs a turn timer/rope to avoid hostage holding.

Review by misti

Version reviewed: 0.1.1a on 03/04/2023

ive been playing for like 4 hours trying to get the perfect bimbo tf.... so addicting.. the tf is so painfully slow but that also makes it so addicting. just wish i didnt have to let other players win all the time to get my tf's (to the reviewer below me, sorry, im one of the ones whos trying to get TF'd XD)

Review by frog1995

Version reviewed: 0.1.0m on 03/04/2023

Seems like a really great game, though there's nothing stopping others from purposefully throwing the game to get TFed, which is what has been happening so far. I like non-consensual TFs, but this is feeling more consensual on the other player's behalf while I constantly dominate the other player bc they want me to. XD

Not trying to complain btw. I'd imagine finding the right opponent in queue would provide a great time. :)

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