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Magisit 2: That Time I Escaped Hell by Sitting on a Demonic Hat

Magisit 2: That Time I Escaped Hell by Sitting on a Demonic Hat

The Co-Writer of Magisit, Kuroko has come to deliver you the side-sequel nobody asked or: Magisit 2! Did you ever feel like Onyx, the main antagonist of the first game, was not explored? Do you like Magical Girls, but really love witches? Well, fret not, for in this installment, you get to control her, and witness her harrowing journey in the not-afterlife!

Magisit 2 features classic RPGmaker combat, puzzle solving, and exploration, opting for a grander scale, while still remaining an exploration of character through change and magic if a little darker. Explore a large, treacherous world as you uncover the different facets of Onyx's psyche, discover hidden secrets and lore of this weird plane of existence, and heed the advice of your new demonic-hat companion, Charos: thorough exploration is greatly rewarded...but curiosity CAN and WILL kill unprepared adventurers.

Given that the main character, Onyx, is NOT a heroic type, you can expect the decisions you might take within the game to not always be prudent or lawful ones. Whether it's embracing dark powers to her benefit, refusing to do SlimeQuestLvL1 to help the local guild, or even taking a former enemy as her minion for her amusement, there will be plenty of ways to be an anti-hero or even a villain.

Oh, yeah, and there's lewd stuff, of course. A wide variety of fetishes are planned to be covered, chief among them inanimate/trapped scenarios(mostly present on Bad Ends), full-scale monstergirl transformations, as well as the expansion of Onyx's various assets(I hope you like boobs!). There's no shortage of ways in these lands to make your life more miserable, or more pleasurable. Even your own suggestions!


Permanent ones:  breast expansion, butt expansion, and lip expansion. 
Temporary: inflation, inanimate and possession in some bad ends, and in some scenes.
Planned permanent:monster girl tfs for Onyx(catgirl.cowgirl etc)

Planned Content:

- 3+ separate, full-scale transformations, with gameplay and visual impact

- 4+ Sectors, large open maps with their respective areas and themes, all tied to a chapter of the story, but also their own lore, history, secrets and characters to explore at your leisure

- ART!

Magisit 1https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=2712


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