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Version: 1.0.1

Perils of Aestus Forest

South of the city of Temes lies Aestus Forest, home of those alluring and frightening creatures, the monster-girls. It is well-known that even the boldest man ought to stay well away from that dread wood, lest they risk being seduced and having their manhood stolen away.

After your older brother, Richard goes missing in the forest, a mysterious spirit named Andrea visits you in your dreams, begging you to free her and promising that she can lead you to Richard if you do. Will you be able to brave the perils of the forest, free Andrea, bring your brother home and avoid being seduced by a monster-girl and transformed into a woman?

Probably not.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 03/15/2023

Writing is fairly solid and I always knew where I was, what was going on and how things were progressing in the world. There are also multiple endings in this game, but expect to see the forest entries a lot. Graphics are few but what is here is fine and suit the game well enough. The option to be able to switch the theme color appreciated too. However the sound is a tough one as from the moment I first heard it, I disliked the voice acting because it sounded so flat and disinterested (as if it was phoned it) that I would have preferred no voice at all.

I muted the game after my first playthrough because of how much I disliked it due to there being no settings in the game to turn off voice specifically. Eye of the beholder on this one, others may not be as bothered as I was.

Transformations are focused on MtF on your avatar but you have some ability to reverse it with items that you can buy in game. Ultimately though if your avatar transitions all the way to female it's game over.

Interactivity is fairly straight forward CYOA with some item management and combat, which is a simple enough engine and the RNG isn't too punishing. Interestingly enough you cannot save your game when in the combat area (forest), though that's obvious to prevent save scumming, but this is also a frustration as the further you get into this locked area the further back you have to come if you want to return to town to rest your character and regain will. This in turn forces you to try and gather as much loot as you can (again, RNG hits) to get funds to spend on items to keep your Will up while you race to complete the game (you don't even regain Will at story checkpoints, only by finally running out and submitting then surviving the combat). This then also runs into a small interface problem where you can only buy one item at a time and cannot buy multiples of the same item to save time in a single action. Furthermore you also cannot use items when you are in combat, meaning that if the RNG turns against you then you're screwed.

Honestly I'm on the fence about this game. The bad endings can catch you by surprise and you do get little warning if you screw up later in the story choices, but sometimes common sense can save you. The saving grace is that the game knows it can be annoyingly difficult so after you've hit a bad ending, on the next time around you get given tips and there is a cheat mode enabled.

Check it out if you're curious and decide for yourself.

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