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Version: 0.3

Mistress's Rampage

"Mistress's Rampage" is a top-down style shooter in which you take control of Mistress herself!
Infectious bimbos have overrun her base, and she needs to blast them all or risk becoming one of them!
(Non-lethally blast them, of course)

The demo has 7 levels in it.
The current full game has an additional 30 levels, across two campaigns!
If you have any suggestions for additional content, feel free to tell me :D

Please note 2 things:
1. You'll need a desktop or laptop to play, and a mouse is highly recommended.
2. I've gotten reports from my playtesters that the game sometimes softlocks on slower computers. Hopefully, most of that is fixed now.
Also, it lags a lot on slower computers^^

This is still an Alpha for now, however, if I get enough requests for it, I'd be willing to release it on itch.io.
I would charge 10$ for it on there as well, hypothetically of course.
For now, I am adding this to the bundle of games under the 10$ tier of my Subscribe Star and Patreon!

NOTE: By subscribing, you'll get access to all of my paid games, not just this one^^


Mistress's base is being invaded by infectious bimbos!

She needs to (non-lethally) blast them all or risk becoming one of them!

Oh, and also figure out where they're all coming from...

(Paid version only below)


Mistress's A.I. has had her systems invaded by a bimbo virus!

The A.I. must clear them all out and restore her corrupt systems without becomig corrupted herself!

Mistress: Main character! Powerful magic user who is resistant, but not immune, to the bimbos.

Bimbos: Various victims of the mysteryous plague, many of them used to be male.

Mages: Mysterious hostile magic users.

(Paid version only below)

Civilians: People who need to be saved from the bimbos!

Twilight: Mistress's A.I., who is a playable character in the campaign 'Bimbo Virus'!

The Viruses: Not exactly characters, but I'll put them on here anyway.


WASD or arrows to move, Esc to pause, left click for normal shot, right click for special shot.

Q for auto fire, and E to use special abilities. Spacebar for sprint (Unlockable, paid version only)


Basically, don't let the enemies or enemy projectiles touch you.

NOTE: Game will lag on slower computers, and may occasionally softlock on them as well.

V 0.3: Initial release.


V 0.4 (PAID)

-Finished the main campaign, complete with 18 levels and a boss fight at the end
-Changed the game window settings so it will always launch in full screen, and clicking out of the game accidentally is impossible
-Cleaned up the settings menu
-Added autosave feature
-Added ability to delete/reset your save file
-Added high score tracker
-Added a % bar to replace the 'Special Shot Charging/Ready' text on the HUD
-Added ability to load your most recent game even if game is closed and reopened
-Checkpoint system removed, due to ability to load most recent game
-Added 'Quit' and 'Resume' buttons to pause screen
-Added level number to level intro screens
-Increased all enemy damage by 50% on Very Hard difficulty
-Made autofire carry over between levels, so you don't have to push Q at the start of every level
-Added full-body avatar to the side of the screen that updates alongside the player
-Added 'Point Bank' that stores all your points from all completed playthroughs, including points from gameovers
-Added 'Point Shop' that sells one time purchase upgrades for 5000 points each
-Added 'Extra HP', 'Faster Recharge', and 'Enemy Tracker' to the shop
-Added 'Far Sight', Sprint', and 'Piercing Shot' to the shop
-Added sprint meter that unlocks at the same time the Sprint ability is unlocked
-Added extra security to try and prevent soft locks. You can always quit the game and reload your save to start the level over,
this will hopefully allow you to complete the game no matter what



V 0.5 (PAID)

-Added new campaign: Bimbo Virus. You play as Twilight, Mistress's A.I.
-Added new powerup exclusive to Twilight: Spinning Balls
-Added several new enemy types exclusive to the Bimbo Virus campaign
-Added the ability to purchase alternate TFs for both the original campaign and the new one

Review by boganfett

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 03/26/2023

You play as a head, and fight other heads. And the more you're touched, the more the head changes into a bimbo looking head. Eh. Not that great. There's no story that isn't just "oh no, here comes more". Just not that great at all. Graphics look like Chips Challenge

Review by valebb12

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 03/11/2023

Great game but I would love if we could continue to play after we become a bimbo, or maybe start right out as a bimbo

Review by Pewwaya

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 03/10/2023

This is my most favorite game from you! I love this kind of gameplay for transformation games. I just wish the controls didn't require both hands..

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