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Tower of the Wraiths

A wayward adventurer seeks the legendary Tower of the Wraiths hoping to find a mythical device capable of curing a mysterious disease threatening the men of his home. Climb the tower, uncovering its secrets, and brave traps and transformations, to discover the true meaning of the Tower of the Wraiths!

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Review by Seleroan

Version reviewed: .261 on 02/19/2021

This is a game with an interesting premise and a deep story.  The prologue made me quite invested with what was going on and I was on board for what was to come.

Unfortunately, once I actually got a chance to poke around a bit in the real game, I immediately got turned into a dress and got a game over screen... losing about 30 minutes of game time.  So, yeah.  It's one of those games.

If you stick with it though, there is plenty of story to be found here.  Just save before you do EVERYTHING.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: .2535 on 01/23/2020

This game is not new but we more than welcome back its creator.

As a game has been revived it come with the expected bugs(mostly ironed out now) more immersive story and new content

graphics the same old rpg maker standard

content wise the tags will tell you all

game progress and content integrity: you can call it periodic ts story per level with their game over

if you like this kind of game then you will have a lot of Fun

once only because replay value is nil


Review by apewty

Version reviewed: .2515 on 01/20/2020

I have recently discovered this game. There is a lot of content. Most of the text is in good shape as far as errors are concerned. There are some bugs, but the author is squashing them as fast as can be. Personally feel this is a great game and especially so because of the potential that remains. At this point, it was a lot of fun but I am really excited about what's coming, if you'll forgive the pun.

Review by animenotreal

Version reviewed: .2515 on 01/20/2020

I am really glad that the author decided to continue this game. I am looking forward to future updates.

Review by Flaming_Potato

Version reviewed: .216 on 03/28/2016

This is a great game. Of course, as with all RPG maker games, it has its bugs, but nothing too bad if you save often. Storywise, it is very good. This game doesn't end when you TF, which I find is a nice, refreshing change from the other "You TF'd, you Lose!" games. So far, it is only about two hours worth of playing, but what content is there is great. Unfortunately, the creator hasn't updated the game in about a year, which is somewhat annoying-I would like to see this completed.

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