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Inform 7
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0.21 Inform
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Version: 0.21 Inform

Anything You Can Do

You and three friends are spending a break from college at a tropical resort.  The girls are hot, though hard to talk to, but a new guy named Lennon has a plan:  with this mysterious clay idol, he can transform one of you into a girl to infiltrate their circle and act as a spy for your side!  That's where it all goes wrong, and you end up in a boys-versus-girls competition, where if the girl loses, she will go on a date with a boy, but if the boy loses, he gets turned into a babe too!  All you have to do is draw straws to see who will be the spy...

Version 0.21 has ROOM ART added back in, for those reviewers who insist on being able to look at pictures.

Note: if you would like to provide customization for the character's name and to specify which sexual content you want to avoid (if any), consider downloading and using Preferences by the same author.

Kyle:  You are the smart one of the group, but skinny and awkward with girls.  You will need help from your friends to have any success!

Jaymes:  He is the suave, handsome guy in your group, who always knows how to treat a lady, even if the lady is you.

Bryan:  He is the athlete, with the big muscles and the macho attitude.  He's a good friend.

Taylor:  He is the happy-go-lucky, friendly joker of the group who likes to party.

Lennon:  The new guy that you meet at the resort knows all about the mysterious clay idol that he brought, and he's happy to use it on you.

Alexis:  She is the gorgeous, stacked blonde.  If you play your cards right, you can play volleyball against her.  Or with her, if you end up as a girl too...

Roxanne:  She is an exotic redhead with a saucy attitude and a great eye at the pool table.  She seems not to find if you're a girl, too!

Margeaux:  She is a lean, determined athlete, with a surprisingly gentle touch.  Can she out-swim Bryan in the swimming competition?

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Review by Carl

Version reviewed: 0.21 Inform on 10/14/2018

I liked what I've seen of this so far, it's of course well written, and I absolutely loved the 2nd person narrative while going full bimbo in the RAGS version. The hint system helps allay most of the frustration involved with a pure text interface, and look forward to seeing more of this some day.

Review by JosieSuvari

Version reviewed: 0.21 Inform on 02/07/2017

I wish this was still a RAGS game, Inform just frustrates me after about 10 minutes.

Review by manarak

Version reviewed: 0.21 Inform on 02/07/2017

hmmm... I think I barely started the game, but I am already blocked by a bug - Alexis tells me to buy a bra, but I already bought a top and the vendor won't let me buy a bra...


the game needs more pics, let's see how it evolves

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.20b Inform on 02/05/2017

I played an earlier verson of this game I think with RAGS.  This one is broader and better organized but not as deep so far.  I am sure it will get deeper as versions progresses.


Review by Tyamor666

Version reviewed: 0.20b Inform on 02/05/2017

I really enjoyed this game, and for a while it was one of my favorite games on the site, so I was thrilled to see it receive an update. Unfortunately, this update seems to be more of a downgrade than an upgrade. I’m not sure why the decision to switch to Inform 7 was made, but it was a poor one; the game ran perfectly on RAGS. There aren’t any pictures anymore, which is a huge blow for the immersion. I hope this game either goes back to its roots, or gets another overhaul that cleans up the interface and adds the art back.

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