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Version: 0.2.5

Aurora's Ascension

Aurora Graves thought she was just a normal girl living in a remote forest village, but that all changed on her sixteenth birthday. Now she finds herself on the run from an unknown order which seeks her death, and must learn the truth of her own nature before it destroys everyone and everything she ever cared about.

Aurora's Ascension revolves around the title character's journey with her friends following the destruction of their village in an attack aimed at killing Aurora, and from which they only escape with the help of a succubus. Determined to find out what's going on and reverse a gender-swap curse her friend became afflicted with, Aurora sets out to find Gabriella, the engimatic leader of the succubi, unaware that she is still being pursued, both by the organization that attacked her village and by the succubi who saved her.

And then she faces her greatest trial in dreams of a mysterious figure that claims to be Aurora herself...

Aurora Graves: The main character, Aurora had just turned 16 when everything went wrong. She is hunted by an unknown order of mages and the succubi, and guided on her quest by dreams of her mother, another Aurora, and the possibly grim fates of her friends.

Hikari Yagami: Aurora's best friend, a hot-tempered young woman despite a cutesy appearance. She is utterly loyal to Aurora and would follow her friend into the depths of hell if that's what Aurora wanted.

Erik Prescott: A young aristocrat sent to live in Corona by his parents who had no interest in raising him. He is mostly known in the village for being a bully, particularly to Mako; he has a crush on Hikari, but his bullying makes him the target of her scorn at almost all times. For some reason, he seems to be the most common target of minor misfortunes.

Mako Rosas: An effiminate young boy from Corona who Aurora has known his entire life. Mako takes a huge interest in flower gardening, but his traditionally feminine interest draws scorn from boys his age and Erik. At the conclusion of the attack on Corona, a curse meant for Aurora turns him into a girl, and for some reasons, adds about 3 or 4 years to his age.

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Review by dragon8writer

Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 05/29/2016

I'm still at the start - I've run into a couple bugs (i hear that it has something to do with the version I downloaded) but... I really love the game. :D It's well written, nicely done, and I look forward to more.

Review by lunasmeow

Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 07/31/2015

Please don't give up on this. The story is flowing well, and there seems to be actual thought going into how the game progresses rather than the norm of: Hey! Sex! All the time! For no reason, because completely normal people suddenly turn into ragins sexaholics with crazy seduction skillz!!!

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 02/11/2015

1. Use the 4share download for the 0.2.6 bugfix version.

2. The writting is excellent. It is as good as some bought RPGs. The theme of transformation is slow and I am 2 hours into the game, at the current end of development in Kaho. That being said, it is a well tailored story and I really enjoy it. The graphic and everything is a lot more better than many of its peers on TFgamessite. I recommend it to everyone who would like some old style RPG with a minor touch of the transformation theme.

3. And the good news is that the author is still around developing the game.

Review by quinnywaffellord

Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 02/10/2015

I very much enjoyed it, I sencerliy hope you add more to it! ^-^

Review by Anonynn

Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 08/19/2014

Excellent game so far! I love the characters and the story, it's very compelling and well written, and at times touched with good humor that makes me laugh. You have a gift for writing! I'm sorry to see that the game hasn't been updated in half a year+ ....disappointing...please let me know if you plan on coming back to finish or work on it more, I would love to play.

I love the corruption theme, though I was hoping for little ....temptations along the way involving the Aurora...like maybe she wants bigger breasts or hips etc instead of just mental corruption, she could want to make herself more attractive as well...or the more corruption she mentally experiences, the more twisted her body gets. Just a thought!


Looking forward to more! Thank you!

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