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Trials in Tainted Space

Trials in Tainted Space is an erotic, ultimately customizable, textual adventure game.  It's a game as much about changing your character and those you meet as it is about exploration and adventure. You play as personalized character bent on making his or her fortune among the stars, starting out with only the ship left behind by a deceased father.  From there, you plunder the mysteries of the universe... particularly if they're curvy, well hung, or both.  It's about discovering the exotic and the erotic.

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Review by Chesha

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.7.108 Halloween Contest on 04/26/2018

This seems like a really deep, ambitious game, and while I've enjoyed what I've played of it... why is "you can't save in your current location" a thing? I just want to stop playing the game for now, why is it actively preventing me from doing so?

Review by Shirubaurufu

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.7.108 Halloween Contest on 02/24/2018

I'm posting this in assumption I played the latest version available (downloaded from website) and I gotta say; All in all, it's an interesting game (once one figures out what to do, anyway).

Though at the same time I'm curious when the next update will be, or otherwise how you're supposed to move on once you're exploring Uvento with Myrellion only partially completed (thinking I screwed up somewhere on Myrellion..) and can't find anymore of the pods Victor sends you to find.

Doesn't really help I've nothing to do as far as level goes (i'm level 10 and keep getting the "you're currently maxed, will be able to level up more with new updates" message) and farming money off random encounters is... extremely difficult.

Outside of that, it's fun and interesting.

Review by Daeos

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.7.108 Halloween Contest on 02/19/2018

I kinda get what people are saying to some extent. CoC has a very efficient smut delivery system. The player clicks a button or two and the game returns an encounter. Combat is straight forward and usually results in sexy times or is a soft check to wall off content. It's very simple.

Tainted Space is CoC++. Rather than a couple buttons, each area has a map to house the random encounters. There's numerous city hubs.  Waifus galore. A ship for your harem and some ongoing over arcing story. It's pretty much like if someone took Mass Effect, converted it to text RPG, then made everything fuckable.

Feature bloat is debatable. Worst case, you make a character, button mash through some tutorial and make a b-line to whatever your preferred fetish content is.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.7.108 Halloween Contest on 11/03/2017

What's going on ? Did a group of 4channers or Reddit came here to randomly bash on this or something ?
This is *another* game. Not COC. Obviously.
It has a similar core idea, yeah, like ANY game of that 'transformation genre'. So, I don't get why anyone would even bother holding this against it ? Or even taking offence to some of its RPG-like aspects ?

Overall, it's good. It has plenty of kinds of transformations (species/bodyparts/etc), you can change the sizes of your various ''assets'' a lot, you can alter yourself more than enough... How are any of these things ''not good enough'', exactly ? There are also a good few grand lines of story through it... though, of course, more could always be sewed in it.
It's like someone expecting to use a freezer like a refrigerator. These are TWO(2) similar, yet quite different objects, to be used in similar- but obviously not identical- ways, each filled with their own goodies.
(EDIT: Corrected a few typos.)

Review by BlueMoon

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.7.108 Halloween Contest on 11/03/2017

While it is very similar to Corruption of Champions, TiTs is a great game. Creative and interesting ideas and worldbuilding, well-written smut scenes, and actually fun gameplay that doesn't feel grindy unlike most similar games on this site help to carry this game to something fantastic. Additionally, this has become one of the largest games on the site at this point, and there's enough content that you're guaranteed to find something you like.

There are some notable complaints I do have about it, though: there's some content that feels incomplete and like it's waiting for future updates, and the game does often times go into more detail than necessary on less interesting bits (in particular, I just end up zoning out around all the talk scenes in Myrellion).

I will say that when it first came out, the lack of content made it so I wasn't a big fan of it; however, the addition of other planets such as Uveto, NPCs like Lane and Chaurmine, and similar content has made the game a lot better recently though, and if you didn't like it back then, I'd recommend giving it a second chance.

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