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Version: 0.28b

Version: 0.28a

Version: 0.26a

Pleasure Planet

Pleasure Planet places you in the role of Cadet Holt, a young cadet in Starfleet, on board a passenger vessel on your way back to your sophomore year at Starfleet Academy. En route, the passenger vessel is attacked by pirates and driven into the orbit of a planet that was once home to a long-vanished civilization. Around this planet, the alien civilization had left behind an usual trap for visiting ships. One by one the passengers and crew are beamed off the vessel and onto the planet's surface. In the process of transport, everyone's gender is reversed!

When Pleasure Planet is completed, your task will be to escape the planet and return to the Academy, where you will find everyone much intrigued about the changes you have undergone. Your Academy instructors hope you will assist in the investigation of this strange new technology and to help track down and identify the pirates who attacked the passenger ship.  Starfleet brass are interested in the possibilities of using this technology in the field of espionage. And some of your fellow students think you look very good in your new skin . . .

Cadet Holt may begin as a male (and turn female), or begin as a female (and turn male). You may select any starting orientation, and select a new orientation after you are transformed.

This game was originally built in RAGS and has been ported to Twine. It has now surpassed the content of the RAGS version. 

From the Beta Centauri

Zoya Allaire: F Human cadet, medical department (general practice). Transforms into a Bajoran male.

Darvok: M Vulcan cadet, science department (astrophysics). Transforms into an Orion female.

Erelan: M Orion cadet, operations department (communications). Transforms into a Vulcan female.

Pyria Calinor: F Bajoran cadet, security department (internal security). Transforms into a Klingon male.

Choice of Boyfriends

Golak, son of Apok: bi M Klingon cadet, medical department (surgery).

Jori Kamal: straight M human, engineering department (energy fields).

Msia Vernetti: bi M human, command department (flight control).

Rekar Burona, straight M Bajoran, operations department (transporters).

Suvak, gay M Vulcan, security department (forensics).

Choice of Girlfriends

Jirra Atrai, straight F Betazoid, medical department (general practice).

Kristjiana Shao, straight F human, command department (executive ops).

Liss, lesbian F Klingon, security department (tactical assault).

Melody Mirwani, lesbian F human, operations department (replication systems).

Sauzin Tor, bi F Trill, science department (archaeology).

Silunaa, straight F Orion, engineering department (warp drives).

T'Khara, bi female Vulcan, science department (geoscience).

Additional Male Romances

Quentin Mills, straight M human, operations department.

Harran, bi M Orion, security department.

Philip Korsakov, gay M human, engineering department.

Dorav, straight M Vulcan, medical department.

Tras Dinawa, straight M Bolian, science department.

Ordro Nox, bi M Betazoid, science department.

Darzol Ker, straight M Trill, command department.

Practor, straight M Ferengi.

Bacek, straight M Cardassian.

Caleet, straight M Romulan.

Additional Female Romances

Alandra Dod, straight F Bolian, operations department.

Denjik Mona, bi F Bajoran, command department.

Ekotha, daughter of K'gek, straight F Klingon, engineering department.

Katya Fumiko, straight F human, security department.

Preelo Orja, straight F Bajoran, science department.

Nixa Utax, lesbian F Betazoid, engineering department.

Joaquina Koskou-Ordoñez, bi F human, medical department.

Uzade, straight F Ferengi.

Terea, bi F Cardassian.

Vetees, straight F Romulan.

Version 0.28b

  • Various bug fixes and spelling corrections. No content update.

Version 0.28a

  • Fixed a bug in the transporter pads where an extra line would sometimes be inserted.
  • Added like-dislike calculations for Pyria, Allaire, Erelan and Darvok. They are much more likely to be attracted to the player (provided the player is a compatible sex/orientation) than the average NPC in the Commons.
  • Added a temporary feature in the Settings that allows the player to select which race pops up in the randomizer. It is there for testing purposes and it may be removed at some point in the future.
  • When you tell Allaire you have a BF/GF, the text now makes it clearer that your BF/GF is your roommate at the Academy.
  • If Darvok survives on Procrustes, when you see her again in the Commons, her appearance and dialogue is affected by the advice you gave her.
  • The BF/GF dialogues have been altered to make it clearer that you are not breaking up; you are simply changing rooms.
  • During the race change routine, it was not printing the name "Trill" if you were turned into a Trill host. This has been fixed.
  • In the Commons, it was not printing a crowd reaction to your being a Trill host. This has been fixed.

Version 0.28

  • Re-ordered the sequence events at the Academy so the dean's letter precedes registration instead of following it.
  • During registration you must take at least 1 class in your chosen department. This primarily only affects your choices if you were duplicated.
  • Created a hyperlinked glossary of terms, including names of planets, races, weapons, and significant events. If you spot a place where you think there should be another hyperlink to a glossary term, or if there is a term that doesn't appear in the glossary that you require, let me know.
  • Some additional images have been added to the glossary.
  • While in the commons you now see all the cadets that might be at least a little interested in you, based on your race, your sex/orientation, and your previous choices (including how you defeated the pirates, whether you were promoted, how many cadets survived the initial mission, your physical characteristics like muscle or height or breast size, and so forth). You may speak to these cadets and have the choice to explain who you really are (revealing your transformation) or keeping it a secret.
  • Whatever cadets remain from the initial mission (Pyria, Allaire, Erelan and Darvok) will be in the lobby, and you can speak to them. You will be able to flirt with whoever a) is still alive and b) is compatible BF/GF based on your current sex/orientation and c) likes you in return. Because you have something in common with these cadets, it is much easier to get them to like you than the random ones in the Commons.
  • The keep it secret, the flirt and the don't flirt/friends paths are incomplete. There is a lot of writing left to do here.

Version 0.26a

  • Fixed a bug in the Trill path. The passage "Arrival Link" was not displaying correctly.

Version 0.26

  • It is now possible to be transformed into a Trill symbiont. You will automatically be implanted into the body of a Trill host (of the opposite sex, of course). The odds of this are low (only 1% chance overall).
  • If you are transformed into a Trill host, you are joined with a Trill symbiont who then takes over your personal journal.
  • After receiving the letter from the assistant dean, you proceed to the Commons, where you will be able to chat with (and later flirt with) people appropriate for your sex/orientation. This content is not complete. You'll be able to see the names and the links, but there's no chat/flirt text yet.
  • The NPCs in the Commons only appear if they like you well enough in your current sex/orientation configuration. This can depend on how you solved the pirate attack, what choices you made, what department you're with, what your muscles/boobs score is, and other factors. Whether any specific NPC appears in this version is subject to rebalancing in the future and is not guaranteed always to appear.
  • Most NPCs won't like you as well if you've been turned into a Romulan, Cardassian, or Ferengi. Each of these will have its own exclusive race-specific romance (who are each only interested in you if you are that race).
  • Females can no longer flirt with Pyria on board the Beta Centauri, because this cannot affect any future relationship with Pyria: she becomes a straight male Klingon, so any pre-transformation female who flirts with Pyria is wasting her time. Females who are so inclined may still flirt with Allaire.
  • The link now exists that will take you to the game's main cycle, which (when completed) will consist of dating, classes, investigating the Procrustean transformation device, any special transformation-based missions, and dealing with the fallout of the pirate attack. It is only a link. The actual game cycle is not completed yet.

Version 0.25a

  • Fixed incorrect orientation assignment at the medical exam. Was assigning "straight female" and "lesbian female" backward.

Version 0.25

  • Some redundant/erroneous options have been removed from the battle against Major Hoto.
  • The ID Profile tab now explains what the Muscle and Fighting Prowess stats are all about.
  • There is a new top menu tab called Personal, in which your BF/GF's bio is listed. You may edit which BF/GF you begin with, but only up until the moment that you actually arrive at the Academy. After that point, you're stuck with the one(s) you chose.
  • After registering for classes, you may now speak to your roommate about change in accommodation. If you have been duplicated, you always get new rooms; otherwise, whether the option to move out or try to live together depends on the individual.
  • You now receive a letter from the assistant dean. It is a recap of your performance in the beginning of the game, for which you will either receive the standard promotion (to Cadet 3rd Class) or a greater promotion (to Cadet Staff Sergeant). The game also makes note of other events that might affect your reputation (like whether all your fellow cadets were killed, and if you were the one who killed Darvok), but these are not all necessarily mentioned in the text. Things that affect your promotion prospects include:
    • Leadership score of 3 or more (and either Darvok or Erelan live to tell about it)
    • Bravery score of 6 or more
    • Marksman score of 3 or more (and you did not shoot Darvok
    • Having a Brawler score of 5 or more
    • Having a Wisdom score of 5 or more
    • Having a Tactics score of 4 or more
    • Having a Compassion score of 3 or more (and either Pyria or Allaire live to tell about it)
    • Major Hoto was killed, stunned or sedated
    • Note that apart from Leadership and defeating Major Hoto, these categories are specifically designed to minimize (but not eliminate) overlap. You are not meant to achieve them all!
  • The Return function in the top menu should now work correctly (that is, it takes you to the passage you were on not including other menu pages).

Version 0.21b

  • The threshold for two fights (defending the women in the cell without a weapon, defeating Lekos with physical strength) has been fixed.
  • Another error in the passage P: Defend Erelan has been fixed.

Version 0.21a

  • Broken if statement fixed on the passage BC: Hoto Stall.
  • Reduced frequency of red error message indicating you are off the grid.
  • Added imperial/metric switch to Settings menu.
  • Added game saves to Settings menu.
  • Deactivated the debug mode that allowed you to skip ahead to the planet. That was for testing only.

Version 0.21

  • You can now get all the way past the debriefing to the medical exam and the duplicates evaluation (if applicable).
  • You get to choose your new orientation.
  • You can sign up for the classes at the Academy.

Version 0.20a

  • The link for doing nothing to test the transporter has been fixed. It is no longer necessary to further transform if you don't want to.
  • A calculation error for total muscle mass has been fixed.

Version 0.20

  • FTM characters now have re-roll options that include a cock booster and a muscle booster. Each one of them separately (and cumulatively) also affect the character's height on re-roll.
  • A muscle calculation has been fixed that was erroneously taking away some of the muscle after transformation. Normally, you get a boost to your muscle score of 0 to 4 based on your department; after transformation it was resetting this extra muscle to 0. This has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to complete one of the tasks in the Security Station: fixing the communication array. The text changes depending whether you have your comm badge or not, but you don't actually need it to complete the mission.
  • It is now possible to complete one of the tasks in the Security Station: releasing the prisoners. The text changes depending whether you are armed or not (this is a hint: be armed. Whether Erelan lives or dies may depend on it).
  • It is now possible to escape Procrustes. Before you can escape, there is one final pirate battle. This battle is not predetermined based on your tactics; it is based on the skills you acquired. Whether Darvok lives or dies depends on whether you use a skill you're good at or not.
  • Getting weapons from the supply cupboard is not necessary in order to trigger the final pirate attack. The pirate will show up after you release the prisoners, investigate the transporter array, and restore communications. She will not wait politely while you grab a phaser.
  • It is now possible in some circumstances to obtain a vibro-knife from Major Hoto. This can be used to dispatch the leering pirate.
  • You now have a stat called Fighting Prowess, which is based on your height, muscle, and brawling skill. Whether you are successful at physical combat will be determined by this score.
  • The game ends when you have your medical exam.

Version 0.15

  • It is now possible to complete one of the tasks in the Security Station: regaining your weapons.
  • It is now possible to complete one of the tasks in the Security Station: playing with the transporter pad.
  • The transporter pad has three randomized settings: Change Body, Change Race, and Duplicate. The effects of each of these is also random. Yes, I know people don't care for random elements in games, but I was nice and I gave you a Reroll button so you can try again and again until you get what you want. Your character was transformed against his will, so it doesn't make sense to give you a full-featured body design menu.
  • There is a way to disable the random shuffling of the three pad functions. I put it in there for testing, so I could reliably get the correct pad when I needed it. The method is not obvious. This does not stop the random transformation, however. Even if you know which pad button is which, the results of the pad functions are always randomized.
  • Random races in the Change Race function are weighted so that the more popular races (based on my polls) are more likely to come up. The races currently allowed are Bajoran, Bolian, Cardassian, Ferrengi, Romulan, and Trill (8% chance each) and Betazoid, Orion, Klingon, and Vulcan (13% chance each). There will later be a small chance of turning into a Trill symbiont, but this is currently disabled.
  • Random changes to bodily features are mostly center-weighted so extremes don't come up so often. Each race has some slight modifications to the randomization procedure, because Klingons are bigger and taller, Ferrengi are shorter and weaker, and so forth. Breast size, however, is weighted toward the lower end of the scale; about 55% of the time, you will rate an A, B or C cup.
  • Alongside the Reroll button you have two other options: the Bra Booster button and the Ass Booster button, for those who want to target the more extreme upper ends of each scale. Clicking each will automatically reroll. I may also include a Muscle Booster and a Cock Booster button for the FTM players, but this is just speculative at this time.

Version 0.12.

  • Restart links should now work.
  • The passage introducing Pyria should work now.
  • New (that is, ported from the RAGS version) content: you can now escape the cell, fight the pirate (or try to fight him), meet the survivors (if any), and discover the security station.
  • There are some areas around the security station that do not work. This will be the new content for next time: the transformation device, the communication satellite, and releasing the prisoners.

Version 0.10

  • The story ends after you reach the planet.
  • You can now combat the pirates confronting Cadets Allaire and Pyria, as well as fight Major Hoto, who is confronting the Orion diplomat.
  • The options for the Twine version of the game are subtly different from those in the RAGS version. This is known, and indeed intentional. Previously, certain options were limited and others were available based upon your departmental specialty (eg, science, operations, command, etc). Now, the options are used to define the player's stats in a number of different ways.
  • You now have an ID Profile option that shows you your current stats. You also have a Provisions list that shows your current equipment. These screens are informative, not interactive.

Version 0.05

  • Partial rebuild in Twine/Sugarcube.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by dextersinister

Version reviewed: 0.28b on 08/26/2018

Very impressive; I'd love to see more.

The LCARS page theme was especially appreciated.  Writing was solid and character decisions working as character creation was very slick.

Review by Kionatria

Version reviewed: 0.28a on 05/08/2018

Question: will it be a problem if your significant other still stays with you after your transformation and you decide to....... explore other options?

P.S.: Also, I would highly discourage removal of that feature which allows you to choose which race you want to transform into. It is *waaaaaaaaaaaay* too useful (if you ask me, in any case) to remove it. Just imagine if one is randomly transformed into a Ferengi. :shudders: The horror.

P.P.S:1.Is Darvok the Orion bi or gay?

2.Will we see another update soon-ish? It'd be a shame if it was abandoned.

Review by EyeLoch

Version reviewed: 0.28a on 01/28/2018

this game has amazing stlye to it - possibly my favourite game on the whole site!  I hope the amount of options doesn't make programming too difficult later down the road, since at present it's amazing, and I hope to see it continue

Review by Jazsalumbru

Version reviewed: 0.28a on 01/13/2018


An excellent, well told story. The content makes sense perfectly in a Star Trek sort of way. As a Star Trek fan I appreciate the work that has been done towards this game! Really looking forward to more being added!

Review by reflector

Version reviewed: 0.26a on 01/07/2018

This is EXTREMELY well written!  It's very much "in universe" and for anyone who likes Star Trek: Why are you still reading reviews? Go play this right now!
However, even if you're not a Star Trek fan, the writing is quite accessible and if you're a fan of scifi in general, then I think you'll enjoy this.

Excellent GUI using twine, the simulation of an LCARS console complete with sound effects was a great choice, and very much helps the reader suspend their disbelief.  Transformations are great, and the "multiple" is something I don't think I've seen here before, or in the TF genre generally.  Would love to see some more mental transformation in line with the physical. Very much looking forward to seeing how this progresses.  

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