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Version: 15.07.30

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Futa Apocalypse

Have started the proccess of breaking the game down into its individual stories to make it easier to work on.  There is no new content in this build, and the most recent build includes only The Family's story.  The older "complete" version of the game is still available for download for those of you who want everything together.

Keep watching this game entry, in the coming weeks, all of the individual stories will be released as stand alones, some of them will even boast new content!

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Check out "The Family" a Futa Apocalypse spinoff by Buffmuffin!

Welcome to the Apocalypse.


In the near future, a new virus has decimated the human population, reducing them to sex crazed Futa who's only driving force is the need to infect others with their tainted cum. 


With resources scarce, the last remnants of humanity facing extenction at the hands of the Infected, and the only known cure to the virus is uninfected male cum, can you survive?



Follow Anna.  A scared, often nieve, young lady who finds herself all alone in a secluded cabin durning the Futa Apocalypse.  Can you help her avoid the Infected even as she tries to find the supplies she needs to survive and seeks a safe haven?


Follow James.  A somewhat jaded, world wise young man as he tries to desperately eek out an existance in the midst of a large city swarming with the Infected.  Can you help him avoid the Futa horde?  Or will he be just one more victim of the Futa Apocalypse?


Follow Kim and her twin brother Dan.  Kim is a strong and decisive woman who isnt scared to make the hard decisions, even as she struggles with the consiquences of those decisions.  The one thing she holds to, is the need to look after her brother.  Dan, her twin brother is a more timid, prone to acting with his heart instead of his mind.    Can they work together to survive?  Or will their differences cause them to fracture under pressure?



Walkthrough?  Now why would I want to spoil all the twisted little surprises?

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Review by bamboozlr

Version reviewed: Family 16.08.13 on 11/21/2019

Depositfiles is torture, so here's a MEGA link to the pictures: https://mega.nz/#!MV5jTSbB!xfYVHLabnC1qGASLOfh248q2kd9u7cejVN-IxGWAQrs

Review by DMSTS

Version reviewed: Family 16.08.13 on 01/17/2018

More updates, more texts, more animations and pictures.


Thats how this game will be perfect.

Review by tranzet

Version reviewed: Family 16.08.13 on 05/23/2017

Hope to see some updates!! <3 love your game btw!!~

Review by ccrock

Version reviewed: Family 16.08.13 on 08/23/2016

I just want you to know I love your game and It honestly makes me extremely happy to see it getting contiued support!

Review by wiike

Version reviewed: Family 16.07.28 on 08/11/2016

One of the best futa game on the site, keep on the good work!

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