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Version: 1.0


You and your girlfriend are engaged in salacious activities in the Anthropology building at your local campus when you both pass out, then awake with some significant bodily changes.

This is a linear story type game for the moment, and incomplete.  It is intended as the introduction to the more free part of the game.  The "goal", if one chooses to accept it, is to find a way to reverse the transformation while safely navigating your girlfriend's lust for risky behavior, and the consequences thereof.  This may be relatively linear, but all choices have consequences, though perhaps not readily apparent.

1.0, 2 new sex scenes, and birth

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Review by DarkDaemonX

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/13/2021

So, is there a way to not get pregnant, and turn everything back as well? Because no matter what I did, she got him pregnant, because she never listened whenever the MC told her to use a condom, and there is no morning after pill in the game either, it just feels like a linear story about getting pregnant until you give birth, the only difference being whether you have a lot of sex or not, and are slutty and accepting or resisting/rejecting it, that's basically all the choices do, none will prevent you from getting pregnant, the studying doesn't seem to do anything either, and the RNG part of the effectiveness isn't a good thing either, hell, you can just go back a page, or reload a save and try the option again, so it's really pointless.


And it being so linear, repetitive, and long just takes away all the enjoyment, I think most people never even reached the end because they got bored, or annoyed at their choice not meaning much in the grand scheme of things, or even both.


Interesting concept for a game, but it wasn't handled well at all, ruining it in the process, no wonder the original creator abandoned it, and gave the rights to a different person, who in turn never did anything with it.

Review by Starglider

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 05/09/2018

Good game, but buggy, nondescriptive in places, and the latter half is repetative.  It's good for a play-through, if you can fix the first two bugs I've noted.  I'd have preferred a full mind-swap between the two characters in the game, but still enjoyed this concept.

What follows is my criticisms about the game.  Even though the list is long, please take note that I really did like this game.


1a) buggy.  One particular option during a particular sex scene produces an error message when you try to push your girlfriend away so she doesn't creampie you.  The only in-game workaround is to use the brower's back button and accept a creampie; thus, if you're not pregnant before you probably become pregnant then.  I looked through the html code, and found the spot, "random(1,10) = $pushoff" should be "set $pushoff = random(1,10)"

1b) buggy.  Your stat, "How horny are you" never decreases.  This is because (near as I can tell), multiple sections of the code say "set $horny = $horny + 0" instead of "set $horny = 0". If you want even a chance in hell of not getting knocked up (and I prefer to have that fighting chance, even if said chance is small) this really has to be fixed.

Both of these can be fixed by opening up the code in Notepad++, searching for the snippets above, and fixing it.

1c) buggy.  The stat "how many loads has she put into you" never changes once the intro is finished.  This is a minor one though.

1d) buggy.  There are various spots in the story where you know you've been knocked up, yet there's still talk of condoms.

1e) buggy.  Your stats show if you've been knocked up, but not if you know you've been knocked up.


2a) nondescriptive.  "What is the modifier to research" is a displayed stat, but there's no indication on how to change it.  Researching "alternative methods to please your girlfriend" actually boosts the research modifier, but that modifier is used to research how to reverse the transformation, not how to please your girlfriend.

2b) nondescriptive.  "What part of your period you are in" doesn't really tell you anything.  What players need to know is when it's a "2" that's an 80% chance of impregnation, and a "1" is a 50% chance.  While these numbers are debatable, it's nice to know what the numbers are.

2c) nondescriptive.  "Amount of research complete" doesn't tell you how much you need to finish.  The effects of being horny or having a pent-up girlfriend (well, what the numbers for each mean, anyway) aren't explained either.  However, these might be a design choices, so all I will say is that the amount of research you need to finish seems balanced vs the risk you have to carry a baby to term, and the other two become fairly obvious just by paying attention as the game progresses.

2d) nondescriptive.  There is a sex scene where you are straddling your girlfriend; this is actually a minigame, but you're not told how it works.  There is a scale for how aroused your girlfriend is; the goal is to end a "turn" of sex-play with a score of 21, which indicates your girlfriend is coming but you (usually) have time to dismount before being creampied (if you go over 21, you're "bust").  You are given text hints as to how close you are, but not any exact numeric figure (how exciting!), but the three options aren't descriptive in terms of how they behave.  You get a text description of how your girlfriend may become more or less forceful with each chosen action (and that becomes a numeric figure that influences the score) but not how your actions influence this.  So, "deep" can help your gf calm down, "bounce" can overwhelm her, and "squeeze" is a steady progress towards orgasm.  This isn't intuitive, as "squeeze" provokes immediate orgasms in other parts of the story.  Anyway, once you know all this, this minigame becomes more fun than frustrating.


3) repetative.  There is a steady grind to accumulate sufficient research points before you get knocked up and give birth.  Each game turn can be considered to last 2 weeks; however, the sex becomes boring long before that due to lack of variation.  Further, the 21-point minigame I talked about above continues even after you know you're pregnant (as if there's a point to it after that).  However, the repetition also means you can rapidly click through screens of text that you've already read.  It's probably not a big deal for most people, at least for a single playthrough.

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 02/27/2018

This game is great! Usually, I don't like text-only games, because they are often more boring than others. But this one keeps you reading all the time!
I honestly don't like the end of it...it becomes really repetitive, but the previous parts are worth reading!

Review by Vaakir

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 04/27/2017

Note: The following paragraph is comprised of my main complaint(s) with the game and, although strongly worded, should not be taken as an outright panning and/ or dismissal of the game. I did have fun with the game when I went along with the main conceit. However, when trying to play against the intended path, which is presented as a possibility, some major problems emerge.


Sex scenes get annoyingly repetitive after awhile as they seem to act a replacement for the advancement of the story. The game punishes all attempts to reverse the transformation with a painfully arcane "research system" comprised of the same handful of choices and sex scenes ad infinitum. This, compounding with the events that occur prior to its implimentation, destroys all empathy for, and relatability towards, the protagonist's girlfriend. Although the MC, should you play them in this manner, is desperate in his attempt to avoid pregnancy the girlfriend has an unreasonable lack of sympathy for his plight and, as a result, repeatedly coerces, or forces, him to have sex. All the while the main character still, much to my shagrin, loves her. Listen, I'm all for transformations, even forced ones, provided they don't flaunt a nonexistent chance of returning to normal.


Overall the game's fine. The writing is, generally, well and clearly written. However, if you're looking for a story where you can take the path of corruption AND the path of redemption I'd give it a skip. That said, these issues may just stem from the game, seemingly, being in its early stages.

Review by langel123

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 05/12/2016

Well, I played it but I couldn't figure out if the breast size factor would ever increase beyond 1, if there was any impact of the choices I made. The endless sex scenes got boring fast! Could have used a faster method. Less sex, more story please.

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