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Version: 0.2b

Fallout: Vault 63

A game that I wanted to test my capabilities on Twine with. I'm only just doing this to learn, story is there though for anyone interested.


The year is 2077, October.

You and your sister, Anna, gain free entry into Vault 63. Built under the heart of Chicago. The apocalypse is soon upon the world and the vault is sealed. With you and almost 1000 other dwellers.
Vault 63's plan for the continuation of humanity involves a year of basic training for all vault dwellers. Then all must enter hibernation chambers to preserve the minuscule resources the vault has. Two hundred years of hibernation, then the Vault Blast Doors would open, letting the vault dwellers restart society outside. 

Well, at least that's what the inhabitants of Vault 63 were made to believe.

You wake up two hundred years later, as intended, but to a seemingly abandoned Vault 63. Where are the inhabitants, why is the Vault abandoned, why were you left behind, where is your sister, and why are you in a body not of your own?

None yet. Theres barely any choices! You don't need a walkthrough.

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Review by StellarHero

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 12/01/2018

still better then fallout 76

Review by BeJleC

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 10/30/2018

печально что нет продолжения....

Review by Tinman159

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 10/16/2018

it's ok so far however the part where you are the bunny hole representing someone does not show up after talking to large group is that the end of your currnet content if so i can't wait for the next updates.


Review by sissymaid_louise

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 08/08/2018

It's not bad shame there is no content to it may be the choice to be kept in chains and cages or go east or just more content. it is a shame to let it go to waste.

Review by ChazMars

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 02/16/2018

ok i have played through up to the point where veronica gives you the "jet" (libido) multiple times and no matter what happens after the first group without taking the drug or after finding bruce after taking it the screen goes black and does not allow you to continue further. this game (both .2b and .2c seems to have been given up on. its a shame as up till that point it was a pretty good game.

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