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The Baroness Affair

This is the sequel of Book Heist. 

Your mentor asked you to look after an old friend, and here you are, on the road again: but this time with all the power of an archmagician. 

Well: no vastly powerful spirits to see to your every whim (those stay at home and look after the kids). 

New Update: some proofreading and a first version of the game mechanisms installed: 19.3.2015. 

There is a discussion thread.

 Regarding the Patreon link: A couple of people have asked me in the last few years about a patreon link for my games. I cannot accept any money for games, or I would have to ask my boss for a special allowance to work in my spare time: I live in a country with special job regulations. 
Pervy Sage is an artist who will illustrate all my games in due time. Pery has a patreon: 

Perversity is a one man operation working on art commissions, while also working on different projects of his own creation. When dealing with commissions he's willing to undertake any kind of art request. While the projects he works on tend to usually sit in the science fiction, or superpowers genre of games. His projects tend to look more reflect real life situations, than fantasy outlooks (IE: the real world is a pretty bad place, and he doesn't see any particular reason to hide that, or lie about it) the real world is a grimdark setting, and his projects tend to reflect this.

If the link is reorted dead, try it anyway: looks like more of the old game. If the link is really dwn, pleease post in the threat. 

Find out who is the hooded man. 

Stay human. 

Dame Danielle d'Averroes Lady Marbon: you.

Sir Garreth, Angus, and Marcia: your team. 

The baron, his daughter, his knights and several others: the host. 

The enemy: unknown, but most of the time there is one. 

Not yet.

Review by udders

Version reviewed: wM on 01/22/2020

I like Blauz's games. Sure sometimes the phrasing may take a re read and some of the stories are a bit linear, but they are fun. They have a sense of swashbuckling adventure with a bit of TF and sexy times. The pics are enough to help give context and titilation but not so much to steal from the story or overly bloat the file size. I always look forward to playing one of his games. Not every one is a fav, but usually worth looking at at least once.


That said I really do like The Baroness Affair and his similar stories in this setting. Even got me to look for a novel by Vance at the bookstore (didnt find it though).

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: wM on 11/16/2015

This game is shorter and easier than the first I believe. I may not have tried every path...but all in all, the writing, the story and depth of character developement is neato :P

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 10/07/2014

Seems like a very interesting start, yay!  One suggestion though.. you're falling into a really traditional issue of d&d players.  You spend a lot of time explaining abilities, classes, inventory, etc.  This is tying up your writing without really adding anything.  The places you don't do this flow very nicely, and readers (because twine is best for cyoa book style games) and you even seem to get more into it.  If you really want to do a game that's more number driven, with classes and such, try Ren´py, RAGS, or the daydreamer engines.  They handle and display that better and they do it under the scenes.  Obscure the details as much as possible to not take away from your intent.  And maybe avoid emphasizing class and such so much (duelist, archmage, etc).  Abstract them out to powerful magic user, wizard of the grey tower, warrior.. stuff you'd read in a fantasy book not a player manual.  (Not dissing d&d, love playing it and a dozen other table top games, but they are presented in their way for a specific reason that is not necessary for this medium).  Like the opening scene for example.. so many page's trying to explain that the character is powerful and fought sea monsters and how..  but a quarter of the emotion and feel you get for the character from your scene later with trying to smack the two bandits.  Anyway, please take this in the spirit it's intended, that I like your work enough to post and want to see more of it, so trying to help! (Oh, and if you make a discussion thread and get a link up to it people will give you a lot more feedback, you can talk to them, it won't be in 'reviews') :)

Review by mke

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 10/07/2014

Nice start to the sequal. Ignore the comments from the idiot below.

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