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Version: 0.4.22


Newlife is a lifesim game where the player is transformed into a woman in an improbable mad-science accident

As of November 2014 Newlife is fully playable but still needs extensive content to be added. Nevertheless you can play it from start to finish, go clubbing and meet men, be taken out on dates, shop for and wear clothes, use your feminine wiles to seek promotions at work, have lots of sex, get carried away by your desires and accidentally (or deliberately) become pregnant.

For changelogs and more information on development, check out the blog at http://splendidostrich.blogspot.co.uk/

Custom Character Creators for Newlife in order of current update: http://finbarsextilius2.blogspot.co.uk,  https://freshestofsalads.blogspot.co.uk/ or https://newlifecc.codeplex.com/

The player: The game implies that the main character is the player themselves, a few years in the future. Of course you can create a character quite different from yourself if you want! In fact, female players have no choice but to do this, considering the game requires you to start as male.

Ivy: Your only real friend. A clever and talented young woman. Who knows what surprises her brilliance have in store for you? Well, if you read the game synopsis then you know, for one.

Horse: Not actually a horse. But how did he get such a nickname? Perhaps you should make it your quest to find out.

The men: Men in Newlife are algorithmically-generated so you won't see the same ones in any two games, with the exception of certain 'special' npcs. Even special npcs only have fixed stats when this is necessary, and anything that isn't fixed will be generated using the normal method.


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Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.4.22 on 10/01/2018

I want to like this game, but ultimately it ends up being rather dull.  It's basically a clicking game.  There's very little drama.  It's purely text.  The only real question is how many people you will have sexual relations with and how many of them will become fathers, and what kind of fathers they will be (although this really doesn't matter much).  Many times, I find myself just clicking as fast as I can to get through a scene.  That's not a good sign.  It means that the words on the screen aren't worth reading...and when that's all the game is giving you...that's really not a good sign.



My review hasn't changed much since 0.4..17.  My chief complaint is that this game actually manages to turn the sex scenes into a chore.  Getting married in the game is a nice touch, but not really reccommended. 

Picture this:  Party ends.  Husband wants to screw.  You don't really feel like it, so you say no.  Maybe you say yes.  It really doesn't matter. Then you wake up in the morning...same thing...only sometimes the game doesn't give you the NO option.  So you end up clicking through it as fast as you can to get through it so you can do something more interesting.  Now if that's not a telling sentence, I don't know what is....an erotic game that manages to make you think "Gawd, sex again?"

Personally, I find myself working to get to the card game, because that's the main area of the game where you don't know what will happen.  Will the party lead her to having sex with a stranger?  Maybe, maybe not.  Will that stranger refuse to use a condom and refuse to pull out?  Maybe, maybe not.  Will she got knocked up in the process?  That part of the game adds an element of risk that makes things interesting.  Most of the other situations, you have almost complete control over what happens...even if the character has weak willpower.


Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.4.22 on 10/01/2018

Not a bad game overall 

Review by tcube

Version reviewed: 0.4.22 on 10/01/2018

(Sorry for the double-posting)

For version 4.6: The creator of the game has slowed down, that is true, and the amount of content has decreased as well.  It was explained, however, that the reason mostly centers on the size of the game and the need to accommodate large amounts of variables that only grows with each release.  SO has moved to a monthly release schedule (more or less) and has made it a priority to eliminate bugs whenever they are reported.  New content is in the works, as well as the creation of new content based on voting by patreons.  

-----(edit new review)

This game has slowed in the release schedule (down from several times a month to once a month) but the game has progressed nicely for what it is.  I look forward to seeing what the author does in terms of pushing new content and working with the patreon supporters in fleshing out more story.


As for the review before this one, there is a way to reduce the level of stress without the D.  You can, at the last selection prompt, choose to go to the spa for a weekend retreat.  This will take down some stress.

-----(New Review: 4.22)

The game is defaulted to a 52 week run during the first playthrough.  Once you have completed the game in week 52, you can play a new game and you have the option of setting the length of the game to be anything (in week format, so 104 weeks would be 2 years, technically).  The rest of the "cheat" options are locked for those who support the game through patreon.

Review by jessinboots

Version reviewed: 0.4.22 on 10/01/2018

Great game. I've been following along for well better than a year now. Strictly text-based, so if you want images, you're SOL.

FWIW, nyctelios is dead wrong. The game defaults to 52 weeks, yes. But you can edit it in-game on the Cheats & Customization tab to be anything you like.

Review by ADB

Version reviewed: 0.4.21 on 09/29/2018

I'd like to have the possibility to change the hair lenght and the height.

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