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Type One Errors
by joe schmo

In the near future, genetic therapy will become safe, inexpensive, and widely used.  This is called the "Process."  The results are almost all positive, and few downsides exist.  But every so often, a patient ends up with undesired changes due to aberrant DNA.  These are no disaster- they are never life threatening, and can always be reversed.  But reversal requires approximately one year of careful medical examination and DNA mapping, in order to ensure the unexpected outcome does not reoccur.  This is the story of one such patient.

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Review by Seph56

Version reviewed: 0.53 on 06/13/2019

I NEEEED more of this story! What kind of kinky shit is Faith up to that outdoes everybody else?? I mean she's so quiet and cute and innocent! I'm half-disappointed there's no sex scene with Robin but it sort of fits her character, she isn't comfortable cheating on a partner... but not even a fling? Please tell me this story isn't dead!

Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: 0.53 on 11/12/2018

I have to agree with mattpantyhose: the lack of any save mechanic in a game that takes this long to play is actually physically painful. I was also disappointed to return to this game after the latest update (and nearly a year without playing) to find essentially no progress in the storyline. 

That said, and still retaining my general dislike for wall-of-text games and no-illustration games, I love this storyline and wait impatiently for every update. I really can't recommend this game highly enough.


Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.53 on 07/24/2018

While this is more of a story, than an actual game (even as a CYOA), it still is really entertaining. As far as character description and development it beats all other games, that I have played on this site. The writing itself is descriptive and well done; the pacing, while slow seems adequate. 

The only thing missing, that is somewhat painful at this stage of development is lack of any saving mechanic. It's often hard to find few hours to play it whole. 

I enjoyed it a lot and can't wait for further developments. 

Review by george12563

Version reviewed: 0.52 on 02/23/2018

This is such a fantastic game with great writing  its unfinished   The author should make a patreon page so that we can support him/her. 

Review by ShakaSissy

Version reviewed: 0.52 on 10/27/2017

I don't know how much I expected out of this game- the whole "instant transformation" thing isn't usually something I am in to- but I was very pleasantly surprised. The writng and characters are amazingly well done and I got super drawn into the story- you may not see the physical process but experiencing the slow mental adaptation from male to female was fsr more than sufficient.

But then it just ends. With my particular choices, I never even got a sex scene before running out of content.

If it was much longer I genuinely feel this could be one of the all time best games on this website but it just isn't finished.

Keep up the good work, for me xx

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