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Version: V2.1

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The Bored Game

You play as John, a nerdy 18 year old in his senior year, forced to tutor a superficial cheerleader.

Sexy antics ensue when you discover a board game with magical powers.


Play in Browser is Working, Yay!!!

Sorry for hostilities before, just been taking a lot of crap in RL and was reading through forums and saw other authors being attacked and, well, I shouldn't have jumped the gun, I'm sorry, please enjoy the game, I'll try to update asap, but may be another week or even a fortnight before an update


I have lost the original .tws for this game, therefore if I ever decide to continue it, I will be forced to do it as a sort of Remake (As I'll have to copy/paste all the content and recreate all the code, which is a pain in the arse, bhough as this is by far my most successful game to date, it is tempting)... Anyway I have added a second DL location (Mediafire).

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Review by CorruptedMageBoy

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 05/28/2021

Sometimes, it pays to go back into older games and to try and unbury dead or discontinued games for the potential of what might have been. In this case, RedGhost (another reviewer) nailed it on the head. For a CYOA game, there are simply too many dead ends even for a serviceable alpha-stage game. Considering the relative simplicity of the plot and the concept in general, having at least a single ending (either good or bad) should be feasible for version 2.1 of a game. On top of that, the game’s plotline had all the hallmarks of railroading you into one end desired by the author, which I can assume was something involving the cheerleader enjoying an enhanced masculine body and the nerd becoming a bimbo. The writing was decent and the transformations were okay, but neither stood out as exemplary. Ultimately, there’s potential, but as it stands (forever considering the backstory with the author’s lost game file) The Bored Game falls into all the tropes and traps of CYOA games found on this site.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 04/26/2021


A very Alpha game with a lot of dead ends.

Writing for the game is alright in its current state and there are some possible endings that can be reached, but this CYOA is still too far from completed to really get much more than a taster out of it. Transformations in the game are varied and the images that go with them are serviceable, but again the current game state stops you from doing too much at all. And this is where it really gets frustrating because as a CYOA Twine game, with there being so many dead links you just backtrack and play through what you can until you can do nothing more.

Unfortunately this gave has been a long time between updates (see description: game creator lost the original *.tws file) so it is doubtful this will ever be finished.

Shows promise, but for now this is worth a look and little more.

Review by Datzom1

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 07/13/2018

lots of dead links would be better if more is added the form and style is good though

Review by gergory

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 06/03/2018

Given the last date on which this story was updated, this probably won't reach anyone. On the off chance that the developer DOES see this, though, I have two complaints: 1, the game needs to be functional, and 2, it needs to be proofread. 2/5

Review by CryingKitten

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 07/21/2017

"You play as John, a nerdy 18 year old iin his senior year, forced to tutor a superficial cheerleader."

"Orig PC Gender Female"


Besides that, the flow of the game is all kinds of wrong. It's forced in the very first page, and is hard to keep up with. Using random pictures is a huge turn off for rating, too.

The sentences are too short and forced, run-on, if you will. It makes it hard to read, otherwise, but at least you added paragraphs. Speaking of... you have far too many. Your writing style is more of a 'put things where they are', rather than 'put things where it makes sense'.

Mid-way through the third passage, it changes point of view, as well, in the span of only a few sentences.


"After 30minutes Sarah walks over and demands a discount, Helen gives her one, but winks at me, she then takes the handbag out the back to takeoff the tag, although you could swear she could have done it without leaving the counter.

She returns soon enough though and hands the bag to Sarah.

It isn't long before your heading home again, Sarah holding her new handbag with reverence.

When you get back Sarah empties her old handbag onto the table and then opens the new bag, she hesitates."


Not only is that something you should keep an eye on, it's also a bit confusing. I could understand changing between passages, people can make those mistakes a lot, but you either missed this, or you didn't reread this passage.


All in all, I disliked the game, and not just because I'm a spiteful bitch. I always am harsh, real life and otherwise, but you should still look in to this.

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