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Version: 1.0a COMPLETE

The Puppet Master

This game is my contest entry for the: One-Year Contest: Disability Theme

 Version 1.0  This should be the final release of this game unless someone finds a game breaking bug that I have missed.  This version has a small addition early in the game for flavor, along with all the bug fixes and spelling fixes that people have found to date.  Hope you all enjoy the game.


For those of you who are not following the contest, take a few minutes to check out the other entries, some of them are pretty fun.  Once you've had a chance to try them all out, check back when the voting starts for the entries.  If you like my game, vote for it, if you like someone else's, then let them know and vote for them.  I highly encourage you to vote in every voting thread!  (After all, its all in good fun!) 


Show the authors a bit of support by clicking "Like" on the games that you enjoy.  After all, game authors thrive on the support of the people who enjoy their games.


And dont forget to wish me (and the other authors) luck in the competition!



Two Years Later: Update!

There really isn't much here that is new.  There have been some really minor things done (Mostly fixing spelling errors).

For those of you who are looking for a new experience, you'll be sorely dissappointed.  If you are a fan of the game however, and a few spelling fixes is important to you, then have at it!  Mostly the new release is an excuse to bring the game to the attention of new players in the hopes that some people who have never seen the game will enjoy it.


Have fun!


You are an out of work nurse, with student loans and bills mounting.


Nearly at your wits end, a job, almost too good to be true, drops in your lap:  An old magician who has been in a coma for many years has woken, and now he needs help regaining his strength once more.  A live-in nurse is exactly what he's looking for, . . .

Ending 1

Ending 1 should be available no matter how you play the game.


Ending 2

Easiest way to get this is to choose "Sexy" then be a sexy/slutty as you are able through the game.  On day five, when given the option, sit  in Mr Gallows' lap.


Ending 3

Choose Thoughtful for your character.  Choose the top option any time you are given a responsive option.  Search Mr Vien's Bedroom in the afternoon one day to discover the scrapbook.  On the fourth day, use the mansion exploration option for the option to confront Mr Vien in his study.  Use that option.  Seek Mr Gallow's help on the fifth day.


Ending 4

Choose Smart character.  Choose top option any time you are given a responsive option.  Search Mr Vien's study as soon as you are able.  Search the mansion's library.  Visit the Occult shop in town.  Spend a couple of time incriments translating the black book in your room.  Visit Mr Vien's study on the evening of the fourth day to translate his book.  Mentally prepart the encantation you learned when given the option to do so.


Ending 5

Choose Thoughtful character.  Choose top option any time you are given a responsive option.  On the fifth day, when given an option, "Run!"


There should be some wiggle room for most of those endings, but the above is the easiest way to get each of the endings.  Hope you all enjoy!



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by SovereignWing

Version reviewed: 1.0a COMPLETE on 08/28/2017

Fun and interesting little game. Would have been interesting to see an option where she finds out what is going to happen and actually goes into it willingly though.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.95a COMPLETE on 03/09/2015

This AIF aimed to present itself as a horror film with a dark and twisted tone and a hint of erotic elements. I am not sure if the result is achieved but I certainly do not like the theme. That being said there might be people loving writings like this out there. So do not take my words if you are a sado.

A few bugs were found during the game. I saw a blank page from one of the links. The reading link in your own bedroom seems to loop itself a bit. Allowing you to read again and again without going to sleep. That being said, bugs are rare. I think it is good enough to call it final.

Yet I dont get it even after finishing the game, ending 1 of 5. Making supper seems pointless. dressing up seems pointless. I never find anything useful going out, exploring the manion nor staying in the room gets me anywhere. I am clueless on what I did. Why is the old man loving salad? Is there a hint somewhere? Is there suppose to be a hint at all?

Looking at the bright side of this, the author is very active. The game went from 0.15 to 0.95 in a very short period of time. Seeing a complete game is rare these days and by achieving what he did, it earns him a good deal of applaud.

Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: 0.65a on 03/06/2015


Glad you are enjoying the game.  Try doing different things in the game, or doing some things more than once.  Almost every location has at least one special event that can trigger based on how you play the game.





Glad you are enjoying the game so far.  And yes, the choices that you make affect how the game plays.  Sometimes your choices change dialogue in subtle ways, other times it can have a huge bearing on how a scene can play out.  More inportantly, the options have counters built into them that open up the possibility of additional scenes that can be accessed, and those additional scenes will be able to lead to additional endings.

Thank you for the review, and thank you for playing!




Thank you for pointing out the time discrepancy early in the game.  I've fixed it and that fix will appear in the next update (Hopefully this coming weekend.)

Review by Valhalla12

Version reviewed: 0.65a on 03/06/2015

im loving the currest content and cant wait for more. though i do wish that there was more stuff to do during your free time, all you can do is the same things over and over with nothing new happening which kinda sucks.

Review by Cami

Version reviewed: 0.65a on 03/05/2015

I like the story so far and where is it heading ;] keep up the good work ! ;) maybe consider adding some shoes options and such

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