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October 2011 (Fall)
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Version: 0.2.2

Vampire Fate

Second Game from Blacksun for the Fall Contest 2011. With a Battlesystem,Sounds,Music and animated gfs!

You are Frank, a 22 year old student and you live in a big city. You come down well with the women and are also usually very charming. It is Halloween and you go with a few friend to a halloween party in a cool club, with the intention to found a woman for this night, maybe.... Then you meet a woman names Kia and from then changed your life and the journey to hell begins!!!

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 04/11/2021


Right off the bat I have to say that the music choice for the starting introduction area was excellent. Really set the mood before the main game got started and works well with the images in the game.

Coming into the game itself it is a simple dungeon crawler where you search around, encounter random enemies and decide how perverse you want to be when dealing with them to survive while working towards the ending. Interactivity is moderate in this game, with the majority of it being the combat engine, but it is what it is and perfectly functional.

Transformations events in the game are limited and you can only perform them under certain circumstances, which ties into the game's vampiric theme. I found them to be serviceable, but I was disappointed by how empty the game seemed to be as I was travelling around.

Still comes off as a work-in-progress in the current release state so remember that if you give this a try. Cautiously recommended.

Review by habilon

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 02/03/2014

The idea of this is pretty nice. I like the combat system and the idea of being able to chose difficulty and being able to change into those I defeat.


Now why it loses two stars is due to the begining being so straight forward (only one path to follow) it might as well just be a single button you push to get through the intro, maybe even a skip intro button?

The game also looses a star due to the fact that the writing at times sounds...horrible, luckily I can still get the jist of what people are saying, but it feels like this was a translation using google to translate from german to english.


overall though I look forward to seeing more added to the game, maybe a decription of what the diffrent diffuculties mean (do they make enemies harder, lust gain faster? damage lower?

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