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Projekt NAR folgt Mirco und seinem Leben.

Nach einem guten Abend mit seinen Freunden und einer bösen Überraschung am nächsten Abend, beginn sich sein Leben gegen seinen Willen zu verändern. Ob zum guten - oder schlechten, wird man noch sehen.

Es ist mehr eine Interaktive Geschichte als ein wirkliches Spiel.

Sorrow hat einige Grafiken beigesteuert <3


--- Google Translate translation:

Project NAR follows Mirco and his life.

After a good evening with his friends and a nasty surprise the next evening, his life begins to change against his will. Whether for the good - or bad, one will still see.

It's more of an interactive story than a real game.

Sorrow has contributed some graphics <3


Mirco - Du.

Sebastian, Florian und Enrico - deine Freunde.

Valerie - deine Schwester

Natsuko - eine Asiatin, die du kennen lernst.

Melanie - lernst du im Laufe der Geschichte kennen.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: rev12 on 04/18/2021

vRev12 (German version):

Decided to switch this updated review to English for everyone else. I played the German version only.

This Twine CYOA basically plays like a story more than a game. Interactivity is at the bare minimum as you go through each chapter with all of the transformations being told mostly through text up to the point the game ends at Chapter 4.

Writing is interesting and clearly sets up the game world, but it is a slow story and the transformation content isn't really there up to the point of the current game release. Sure there is an introduction and four chapters, but the interactive choices were few and far between and I couldn't see if they had any real effect on the game path.

Difficult to review this last update. While I was pleased with how the game world was being told to me when I reviewed this originally, I still find myself teased and wanting more substance.

Worth checking out.

Review by sissymaid_louise

Version reviewed: rev12 on 07/14/2019

First of all,  I have to admit that this is NOT a game more of a story,  second of all English version goes as far as page 7 tgen stops I tried german version but got bored of copy and paste into Google translate by page 14. 


If it's a game you were aiming for I give yiu 3 out of 10 if it is a story then I give you a 5 out of 10 as it's a stoty .

Review by ff87

Version reviewed: rev12 on 07/14/2019

More story than game. Nice touch to start with growing hips: growing tits is too obvious for the MC.

Review by Slarkki

Version reviewed: rev12 on 11/17/2016

For now the English version is quite short and contains no choices. It is great to see the game is slowly being translated to a language I can understand but apparently it will still take plenty of time. But in all honesty there is pretty much nothing to see here for now unless you understand German.

Review by hellboundroar

Version reviewed: rev12 on 11/17/2016

Dunno if this qualifies as a review, but here it goes:
If you select "english" as language, the "you" option is completely in german.

Also in the "english" version of the game, when you get to the 7th page of the prologue (and, you have a typo in "Prologue") there's no option to choose, leaving the player efectively stuck without chance to continue.

Besides those things, this game seems to go in a good direction :)

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