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Version: 1.0c

Version: 1.0b

Version: 1.0a

The Broken Sensor

Hi all! This is my new game, which details the misfortunes of Sebastian, who finds himself on the wrong end of a slave modification factory.

This features an extremely customisable transformation, and 13 different endings, with 3 main paths.

1.0a: A few bugs fixed, and a skip option added for if you've completed it once already.

1.0b: Diet option fixed.

1.0c: Diet options ACTUALLY fixed, and ending list added.

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Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 04/27/2022

I love SLUT Academy and the Collar, and I usually would love this too, except for a little problem. This one is told in the first person, and that just kills any immersion for me. First person narrative always feels like the MC is telling the story to me, and not that the story is happening to me. A pity, this would be perfect for me if it were told in second person, I'd even settle for third person with name costumization. As it is, it's frustrating.

Review by Hessi

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 03/23/2020

You basically choose your TF and fate at the start of the very short story and then get the well written outcome served. It is really well made and I like the options here.

Review by NaughtyNymphNatalie

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 06/09/2019

Absolutely love the world and description for this game

It's an accidental transformation where you are pretty quickly changed and broken into being a willing happy little slave girl. It's a bit short, but it doesn't need to be super long, with so much customization and options for your own personal whore there are plenty of alternate endings to explore.


I'd love to see another game very similar to this in the future!

Review by jotapa

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 10/25/2018

Great game nice customization.

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 03/04/2018

This is a nice game! There are a lot of different endings, so be patient!

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