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Version: 0.6.4

Version: 0.6.2

Version: 0.6.0

T Minus Thirty
by Stu

The main character has stolen a bunch of money and bought a spaceship with it. He's wanted by the authorities and stuck in a space station hotel room until he can put together a new identity and get to his ship.

It’s a RAGS game with some simple puzzles and dialog choices. You should be able to get through the game but many of the options are not implemented yet.

There is some player submissive content which cannot be avoided to finish the game at this stage of development.

You are in a scifi space station trying to get to a spaceship you bought with stolen money. You need a new identity to move around the station without the authorities spotting you. Now if you can just find those gene-mods you can put your plan in motion.

Johnny - A handsome youthful man who is in trouble with the law. - played by you

Friday - Johnny's partner

A handful of smaller roles

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Review by noyesr89

Version reviewed: 0.6.4 on 10/08/2021

lso maybe develop th plot a bit more.

Review by Blauz.

Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 09/04/2015

The game is a work in progress I stumbled over the usual way: looking at and downloading all the games that could be remoteley interesting.

This one is very interesting and fun to play. Far from having played through all the options (I am none too good at this to be honest) there is much to be done already and more to come: shooting rats, pimping and concoling your companion, doing some work yourself and all the while learning, changing, closing loopholes. The setting is one of the often sought but rarely done ones: a plausible scifi-world with a nice background story. Being a hugely successful criminal all you need to do is get away - via a backwater system that offers a little decadence, a little corruption, some dirt and several opportunities for the fleeing criminal even if not all plan work out as originally thought. Changing DNA: check. Changing sex on the way: What?!? Bad luck, that is what. Now get the upgrade so that your almost well made DNA-changer does what you need to run. 

Personally I lover the option to take navigator classes: good old traveller days come to mind...

A well made and fun game that is definitely on my watch list and might be a really great game soon. 

Review by Stu

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 07/15/2015

It sounds like the game is crashing on animated gifs for you. How they are handled is part of the engine and beyond my knowledge as a game builder. I'm using RAGS if that's any help.

Review by Zukofaust

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 07/15/2015

2 bugs, one when you see the doctor and wake up, theother is when you give hugh a bj. You can avoid crashing if you quickly select the options and advance the scene before the animations end.


All that aside, I hope there will be alot more content like after you've left the station and some more fun things to do on the sation aswell. Will subscribe for updates.

Review by UnitO

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 07/14/2015

As a first-release beta, it's pretty solid. While relatively short, it's concise, and can be played to completion to several different ways. Only real issues are that at this stage, gameplay is kind of repetitive combined with initial TF rate being a little slow (at least visually, I haven't played thoroughly enough to know how much impact it has on the mecahnics specifically); you can kind of spend a decent chunk of the game doing the same stuff over and over again to get ready to move to the next segment. But still, very well off for an initial release of a project. 

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