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RPG Maker VX
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August 2012 (Fall / Halloween)
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Version: 0.96

Halloween Party Seance

Halloween Party Seance is a transformation game created in RPG Maker VX by Redface5x for the Fall/Halloween 2012 contest.

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Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.96 on 07/12/2017

primary problem i have is shorly after first boss you fight when you get full partyu it near impossible to fight any animy w/o loosing at least one person, and with only two items in game (why give money w/o a shop? you need to save em.


and without enimies respawning, you cant even grind for needed abilities.

Review by Perri

Version reviewed: 0.96 on 05/04/2017

Easily one of the greatest RPGMaker games on this site. I enjoy returning to this title every now and again and I'm never not amused. The story is simple, quirky, and filled with sublte humor. The minigames and puzzles of each region are cleverly constructured, and all of them are enjoyable in both story and gameplay. In fact, I'd have to say that these (and the casino games of Ascenda's Descent.) are literally the best minigames I've encountered in an RPG maker game. The aesthetic of each region is diverse and its theme parallels with the characters levels and abilities well. The music is brilliant, and sends me on a nostalgia trip every time I hear. I used to listen to some of this stuff back on KHinsider in the 00s. Sticking true to the other games, RedFace folds in some great transformation elements that don't just effect story interaction, but stats and self image as well. To top it all off, the finale has one of the single best plot mechanics I've encountered on this site.

What are the downsides?

  • It's old, and despite the clever settings, some of them lack polish and become formulaic. 
  • It's old so it bugs out on occasion. (save frequently!)
  • I could be mistaken, but I believe there is a game changing plot device that occurs at the very beginning of the game despite this being a ~4 hour game.
  • It can be a little bit on the tedious side, though that's because I've never been a huge fan of turn based strategy. (No more tedious than Magical Camp with enemies turned on, or Loki's Corruption though.)
  • And speaking of strategy, you actually do have to use strategy. You have to find weaknesses, conserve potions, and min max your combos EXTREMELY well in some cases. Having a fighter pass out even once in a fight can make the end game more difficult than it needs to be. Fortunately, you can always run away and immediately recover all stats on fight completion, so the experimental phase is cut short.
  • RNJesus is not on your side in this game. Enemies tend to focus fire damage and spread out status effects. Maybe I just have terrible luck... 
  • Getting all of the endings can be very difficult. I'll just say you have to be very good at strategy games to easily get them.
  • You should expect transformation mechanics to effect gameplay and story more (though not to the exclusion of) sexy time stuff. That's not really a downside to me, but I figure it would be to some people. 

In the end I give this two thumbs up. Highly recommended. 

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: 0.96 on 06/25/2015

The Bad:

Tedious summarizes this game in a word. Many, many unavoidable tedious battles. Tedious mini-games. Tedious fetch quests that pad out the game. Tedious wandering through long maps. Tedium without interesting challenges or narrative merit.

The Good:

The games strengths are its sense of humour and transformation kinks. The story is simple enough, reminiscent of Costume Quest, but with gender bending and sexual situations. The game is mostly bug free.


Not recommended. A lot of effort has gone into this game and its concept, premise, and story is sound. It would be a good game if it weren't padded out with boring fights, boring wandering about, boring dungeons, boring fetch quests, etc. Go play Redface5x's other game Miss Adventure's of Fred Ace instead of this one. Or The Last Demonhunter Remastered if you'd like to see transformation and seduction integrated into the battle system of an RPG Maker Game.

Review by puffin

Version reviewed: 0.96 on 12/17/2014

Love this game

lots of puzzles and lots of great gags backed up by a great story



Review by anoneemuss

Version reviewed: 0.96 on 12/30/2013

one of those unbearable rpgmaker games, this is mostly about cd and has some tedium to its gameplay.

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