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Version: 0.85

Celeste Blake: The Evindium Affair


Celeste Blake: The Evindium Affair is a Sci-Fi CYOA created in twine which was inspired by MDQP's ‘Tales of the Drunken Cowboy, part 1’ and all elements are used with their permission. This is not a sequel, prequel, or tie in to ‘Tales of the Drunken Cowboy’.

Current Status

Version 0.85

Likes and reviews are always appreciated. Thank you!

The game features a different take on the heroine Celeste Blake, who ends up in bit of a predicament when a mission goes wrong and she is marooned on an unfamiliar planet where she doesn’t know who she can trust. Celeste will be forced to make tough calls and experience things out of her comfort zone if she ever hopes to escape the planet. More than just Celeste’s physical safety is left in the balance as sinister forces aim to slowly take control of her mind.

The world of Evindium Prime offers a bleak, futuristic setting where Corporations are king. Interstellar travel has now been made possible, but technology on most planets hasn’t advanced too far past our own. The gap in lifestyle between the rich and the impoverished is more present than ever in some places and gangs fight for control in the underbelly of the city.

Obtaining the Scene Guide: Once Celeste has visited the Hyper Market in Downtown to go shopping, then returns and decides how she is going to deal with the thief she spots, every three visits she will be presented with the opportunity to purchase the Scene Guide.


This is not a full walkthrough, but will help.

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Review by GLfan

Version reviewed: 0.85 on 10/07/2021

DRACIS3D wrote on F95 site [Jan 2021] that he intends to complete some of the unfinished side quests.



This VN is amazing. Fabulous story, great interface and stream-lined stats/mechanics make this game so enjoyable. There are multiple endings, I found one positive one so far out of three playthroughs. The "corruption" path(s) are extremely well-written... The Fancy Dress and Mysterious Stranger "paths" are the best I have ever encountered. Fabulous story, fabuolous VN. Thanks Dracis3D.

Review by mato

Version reviewed: 0.85 on 12/31/2020

One of my favourite games in the site. Celeste's got personality, there's a lot of variation, writing is great and slow corruption is executed very well, as you are using the corruption as kind of gameplay resource. As a fan of the original Tales of the Drunken Cowboy, this one is pretty faithful to the feeling of the original, yet is improved in almost every aspect.

Personally I don't like 3d images much here, but then there's an option to turn them off so it's not a problem, really.

Review by tedruge

Version reviewed: 0.85 on 11/22/2020

Great game combining art and a story with a slow burn transformation. Definetly one to try.

Review by Ozma

Version reviewed: 0.85 on 08/28/2018

This is a great game: good pacing, lovely graphics, and a fun, slow MC transformation for the main character, with some good (bad) ends. Love it. When's the sequel coming out?



Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.85 on 05/31/2018

This might be the best game n this site, that I have played. And I've tried A LOT of them. The story is good and I just LOVE the transition of the main character. The pacing is perfect, the writing is really good, although there are too many typos and other similar mistakes for my taste. Nothing that breaks the mood, but it's slightly irritating. The sex scenes are amazing and made even better by the graphics. I can't wait for the game to be finished and patched. Please, keep up the good work.

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