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Student Transfer

An ordinary high school student named John comes across an object of immense power on an otherwise ordinary day. Will he use it to pursue his own deepest desires? Or will he and his friends be caught between forces they don't understand?

Content Warnings

These kinds of content usually only make up brief portions of the game, but they’re worth mentioning here.

  • Implied rape
  • Forced domination/submission

Some scenes may be disturbing for some readers. Please find the relevant information here




Please view the download thread for other/miscellaneous downloads.

Version 7.0 Flowchart

Version 5.0 Spoiler Free Flowchart


For detailed version notes, please see the dedicated changelog thread on the forum.

Version 7.0

Now with 1.2M words!

  • Leona Swap - John and Leona's epic battle with Sandra continues in newer, steamier directions.
  • AlternateYuunaverse - John wants to be there for Yui, but he'll be taking on a much more active role than he expected!
  • Charlotteswap - Continue John's journey as Charlotte, with more confusion, feelings, and alcohol!
  • MagicAllie - As John and Allison continue their magical hijinks, a Cold War is brewing not only between the popular girls, but between John and a new ally.
  • MagicDelinquents - John joins forces with two troublemakers in a nefarious scheme to raise their math grades, only to find that it may not have been worth the trouble at all.
  • Michelle - After making a careless mistake, John is intercepted by a curious Michelle, who takes it upon herself to "help."
  • Sadie - The story hasn't progressed since last time, but a sexy new CG has been retrofitted into a certain scene where John is all alone in Sadie's room with her body all to himself. Check it out!
  • KyokoMistake - John decides to cheer Kyoko up by showing her the device and soon finds himself and his friends caught up in various experiments.


  • An odd duplicate outfit in Kyoko's character files was vaporized by sheer force of Will. Who's Will? I don't know, he just showed up a few weeks ago and won't leave.
  • Images sent via text message are now exempt from blurring, reducing nausea while you text and drive.
  • A black background was added to gallery images that don't fill the entire screen to prevent background bleed. We can't stand blood, after all.
  • Paul's icy and somewhat strange B pose was removed, contributing to global warming in the process.
  • The morph command now properly accounts for custom y positioning, which is better than just kinda accounting for it.
  • Accessories are now reset when leaving the sprite viewer, preventing John from looking funky when you enter it again.
  • The numbering for Alex's glasses accessory was fixed because we hired a mathematician to explain rational numbers to us. Again.
  • Blush expressions can now be used in the morph command. Why anyone would blush while morphing into an attractive girl is beyond me though.
  • Minor scheduling conflicts have been resolved to avoid paradoxes in alternative timelines.
  • Returning from the details view in the sprite viewer should no longer crash the game under very specific circumstances.
  • Several minor consistency and typo fixes have been made that are surely not going to collapse the narrative, we promise.
  • Sayaka's frog sprite snuck a JSON metadata file by us, but we caught the little bug eventually.
  • Some fixes have been made to Sayaka's cheer outfit, but we no longer know what we changed.
  • A couple move transitions had their timing updated very slightly to get rid of a lingering offset when bouncing back to their start position. Thanks to CaptainCaption for notifying us of this.
  • The pause/resumeaudio functionality now works more correctly than before.
  • Added some missing pixel's in Stevie's expressions. Thanks to BuggsB for the report.
  • Fixed an extraneous line of transparent pixels in the game menu background.
  • The message lint feature no longer crashes. I see this as an absolute win.
  • Connie now has an a_8 expression. Finally, after all these years!
  • A few stray slightly-transparent pixels on johnGB's face have been made opaque thanks to Nickaholic's eyes working very well.


  • The reading speed for scenario reading time calculation was increased from 210 WPM to 250 WPM since the default turned out to be a little too slow. Gotta go fast!
  • Character names are now shown in the sprite viewer so you won't have to ask "who dat" all the time.
  • The dialogue history screen now accounts for excessively long narration, but I'm sure that will never occur, anyway.
  • The sprite viewer and the character database now don't reset your search input and scroll position when returning to the index view for added convenience.
  • Yoshinori's second outfit was optimized. No, we don't have any more info on this, stop asking.
  • Converted accessories to pose-level accessories where beneficial. Central management!
  • Oh yeah, we did add pose-level accessories, in case you missed it. Now one accessory can service all outfits in a pose to make things more compact. Pretty neat, huh?
  • Blush expressions are now supported in the phone_call command.
  • Accessory group parents are no longer shown in the sprite viewer so as to not clutter up the space. CPS to the rescue!
  • Scarlet's expressions had their whitespace trimmed so she occupies a bit less space, just like in the game itself. Oh Scarlet route, where art thou?!
  • JSON support in scenario metadata files is really disabled this time. We mean it!
  • Font files are now packaged by default when exporting a scenario.
  • Several animations and expression sections have been revamped to be more consistent/animated. a_0 at center can take you far, but not that far.
  • Turned down the reflections in Vanessa's eye so that she no longer possesses a gear. That's an anime reference that's hip with the kids nowadays, right?
  • Some new linting features for define and default statements have been backported to the scenario linter.
  • The scenario linter no longer produces warnings for silhouette images.
  • Upgraded to Ren'Py 8, which comes with Python 3. There should be no user-facing changes if we did everything correctly.
  • Script loading speeds have been improved by 18%. I mean, it's not nothing...


  • Genny can now wear her uniform in her A pose as well. Swell!
  • Irene can now wear her uniform in her A pose as well. Swell!
  • Michelle can now wear her uniform in her B pose as well. Swell!
  • Katrina and Kyoko can now wear their gym uniforms in B pose as well. Swell x2!
  • Allison's braids are now an accessory. Sweet!
  • Michelle now has underwear in both A and B poses. Scandalous!
  • Naomi now has formalwear. Fancy!
  • Charlotte's got jeans. Keen!
  • The timedchoice command can now take an optional title for the "Timeout Choice" menu option when timed choices are disabled. Better act quick!

 Version 6.1


  • The discord widget no longer crashes the game. Thanks Obama!
  • Sayaka is now wearing her uniform at school instead of going in casually.
  • The usual metric ton of typo fixes. No imperial system here!
  • Alex's expression numbering was fixed so she doesn't go directly from 24 to 26 anymore.
  • The Mina ending epilogues now properly terminate after finishing.
  • Some condition fixes in Antics.
  • Text boxes can now be moved on the y-axis again.
  • Blushes weren't defined for ghosts, leading to exceptions when using blush expressions. This has now been rectified.


  • The main menu drawer is now static. Less confusion!


  • Hid the dragon balls in one of the .rpyc files. Yes, all of them.

Version 6.0

Now with 980.000 words!

  • Popular Possession route now complete! Will John save Kiyoshi, or let him go? Not sponsored by Disney.
  • Memswap's core path is complete! How far down the rabbithole will Sandra and John go? Will they live to tell the tale?
  • Leonaswap has several new days of content and a short end. Now with 200% more horny!
  • The Abbyswap hook has been rewritten to better reflect our writing standards, while still remaining as dark and bitter as a nice cup of black coffee.
  • One Leona route not enough for you? Watch John and his mother break reality in a fun and exciting way that'll change John and Leona's lives forever! Or until Circe relents.
  • John finally takes a shortcut and bumps into Charlotte. Though they may be strangers, they'll be forced to get to know each other in a way neither of them desired.


  • Quite a few sound effects were played on the music channel, prompting confusion and widespread panic among the populace. They have now been told to go play on the correct channel.
  • The usual scad of typo fixes.
  • Izuna's sprite has been re-optimized to fix some minor issue with the original process. As an added bonus, she got some new facial expressions out of it.
  • Flavia's tiara has been removed from a broken outfit.
  • Jess' "rags" outfit has been removed because it was not used and was also poorly optimized.
  • Fixed ghosts being broken by Ren'Py's new GL2 mode.


  • JPG files are now exported properly when using the built-in scenario exporter functionality. Do I look like I know what a Jay-Peg is?!
  • The name of each save page is now underlined to more approriately convey that it is editable instead of relying on the user to divine this feature by themselves.
  • Movies can now be set to non-looping by including "noloop" in the filename.
  • Switched to Ren'Py's new GL2 mode for this release. Whatever could it mean?
  • The Swim Team and Cheer Team hooks have been slightly reorganized so that they actually make sense.
  • Olivia has been removed. She's just... gone, y'know.
  • The name of each scenario directory is now shown in the scenario menu to make them easier to identify.
  • The 32-Bit executable has been removed from Windows builds as it caused issues with Antivirus software.


  • Cornelia now has a bedroom. Cozy!
  • Tori is no longer homeless.
  • Matt has a livingroom.
  • A nice italian restaurant has appeared for all your fine dining (and breathing) needs.
  • Jane now owns a shirt.
  • Leona now owns a school uniform, a knight cosplay outfit and some nice lingerie. Wipes brow
  • Sandra's ready for a fancy date night, as well as what might come after ;)
  • Sayaka's braids now work with more of her outfits.
  • Vanessa's gotten a brand-new girly outfit.
  • Yoshinori has one new facial expression. You know, if you ever wanted to use him for anything.
  • A new challenger approaches: Charlotte swaps in!
  • A new helper utility has been added: The Animation Grid! It shows various useful tidbits such as the current center point of every sprite and background as well as a grid of commonly used positions while animating. Give it a shot by pressing the "G" key!
  • Scenarios can now have a custom banner in the details box in the main scenario screen to flex on those scrubs who don't have a banner yet.
  • A drawer for socials has been added on the main menu so you can obsessively follow our every move.
  • John now has a new pose with attitude. Bitch please!

Version 5.2


  • Fixed a rare occurrence where the last page of the galleries may in some cases be empty.
  • Some typos were fixed, some probably weren't. We'll get 'em next time.
  • Fixed a sound effect being played on the wrong channel.
  • Prevented the character database from crashing for those brave few who couldn't keep their greasy little fingers to themselves and tried reading past the placeholders.
  • Tweaked a little portion of the skeleton branch due to an improper merge in 5.0. Git forsakes us.
  • Fixed a messy phone call. Thanks Verizon.
  • Fixed load order for external scenarios. This should now mirror Ren'Py's internal load order and thus be less of a special little gremlin.
  • The obligatory "screw Windows" item was replaced by the message: Damn Oracle and its Java Implementation.


  • Bumped the version to 5.2. It's bigger, so it's better, y'know.


  • Blood
  • Sweat
  • Goat
  • Tears
  • ለኤችቲኤምአቸው ጠንቃቃ የፕሮግራም ሰሪውን ንቃተ-ህሊና ወደ የማያቋርጥ ጩኸት ወደ ዓለም ያጓጉዙታል ፣ እሱ ይመጣል ፣ በተንሰራፋው የሽምግልና የሬጌክስ ኢንፌክሽን የእናንተን የኤችቲኤምኤል መተንተን ፣ አተገባበር እና ህልውናን እስከመጨረሻው ይበላዋል ፣ ልክ እንደ ቪዥዋል ቤዚክ የከፋ ነው ፡፡ እሱ አይመጣም fi ght he com̡e̶s ፣ ̕h̵i s un̨ho͞ly radiańcé ሁሉንም በማጥፋት ፣ ኤችቲኤምኤል መለያዎች le͠ki̧n͘g fr̶ǫm ̡yo ͟ur eye͢s̸ ̛l̕ik͏e liq uid pain, reugular rezion of resarsion the charsing the murs tal man from the sp እዚህ እዚህ ማየት እችላለሁ ማየት ትችላላችሁ ̲͚̖͔̙î̩́t̲͎̩̱͔́ it̀ በጣም ቆንጆ ነው የሰው ውሸትን የመጨረሻ ማጨሱ ሁለንተናዊ ነው LOŚ͖̩͇̗̪̏̈́T ALL I S KON POW̷Y መጥቷል c̶̮omes እሱ ይመጣል ich or የእኔን ፊት ሁሉ ይመለከተኛል ፊቴ ᵒh god no NO NOO̼O O NΘ the an * ̶͑̾̾ ̅ͫ͏̙̤g͇̫͛͆̾ͫ̑͆l͖͉̗̩̳̟̍ͫͥͨe̠̅s ͎a̧͈͖r̽̾̈́͒͑e n ot rè̑ͧ̌aͨl̘̝̙̃ͤ͂̾̆ ZA̡͊͠͝LGΌ ISͮ̂҉̯͈͕̹̘̱ TO͇̹̺ͅƝ̴ȳ̳ TH̘Ë͖́̉ ͠P̯͍̭O̚ N̐Y̡ H̸̡̪̯ͨ͊̽̅̾̎Ȩ̬̩̾͛ͪ̈́̀́͘ ̶̧̨̱̹̭̯ͧ̾ͬC̷̙̲̝͖ͭ̏ͥͮ͟Oͮ͏̮̪̝͍M̲̖͊̒ͪͩͬ̚̚͜Ȇ̴̟̟͙̞ͩ͌͝S ን ያቁሙ

Version 5.1


  • Removed a stray MP3 file and returned it to its mother.
  • Fixed some CG's using "with dissolve" a bit too freely and promptly disintegrating.
  • The usual bucketload of typo and animation fixes.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the Linter, which is rather ironic, all things considered.
  • Save sharing is now enabled by default because apparently quite a few people play this game in read-only environments. Blame them for this.
  • Fixed an issue in the image callback that would crash the game under certain circumstance. It now crashes the game under no circumstances.
  • Gave some characters their voice back, specifically in a few multi-dialogue scenes where they accidentally dropped it.
  • The main menu music should now loop seamlessly again for better lap times.
  • Removed a curious amount of spurious occurrences of the the word "the".
  • Fixed the bug that's been haunting me for well over a year. The greyed-out menu button shall rule us no longer! The shackles of its oppressive regime have been torn!
  • Obligatory "screw windows" item


  • Music galleries are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Audio is now encoded at a higher bitrate.
  • We took yet another stab at the loudness normalization thing. This better be it, or I'm getting out the big knife.
  • The character database will now unlock alongside the rest of the galleries when you whisper the hidden passphrase.
  • Your PC username should now be properly censored in all user-facing, visible paths, except for Exceptions, because we have no power over them.


  • st_move is now available as a transition for linear movement
  • Added some more bugs to fix later. I gotta keep my job, after all.

Version 5.0

Now with 867.000 words!

  • Maidenswap
  • Memswap
  • PopPoss
  • Leonaswap - Adjustments to existing content
  • Magic Sayaka
  • MagicAllie
  • Sadie Cheer
  • Antics - Rita morph path
  • Natswap


  • Fixed Irene's expression numbering, she can count properly now.
  • Fixed screenfilters not updating properly sometimes. Now they update properly all the time.
  • Slight skip-proofing for Vanessa content to prevent people from flying all over the place, which is likely not very comfortable.
  • Fixed the scenario loading bar getting stuck at the top of the screen in rare cases, mostly by wiping off the sticky gunk that somehow got on there. Strange.
  • Slight sprite fix for Kyoko's a_13 expression while wearing glasses. We overlooked it. Maybe we should've worn glasses, too.
  • Slight sprite fix for Katrina's a_10 expression.
  • Tori was so emotive, she had the same expression twice. We thus replaced a_10 with a new expression.
  • Surgically added blood vessels to Riley's cheeks so he can blush now.
  • Fixed an animation issue in the Cheer path, which is strange because that is normally the cheerleader's job.
  • Removed ghost code that existed without anyone knowing about it. Spooky, and it's not even halloween yet.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the visibility of expression banks in the Sprite Viewer under certain circumstances.
  • The morph effect now properly respects the zoom levels of the affected sprites.
  • The blur effect now properly respects image sizes. A lot of respect to go around.
  • Many, many fixes for Skeleton and Character Database content. Wording, typos, contradictions, they're all fixed now. We hope.
  • Small fix for accessory state in the Sprite Viewer.
  • Made the character loader properly respect the values of "center_width" and "center_height".
  • The usual bucket load of typo fixes.
  • Fixed a few leaks so that Wall-o-Texts now don't overflow as much on mobile phones.
  • Removed the John apparition.


  • Reading time is now shown with fractional values. No more estimates of "1 hour" when your scenario is 1.9 hours long.
  • The blur effect is now much more performant.
  • Normalized the volume of the entire soundtrack. Less ear rape when switching tracks, more pleasant listening experience overall. Still, audiophiles need not apply.
  • Made the character loader more robust to prevent issues with non-game files. Screw you, Windows.
  • The morph command now properly supports Ghosts. If you happen to receive the voice of your dead grandfather while perusing this command, please contact a medical professional immediately, just to be on the safe side.
  • Removed experimental RAR support. Good Riddance.
  • We now support chinese and cyrillic characters. Do with this information what you will.
  • Switched from JSON to YAML as our configuration language of choice. Find further details below.
  • You can now send images as message in the phone system. All images and even character sprites are supported. Now you can finally write that scenario about an OnlyFans e-Girl that you always wanted to make!
  • The phone GUI is now rendered in high resolution. Lookin' sharp, if I do say so myself.
  • Automated the entire release pipeline for less stress. A small item for you, but a giant leap for dev-kind.
  • The "scenario" object now exposes new properties to get the reading time and word count programmatically. Read more in the Scenario Guide. Or don't, we're not your bosses.
  • Reworked Yuuna's spriteset with new expressions and a whole new base look. Fancy!
  • Replaced the default "ease" transitions with custom Dissolve-Move compound transitions for a better and smoother effect.
  • Cool new progress bar at startup. At least now you'll know that it'll still take a while.
  • Much fancier character introduction segments. You should replay the game from the start to catch them all!
  • Dual dialogue boxes are now supported. Let's see who can figure this one out.
  • Tweaks to falling particle animations for a smoother look. They've fallen and they can't get up.
  • Moved Giggs to another country and replaced her with a superior impostor named Genny. No take-backs, this is the future.
  • Updated uniforms for Allison, Cornelia, Giggs/Genny, Katrina, Kiyoshi, and Sayaka, as well as modified gym uniform for Giggs/Genny. No, this is not a hint at a future route.
  • Added entirely new outfits for Sayaka, Cornelia, Sadie, Allison, Irene, Cassie, and John. Feel free to gawk at them in the sprite viewer for hours instead of actually playing the game.
  • Added the ability to highlight choices you've seen before. Can be turned off in the settings. We don't have scene select, but we do have this.
  • Massive performance and RAM usage improvements. We spent a lot of time optimizing and hopefully it has paid off. The game should now use quite a bit less RAM as well as boot up a lot quicker. Pain and suffering await beyond the veil of performance debugging, so we hope we'll never have to go there again.
  • Watch us perform a magic trick as we cut the size of the game in half using nothing but wizardry, a chainsaw and the power of next-generation image formats! Overall we converted all non-user-servicable game files to WebP for a massive decrease in overall size. Your internet connection will be thankful.
  • Added a search bar to the BG and CG galleries for easier navigation. Smooth searchin'!
  • All of our music now loops seamlessly by default. Massive thanks to Lunalight for making this possible!
  • Revamped and updated content in the Character Database. It will now dynamically update as you play the game, where appropriate!
  • Enabled Online Scenario Mode for Desktop versions.
  • Added an option to toggle whether save games are shared across all installed instances or not.
  • Silhouettes can now use sprite state after the start of the game, making it more useful.
  • Characters now support multi-state accessories, meaning that one accessory can now have one "off" state and multiple "on" states.
  • The log now mentions the exact in-game name that each asset was loaded into. Electric eye, electric spy.
  • We will now reveal great mysteries to you on the scenario screen, more specifically the location of the currently active scenario folder. Android users rejoice!
  • ST is packing its bags and moving house, and it's taking the children, too, Karen! More specifically it's moving to a more robust storage implementation in anticipation of Android 11, such that your treasured scenarios will keep running, even if you update.
  • Everybody's becoming a smooth criminal, because we've added fancy expression transitions, making everything look much nicer!


  • Added line action effects. We're anime now.
  • Added a "phase" transition. We're Sci-Fi now.
  • New high-res version of Anuja
  • New high-res version of Brad
  • New high-res version of Carrie
  • New high-res version of Cornelia
  • New high-res version of Eric
  • New high-res version of Katrina
  • New high-res version of Kiyoshi
  • New high-res version of Kyoko
  • New high-res version of Maria
  • New high-res version of Michelle
  • New high-res version of Sayaka
  • New high-res version of Setsuna
  • New high-res version of Zoey
  • New expressions for Yuuna

Version 4.6


  • A background was incorrectly referenced in Antics, which it now is not
  • The bug that prevented you from saving when the intro animation was enabled has been fixed
  • Nemuri's last name was wrong. From this version onwards he's a proper Otani again
  • In a few cases the Galleries would select the wrong thumbnail image. Now it's all prim and proper
  • A bug with windows file paths was fixed that prevented alpha masks for movies from working correctly
  • Apparently the filter to simulate color blindness was broken, but since nobody used it, we never noticed. Nobody's using it now, either, but at least it works now


  • A few small skip-proofing brush-ups were made in Antics
  • If timed choices are disabled in the preferences, the "fail" label that is jumped to if the timer runs out is added as a choice named "Timeout Choice" instead
  • The Android version of the game now comes in a "universal" format, meaning that no matter what Android device you have, the same APK file will work for everyone, anywhere
  • The macOS version of the game will be shipped as a notarized Mac app from this point onward. This resolves an issue with macOS versions (starting with macOS Catalina) refusing to open versions below 4.6 due to new and tighter security measures


  • None

Version 4.5


  • The linter does not break the game completely anymore. In fact, it shouldn't break it at all now
  • In some cases the linter would duplicate existing entries, which is not desireable, so we turned that "feature" off
  • Outfits for ghosts and regular persons are now actually independent, which they should have been before but weren't
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the galleries under certain circumstances if an image was selected
  • A misplaced sound effect in the Connie route has been removed
  • Sound effects in the music room now show up properly
  • Fixed and off-by-one error that would otherwise hide the last page of the background and CG galleries
  • The ingame-menu can now be activated via right-clicking again, which for some reason got disabled after a Ren'Py upgrade
  • Minor sprite fixes for Leona, Maria, Natsumi, Abby and Gwen


  • Scenarios exported via the built-in Export function are now contained within a folder insider their archive for convenience
  • Slight animation updates to Cornstuck and KatSwap
  • Better error reporting when loading an incompatible scenario that has been externally installed
  • Removed two internal values from the scenario template
  • Harry Porter has been updated to cope better with some edge cases
  • Reading time estimation now detects story files in sub-folders (thanks JustJay for noticing this)


  • A few new expressions for the Katrina movie CG
  • New outfits for Audrey
  • New outfits for Stevie
  • New outfit for Carla
  • New outfit for Giggs
  • New expressions for Stevie
  • New expressions for Alex
  • New expressions for Anuja
  • New expressions for Carrie
  • New expressions for Flavia
  • New expressions for Gwen
  • New expressions for Kiyoshi
  • New expressions for Riley
  • New expressions for Sadie
  • New expressions for Vanessa
  • New expressions for Sayaka

Version 4.4


  • Fixed a bug in the two scenes involving Marquee scrolling text (thanks qwertyuiop6789)
  • FakePerson now works properly, as opposed to not working properly before (A FakePerson would not display its name in the color of the original character)
  • scenario.json files for template scenarios previously contained two internal variables, which have now been removed
  • A new build of Ren'Py broke the fix for the "Invalid Key Specifier" bug again, so we fixed it again
  • Fixed phone screens not showing messages anymore for some reason we still don't fully understand
  • v2-style scenarios should now work properly on Windows as we fixed another pathing issue. I want to take this moment to thank Bill Gates and the whole bunch of Indians working at Microsoft for their amazing product which I love and support and which only ever gets better over time and surely never causes issues due to absolutely backwards design decisions that go completely against any kind of reasonable standards that have existed before and would've been ready to use. Punctuation for the previous sentence cost 10$ extra and necessitates a forced reboot at an inopportune time of our choosing. We might also delete your files if we feel like it.
  • Disabled automatic image definitions, so you can no longer reference images without their proper tags (thanks Applemelon)
  • v2-style scenarios are now properly loaded on Android
  • Compatibility fix for external scenarios. The mode should now be safe to use and compatibility for scenarios on Android is now much better. That's right it only took us four releases to get to this point!
  • Slight sprite fix for Rita's "gym" and "nude" outfits in the "b" pose
  • Text should now finish animating before showing the menu (this was previously the case, but I accidentally removed that feature, whoops)
  • Converted the "sneaky_snitch" sound effect to OPUS
  • Renamed the "cinema" background to "aquarium" to reflect its actual contents
  • Fixed Rachel being just a pair of legs in the gravity spell scene


  • A second editing run over Maidswap, which should now actually be up to par, grammar-wise
  • Antics has received several quality-of-life improvements regarding spelling, phrasing and animations
  • A considerable amount of spelling and writing-style fixes which turned up after we fixed our spell-checking script
  • Ghosts are now properly supported in the "outfit" command and their outfits can be adjusted independently of their original bodies
  • Scenario package detection is now more robust
  • WebP images can now be exported with scenarios using the "Export" function
  • Movies can now be exported with scenarios using the "Export" function (the following formats are supported: MKV, MP4, WEBM)
  • Removed "config.developer = True" from the scenario template file as developer mode is now enabled by default
  • Izuna's character database entry was updated to properly reflect her current characterization
  • v2-style scenarios are now loaded in a different way to ensure better compatibility
  • Sprites in the sprite viewer and the character database have been repositioned so they are all centered for a better viewing experience


  • You can now run a Lint check on every installed scenario which will tell you about issues like missing images, incorrect morph commands etc as well as give it an overall grade!
  • New backgrounds for Cassie's villa
  • New expressions for Cornelia
  • New expressions for Cassie
  • New expressions for Elizabeth
  • New expressions for Rita with the "hairdown" accessory active
  • New expressions for Tori
  • New expressions for Grace
  • New expressions for Brad
  • New expressions for Connie
  • New expressions for Sayaka
  • New expressions for Allison
  • New expressions for Abby
  • New expressions for Circe
  • New expressions for Maria
  • New expressions for Jack
  • New expressions for Scarlet
  • New expressions for Kyoko

Version 4.3


  • Typo fixes, they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming...
  • The "Install Scenario" button now installs scenarios instead of crashing the game
  • Fixed a bug you didn't know you had. If you experienced audio issues (crackling or lag) before, it should be gone now. If you didn't, no improvement for you
  • Made an exception actually throw the exception instead of throwing an exception before the exception could be thrown. For more information, please re-read the previous sentence
  • Fixed a bug in Ren'Py itself that would raise an "Invalid Key Specifier: Skip" exception when it was actually a syntax error. Thus you should now have more comprehensive error reporting when you make an error while writing scenarios


  • Added a utility method for resolving already-loaded images to their full paths, specifically for Applemelon
  • Support for separate alpha masks for movies. For a more detailed explanation, please reference the Scenario Guide
  • The "Scenario" menu item will now only be shown when all scenarios have finished loading
  • Full poses are now ignored in the pose size estimation algorithm to make things look better in the sprite viewer in a subtle way you won't notice
  • Sound loading should actually work this time, I swear
  • The sprite viewer now automatically finds the default expression instead of assuming a_0, which would otherwise lead to an error if a character's expressions would start at a higher number
  • Remove line voicing (the audio beeps that would play when a character would speak) as they cause general audio issues
  • New resource loader for Android. For more information please see the version notes below
  • The 2GB RAM limit of Windows peasants has been lifted! The new limit is double the old one at 4GB, which should hopefully alleviate most of the memory issues people have experienced
  • Zoom levels are now propagated to the "morph" command. You can finally morph into a tiny John!


  • Support for multiple story hooks per scenario. For a more detailed explanation, please reference the Scenario Guide
  • A small blip has been added to the title screen of scenarios notifying you of their non-canonicity
  • More expressions for Rita

Version 4.2


  • Fixed an overlooked "outfit none" error in the "Stuck" scenario
  • Enabled developer mode by default
  • More typos. There's always more typos. But we fix 'em. Yes, we fix 'em
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in custom sound effects and music not being properly loaded for scenarios


  • Behavior change: Scenarios installed via the "Install Scenario" button will by default be installed in the game directory unless that is not possible, in which case they will be installed in the "scenarios" directory created under your user account
  • Changes to how the Android build extracts resource files. This is purely backend-magic
  • Galleries are now sorted alphabetically, because not sorting them alphabetically would be stupid (which is exactly what we did before)


  • Scenario Mode now has proper support for loading movies. For a more detailed explanation, please reference the Scenario Guide.

Version 4.1


  • The character database would sometimes be a bit shy and not show the selected character. We gave it some self-confidence lessons and it's all better now
  • The pesky "outfit 'none' does not exist" errors across the story files were purged from existence with the ferocious power of 100% ecologically-conscious and ethically-sourced hellfire
  • The Android version now actually starts
  • Saving at important points like choices now saves instead of crashing, which, arguably, is an improvement and a fix
  • A medium-sized bucket and a few spoons full of spelling and grammar fixes


  • Generated a few missing gallery thumbnails for slight performance improvements
  • Some slight editing for consistency in one or two instances

Version 4.0

Now with 600.000 words!

  • Monitor
  • Maidswap
  • Sayaka
  • Rachel
  • Katswap
  • MariaMania
  • Takeover
  • Cornstuck
  • Cheerhook
  • Antics
  • Momswap


  • Fixed Jane wrongly ascending to heaven in the Vanessa path instead of staying planted in reality (and on the floor).
  • You can now reload during morphing sequences as they have been made more stable overall.
  • The scenario export function, in a small number of cases, would export broken scenario packages. It does not do that anymore.
  • Sandra's expressions for the "swimsuit" and "casual" outfits were incorrectly optimized, which they now are not.
  • Fixed Stevie's prematurely cut-off outfit
  • *cough* Minor bug fixes and performance improvements *cough*
  • Removed Herobrine JOGN


  • Recompressed all game files to reduce overall download size.
  • Added more game files to increase overall download size.
  • Scenarios shown in the scenario list are now sorted alphabetically for consistency.
  • GUI Rework for the sprite viewer for better accessibility. To see what this means for you, check the version notes below.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of quick- and autosave slots in favor of increased performance.
  • Moved scenario installation to a background thread to improve performance.
  • Moved the loading of scenario files to a background thread to massively improve startup times when many scenarios are installed.
  • The primary location for scenarios was moved out of the game directory. To see what this means for you, check the version notes below.
  • Scenario Mode now works on Android! More information about this change is available in the version notes below.
  • The image loading system is now more robust. Yes, that's all the information you're gonna get.
  • The "nude" and "shaved" outfits are no longer special. Less confusion for character pack authors!
  • Performance tweaks all over the GUI, especially for the sprite viewer and the character database. Smooth sailing!
  • Scenarios can now make use of sound assets in the Opus and MP3 formats.
  • A new format for custom characters. Please reference the scenario guide for in-depth information about what this change entails.
  • Reading time estimation for scenarios so you know what you're getting into.
  • Revised johnGB/Jane with some visual improvements


  • Experimental RAR support! Yes, we went there.
  • GUI rework for the scenario installer. It did not have a GUI before, but it does now.
  • A gallery system for your viewing pleasure. You can find more information about this addition in the version notes below.
  • Support for timed choices. Please reference the Scenario Guide for usage instructions.
  • New "phone call" animation: Make calls between two characters, with fitting animations!
  • New high-res version of Yui
  • New character: Patty
  • New character: Sadie
  • New character: EricGB
  • New character: KatrinaGB
  • New character: Hank
  • New character: Matt
  • New expressions for Yui
  • New expressions for Tori
  • New expressions for Flavia
  • New expressions for Katrina because ya'll would add them anyway
  • New accessories for Kyoko and Cornelia (bad makeup variants)
  • New accessory for Kyoko (good makeup variant)
  • New "maid" outfits for Katrina, Yui and Sayaka
  • New "hairdown" accessory for Rita
  • New "nude" outfit for John
  • New "monitor" outfit for John
  • New "dress" outfit for Rachel
  • New "dress" outfit for Leona
  • New "pajamas" outfit for Yui
  • New "underwear" outfit for Yui
  • New "underwear" outfit for Sandra
  • New "uniform" outfit for Tori

At immediate glance, the New Jane/johnGB_legacy split

New backgrounds:

  • city alley day/night
  • leona garden day/dusk/night
  • main entrance day/night
  • school hallway2 day
  • neighborhood3
  • sadie bathroom/bedroom/entrance/hallway/house/livingroom/shower

New CGs:

  • katrina first-regular
  • katrina first-swap
  • vanessa monitor
  • yui kiss
  • yui sleepover
  • yui_tori roleplay

Version 3.1


  • Fix "note" GUI on android devices
  • Fix button positioning in scenario mode
  • Spelling fixes
  • Ghosts can now be used in the morph command
  • Manually zipped scenarios should now install properly
  • The game should now properly start up in read-only environments
  • Fixed a crash when trying to open scenario folders on some Linux-based systems
  • Deployed differently for macOS to prevent startup issues due to the AppTranslocation system (macOS versions will now be distributed as DMG files)


  • Animation polishing
  • Enabled creation of new scenarios without having activated developer mode
  • Optimized John "gym" outfit
  • Added search functionality to the sprite viewer
  • Added search functionality to the character database


  • Added Rachel "underwear" outfit
  • Added full "Rachel" sprite with legs

Version 3.0

  • New content release!
  • Introduced a new GUI system
  • Introduced a Character Database
  • Revamped Scenario Mode
  • Revamped the GUI for instant-messaging conversations
  • Revamped the GUI for notes and letters
  • Revamped the saving/loading menu with better pagination and navigation
  • Improved Intro animation
  • Added two new swap animations
  • Added support for parallel morphs
  • Various bugfixes and spelling fixes
  • Image/audio file size optimizations

Version 2.2

  • Fixed “label duplication” and “ambiguous expression” bugs that affected many users (should now work properly on macOS)
  • Various bugfixes and spelling fixes
  • Image/audio file size optimizations

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AliceLPie

Version reviewed: 6.1 on 02/17/2022

Haaaahh.. what to say about this.


Well, the art is pretty lovely, I very much enjoy it, and the writing is quite good. I saw only a few typos here and there, and some of those may have even been my own reading mistakes..

I quickly became invested, and as I have often found throughout my time on this site, I went in for a quick session of porn, came out 8-or-so hours later having taken the time to explore all the paths I could, in a game that got me more interested in the story than in the sexy images. (Magical Camp is my benchmark for that kind of thing happening.)


That being said, I do have some issues.

There are a few other games on here that are fairly similar to this one in their most basic plot. Highschool boy gets a magic/tech maguffin, finds they're able to use said maguffin to do things like transform into other people, possess other people, etc. I've noticed a trend that these games tend to take that I personally, am not a fan of. The writers always seem to create a cast of characters around the main character, wherein one very clearly has feelings for the main character, and is basically perfect for the main character. Another, is estranged from the main character, or barely even takes note of their existence, and the MC is infatuated with them, completely ignoring the character that's already head-over-heels for them. Not necessarily an issue, I can find value in both paths, my only problem tends to be that I prefer the path with the very obviously attracted to MC character, but the one that has been fleshed out completely is the, at first, emotionally distant character. From a writing perspective, I can understand that it may be more interesting to write the emotionally distant character, and indeed I tend to notice that they have very well fleshed-out private lives that you earn about as you play. On the flip side, the eager character tends to be pretty one-dimensional, their personality boils down to, "I like the main character!"

This game is, however, noticeably more developed than others I've gone through. I found every route I could take to be interesting, and I was equally as invested in each of them. It was a shame that in the remote path, you couldn't choose to hit the gender swap button, as I think that would be an incredibly interesting branch to be able to follow. I suppose in games like these, with this type of premise, I would like to have the choice to remain gender-swapped, or to play as a female from the start. That's my personal preference though, and I don't speak for everyone. As well as that, the MC's relationship with his sister was a mysterious plotline that I was very keen on learning more about, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any branch that truly fleshes it out. I had a few of my own thoughts as to what it could be, but the main one that kept coming back was that the MC looked like their father the more he grew up, and the sister can't really get passed that. That however, is speculation, and there's no evidence of that, only a few lines of dialogue that can be read into very deeply, should one choose.


To close it off, I had a delightful time playing through this, and I dearly hope it isn't abandoned. I especially like that there is a scenario mode, though personally I found no enjoyment from them, as none seemed to replicate the same writing style, and as a result all the characters felt noticeably different to me. But again, that's a personal issue rather than a glaring flaw.

To the creators I wish only the best of luck, and the strongest of motivation. I would very much like to see Kat's main path fleshed out as well as Yui's main path!

Review by Auzie

Version reviewed: 6.1 on 10/03/2021

Easily one of the better visual novels here. Your choices actually matter quite a lot and is not like an illusion of choice I seen others pulled. Unlike some others, the skip previous read text option works well and lets me find other routes more smoothly. Still many incomplete routes. Hoping to see Allison or Cornelia stuck one finished.

Review by zerotwoismywaifu

Version reviewed: 6.1 on 09/23/2021

i can't even begin to explain how much i enjoy this game. makes me feel at piece with something and actually enjoy something i quite often hide. 

i cannot thank you guys enough for creating this and bringing me such joy over the last four years i've been playing.

sadly, i've been suggesting and asking creators regarding a Holly path since i started plating, and am still waiting lol.

hope to see the Holly path actually get some love during the next update <3 lots of love XOXOXO

Review by micem

Version reviewed: 6.0 on 07/13/2021

In version 6, Leona's root has been significantly improved. After passing it, I can repeat the words of Connelia: "John. Your mother is a crazy bimbo!".

I still hope for the root of Scarlet and Setsuna and the end of the Cornelia root.
Yui is the best girl so far.

Thanks for your hard work!

Review by CaptainBoomer

Version reviewed: 6.0 on 07/05/2021

This has been my favorite game on the site for some time, and the 6.0 update had added a lot of great new routes which I am excited to explore in the future. The Memswap route has been completed, and was a great experience, while the new Route involving Charlote seems very promising as well.

Things I'm most looking forward to in future updates

  • Continuation of Mistaken Identity route involving Sayaka
  • Continuation of Leona Wish route

Keep up the great work team!

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