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Student Transfer (Collab VN)

An ordinary high school student named John comes across an object of immense power on an otherwise ordinary day. Will he use it to pursue his own deepest desires? Or will he and his friends be caught between forces they don't understand?

Content Warnings

These kinds of content usually only make up brief portions of the game, but they’re worth mentioning here.

  • Implied rape
  • Forced domination/submission



Please view the download thread for other/miscellaneous downloads.

For detailed version notes, please see the dedicated changelog thread on the forum.


Version 2.2

  • Fixed “label duplication” and “ambiguous expression” bugs that affected many users (should now work properly on macOS)
  • Various bugfixes and spelling fixes
  • Image/audio file size optimizations


Version 3.0

  • New content release!
  • Introduced a new GUI system
  • Introduced a Character Database
  • Revamped Scenario Mode
  • Revamped the GUI for instant-messaging conversations
  • Revamped the GUI for notes and letters
  • Revamped the saving/loading menu with better pagination and navigation
  • Improved Intro animation
  • Added two new swap animations
  • Added support for parallel morphs
  • Various bugfixes and spelling fixes
  • Image/audio file size optimizations


Version 3.1


  • Fix "note" GUI on android devices
  • Fix button positioning in scenario mode
  • Spelling fixes
  • Ghosts can now be used in the morph command
  • Manually zipped scenarios should now install properly
  • The game should now properly start up in read-only environments
  • Fixed a crash when trying to open scenario folders on some Linux-based systems
  • Deployed differently for macOS to prevent startup issues due to the AppTranslocation system (macOS versions will now be distributed as DMG files)


  • Animation polishing
  • Enabled creation of new scenarios without having activated developer mode
  • Optimized John "gym" outfit
  • Added search functionality to the sprite viewer
  • Added search functionality to the character database


  • Added Rachel "underwear" outfit
  • Added full "Rachel" sprite with legs


Version 4.0

Now with 600.000 words!

  • Monitor
  • Maidswap
  • Sayaka
  • Rachel
  • Katswap
  • MariaMania
  • Takeover
  • Cornstuck
  • Cheerhook
  • Antics
  • Momswap


  • Fixed Jane wrongly ascending to heaven in the Vanessa path instead of staying planted in reality (and on the floor).
  • You can now reload during morphing sequences as they have been made more stable overall.
  • The scenario export function, in a small number of cases, would export broken scenario packages. It does not do that anymore.
  • Sandra's expressions for the "swimsuit" and "casual" outfits were incorrectly optimized, which they now are not.
  • Fixed Stevie's prematurely cut-off outfit
  • *cough* Minor bug fixes and performance improvements *cough*
  • Removed Herobrine JOGN


  • Recompressed all game files to reduce overall download size.
  • Added more game files to increase overall download size.
  • Scenarios shown in the scenario list are now sorted alphabetically for consistency.
  • GUI Rework for the sprite viewer for better accessibility. To see what this means for you, check the version notes below.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of quick- and autosave slots in favor of increased performance.
  • Moved scenario installation to a background thread to improve performance.
  • Moved the loading of scenario files to a background thread to massively improve startup times when many scenarios are installed.
  • The primary location for scenarios was moved out of the game directory. To see what this means for you, check the version notes below.
  • Scenario Mode now works on Android! More information about this change is available in the version notes below.
  • The image loading system is now more robust. Yes, that's all the information you're gonna get.
  • The "nude" and "shaved" outfits are no longer special. Less confusion for character pack authors!
  • Performance tweaks all over the GUI, especially for the sprite viewer and the character database. Smooth sailing!
  • Scenarios can now make use of sound assets in the Opus and MP3 formats.
  • A new format for custom characters. Please reference the scenario guide for in-depth information about what this change entails.
  • Reading time estimation for scenarios so you know what you're getting into.
  • Revised johnGB/Jane with some visual improvements


  • Experimental RAR support! Yes, we went there.
  • GUI rework for the scenario installer. It did not have a GUI before, but it does now.
  • A gallery system for your viewing pleasure. You can find more information about this addition in the version notes below.
  • Support for timed choices. Please reference the Scenario Guide for usage instructions.
  • New "phone call" animation: Make calls between two characters, with fitting animations!
  • New high-res version of Yui
  • New character: Patty
  • New character: Sadie
  • New character: EricGB
  • New character: KatrinaGB
  • New character: Hank
  • New character: Matt
  • New expressions for Yui
  • New expressions for Tori
  • New expressions for Flavia
  • New expressions for Katrina because ya'll would add them anyway
  • New accessories for Kyoko and Cornelia (bad makeup variants)
  • New accessory for Kyoko (good makeup variant)
  • New "maid" outfits for Katrina, Yui and Sayaka
  • New "hairdown" accessory for Rita
  • New "nude" outfit for John
  • New "monitor" outfit for John
  • New "dress" outfit for Rachel
  • New "dress" outfit for Leona
  • New "pajamas" outfit for Yui
  • New "underwear" outfit for Yui
  • New "underwear" outfit for Sandra
  • New "uniform" outfit for Tori

At immediate glance, the New Jane/johnGB_legacy split

New backgrounds:

  • city alley day/night
  • leona garden day/dusk/night
  • main entrance day/night
  • school hallway2 day
  • neighborhood3
  • sadie bathroom/bedroom/entrance/hallway/house/livingroom/shower

New CGs:

  • katrina first-regular
  • katrina first-swap
  • vanessa monitor
  • yui kiss
  • yui sleepover
  • yui_tori roleplay


Version 4.1


  • The character database would sometimes be a bit shy and not show the selected character. We gave it some self-confidence lessons and it's all better now
  • The pesky "outfit 'none' does not exist" errors across the story files were purged from existence with the ferocious power of 100% ecologically-conscious and ethically-sourced hellfire
  • The Android version now actually starts
  • Saving at important points like choices now saves instead of crashing, which, arguably, is an improvement and a fix
  • A medium-sized bucket and a few spoons full of spelling and grammar fixes


  • Generated a few missing gallery thumbnails for slight performance improvements
  • Some slight editing for consistency in one or two instances


Version 4.2


  • Fixed an overlooked "outfit none" error in the "Stuck" scenario
  • Enabled developer mode by default
  • More typos. There's always more typos. But we fix 'em. Yes, we fix 'em
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in custom sound effects and music not being properly loaded for scenarios


  • Behavior change: Scenarios installed via the "Install Scenario" button will by default be installed in the game directory unless that is not possible, in which case they will be installed in the "scenarios" directory created under your user account
  • Changes to how the Android build extracts resource files. This is purely backend-magic
  • Galleries are now sorted alphabetically, because not sorting them alphabetically would be stupid (which is exactly what we did before)


  • Scenario Mode now has proper support for loading movies. For a more detailed explanation, please reference the Scenario Guide.


Version 4.3


  • Typo fixes, they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming...
  • The "Install Scenario" button now installs scenarios instead of crashing the game
  • Fixed a bug you didn't know you had. If you experienced audio issues (crackling or lag) before, it should be gone now. If you didn't, no improvement for you
  • Made an exception actually throw the exception instead of throwing an exception before the exception could be thrown. For more information, please re-read the previous sentence
  • Fixed a bug in Ren'Py itself that would raise an "Invalid Key Specifier: Skip" exception when it was actually a syntax error. Thus you should now have more comprehensive error reporting when you make an error while writing scenarios


  • Added a utility method for resolving already-loaded images to their full paths, specifically for Applemelon
  • Support for separate alpha masks for movies. For a more detailed explanation, please reference the Scenario Guide
  • The "Scenario" menu item will now only be shown when all scenarios have finished loading
  • Full poses are now ignored in the pose size estimation algorithm to make things look better in the sprite viewer in a subtle way you won't notice
  • Sound loading should actually work this time, I swear
  • The sprite viewer now automatically finds the default expression instead of assuming a_0, which would otherwise lead to an error if a character's expressions would start at a higher number
  • Remove line voicing (the audio beeps that would play when a character would speak) as they cause general audio issues
  • New resource loader for Android. For more information please see the version notes below
  • The 2GB RAM limit of Windows peasants has been lifted! The new limit is double the old one at 4GB, which should hopefully alleviate most of the memory issues people have experienced
  • Zoom levels are now propagated to the "morph" command. You can finally morph into a tiny John!


  • Support for multiple story hooks per scenario. For a more detailed explanation, please reference the Scenario Guide
  • A small blip has been added to the title screen of scenarios notifying you of their non-canonicity
  • More expressions for Rita

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by iamadam

Version reviewed: 4.3 on 05/28/2019

This game hit me in the feels towards the end


it had good writing, drawings, and just general feel to it. it generally worked well within the world's context and was compelling enough to make me legit sad for the older sister. 

Review by W33b33

Version reviewed: 4.3 on 04/23/2019

...Wow. Honestly, even with all the incomplete routes, this game is still amazing at its current state.

Seriously, yui've gotta give it a try. I swear it'll give Yui hours of entertainment, and it's actually got a plot and characters worth caring about!

Sorry for the 'Yui' puns. I just finished a certain route... I will love those day titles and that ending note forever.

Admittedly, one or two routes are a bit inconsistant, or leave off at REALLY unfortunate points, (I'm looking at you for the second one of those, principal route,) but given its multi-author status, the characterizations as a whole really hold together. Honestly I'd reccomend this to someone who just wants a neat visual novel, so long as you're okay with stumbling on some porn on occasion.

Not to mention that they even wrote in a scenario pack system. I'm half tempted to try and write one even if I know I'd suck at it!

Seriously, people, good work and I'm excited to see where this goes.

Hm... cautions, though?

1, I did mention a lot of routes are unfinished. I've only found one complete one so far.

2. If you're just looking for quick porn, this ain't your game. It really wants you to feel for the cast and get involved in the scenario, and it tries to make its porn in character.

3. It... doesn't sugar coat some things. If you do get invested in the characters, some choices will make you feel like absolute crap. It's not super serious, and it has its fun, but some stuff that you could do and be rewarded or ignored in another VN... yeah. It's not deep and heavy stuff, but if you're being a jerk, the game will let you know it, and some cliches get subverted... hard.

Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: 4.2 on 04/16/2019

Truly one of, if not the best, games on TFGS. Shame we only see updates once in a millenia since they focus on too many routes at once. I seriously love the VN, but the development speed, while understandable, makes me wonder if they considered a different approach. For example, hammering one route at a time.

Review by Cortuler

Version reviewed: 4.2 on 04/16/2019

This game came as a sort of surprise to me. I found this website and used it to get my rocks off, clearly. This game will do that too, but it will also sucker punch you with a lot of very human writing and interaction.


The characters aren't just two dimensional trope-filled fetish vessels, but end up feeling like actual passably three-dimensional individuals as you get to know them throughout the various storylines. They all feel like they have reasons to be the way they are, from the tough chick delinquent to the overbearing Student Council president. Sure, there's still plenty enough trope to go around. Kiyoshi is (as far as I can tell) pretty much just comic relief with no real justification for being as much of an idiot as he is, but that's fine. If anything, this feels like a genuine anime show that has cared about fleshing out its side-characters, While also unabashedly settling into some old familiar tropes.

And then the interactions. The characters really shine, for me, when they are interacting with one another, facilitated by functional and very human writing. The "sucker punch" for me came when I started down a particular storyline that ended up being incredibly cute and heartwarming, while also just as definitely kinky and sexy. I expected straight sex scenes (I was, as I said, here to have some undignified fap material), I instead got a cute romance between two uncertain teenagers that left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. It also had the sex scenes, but somehow seeing them happen between two human beings and with the emphasis being on the intimacy rather than the actual sex made it much more meaningful and precious. That's not something many other pornographic materials have managed to capture for me.

Both of these things could only be conveyed with good writing, and this game delivers. Descriptive without being purple, efficient without being barebones, and generally moving the story at a decent clip (though the intro drags on just a bit, in my opinion), I started actually enjoying the passages where nothing is actually happening but banter between various characters, and managed to completely forget I was supposed to be playing for sexual stimulation.

And speaking of that, the writing for the actual sexy passages has also been done very well. Each transformation feels unique (and is usually pretty tantalizing), and really dives into the MC's head and thought process throughout. The "hot" scenes are well paced, with just enough room between steamy acts to let one catch their breath, while enough tension remains as to not kill the mood. What's more, this generally also applies to the scenes as a whole. Between one sexy scene and another (depending on the type of branch you're in), there's enough rising tension and room to breathe that the general progression feels natural and satisfying. 

On this site, sexy and kinky are a dime a dozen, but this game will give you something different: a meaning to it all. Sure, there's no shame in finding something kinky and easy, with no frills sexy material designed for one very specific purpose, but where this particular story excels above all others I've tried so far is in establishing sensible characters, human intimacy, and just the general quality of the dialogue and writing. Admittedly some branches are somewhat disappointing, but that's usually because of the dreaded "Path under construction" message. So far I have not played a single completed branch that didn't feel thoroughly satisfying to consume, though they were sometimes a bit hard to find.


Student Transfer has been something unexpected and special for me, and I wholeheartedly reccomend it to you. I will eagerly await the rest of what the team has in store while continuing to explore every nook and crany of what this surprising gem already has to offer. 

Review by Zack_Zander

Version reviewed: 4.69 on 04/07/2019

Oh my god, when I saw that there was a new update on April 1st I thought it was just a joke and wasn't really adding much to the story.

When I noticed that the version was 4.69, I thought that it must be a joke.

And even more when finding the Card Gacha Mechanic on the title screen.

(And annoyingly the removal of Skip option)


Until I found a few extra choices that I don't remember seeing before, and that I have been double pranked.

I've only seen three new part in the new update;

- Getting Stuck with Cornelia and can't separate for more than several feet

(And I can't stop laughing when she bite John. I just from her design, that she was a biter.)

- Switching bodies with Cassie and Elizabeth

(Short but enjoyable, all dialogues I've check almost led to the same outcome or just abrupted ended) 

- Meeting a new character, Sadie-Lynn Kobayashi, and some interesting "scenes."

(The way she talks is funny at first when they swap body but tend to get a bit annoying)


If by any change that there're other path that I missed, send a review with @Zack_Zander and I'll find it.


PS: I've gathered up around 41321 AP (Including the Card that I've drawn) for the Gacha Machine

PSS: I'd noticed a "Timed Choice" option. Is there any part with a timer? I haven't noticed so I wasn't sure.

PSSS: Also, I just realize the 'latest' version I had was 3.1. I didn't notice the 4.0 or 4.1 version released last month so all of this stuff I wrote down may've been from that update


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