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Boobjitsu Matriarch


You have succeeded your mother as chief of the Megalostithos tribe, and now must protect your people with the power of boobjitsu, the martial art of boob combat.  In your quest to keep your people together and safe, you will encounter strange opponents and find mystical items.  Unsurprisingly, those mystical items will transform your breasts, shaping your ability to fight with boobjitsu.

This game is complete at six zones and a final dungeon-style chapter.

  • 50 encounters
  • 40 enemies
  • 25 TF items
  • 4 mini-zones
  • 3 recruitable companions

Review by Zerofoxy3384

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 12/07/2019

This game has alot going for it but I must say: when it starts going downhill for you....it will never end.


You will be doing ALOT of foraging and hunting and get used to meeting the emissary....she popped up in my foraging about 5 or 6 times in a row. TAKE A HINT, I AINT INTERESTED!


And then there are the raids.....this is my major complaint. After a few weeks, you will start seeing messages like this: The scouts report sighting Callipygos warriors marching along the border!


And with no real indication on how to get more scouts....all you can do is try to set up as many scouts as you can and hope for the best....but that's not the end. A week later, you might get attacked by Ice men....followed by a lone stranger....and then a callipygos again....and then another ice men attack. Once the raids start, they don't seem to end...there's no time to try and get better because there's such steep stat checks (trying to beat an enemy with 40+ stats)...so you keep trying to get more food and then another raid hits and you lose even more


Another thing that someone else mentioned: the shrine items need a balance...1 positive and 2 negatives isn't a good idea....1 and 1 or 2 and 2, not 1 and 2 or 2 and 1


At its best, this game is a great management idea with solid stat use and interesting combat with an okay story....at its worst, it's a frustrating struggle against a downhill battle that seems to never end

Review by Doombug

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 02/23/2018

not a bad game but not great either kind of TiTs or CoC ripoff but only focusing on breasts, I found very little sex in this as well. A few long scenes with a lot of repeating scenes that don't effect anything win or lose. I'm also very confused how 5 enemies scouts can kill my ten scouts then carry off 2 months worth food without anyone noticing in the camp. The fact that everyone can raid your villiage but you can't do anything to defend your villiage aside from RNG is retarted.

Review by Fur-man

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 12/05/2017

great game I love it but we need a way to get more hunters and scouts with so meny tenders and gathers (and one milker in my case) the food spply runs down too fast and I end up loseing everything so please please add the hunter and scout gathering events

Review by jak871

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 10/18/2017

This is an excellent, innovative game in so many ways.  I just wanted to get into that first, before I start nitpicking details.  This game is awesome, and the maker deserves mad props for this. 



-The main issue is unequivical build-up.  With enough time and luck, a matriach can gather enough food to have a feast every other turn, which in turn allows her to rapidly outstrip any enemies.  I was able to one-shot most champions by the time I reached the Callipygos village.  There is no cost and every benefit to just hanging around the village, leveling up until there is nothing that can challenge the player.  This is most easily handled in one of three ways:  add a timer, that forces players to meet a deadline; add a cap, that prevents players from going above a certain level until they pass pre-set checkpoints; or cause enemies to grow stronger as the player does.

-The magical item growth was frustrating an annoying.  The fact that every benefit required an equivallent-setback made progress difficult, esspecially since several special moves are dependent on relative sizes.  If you must do 'grow and shrink' style, i'd suggest doing 'two for one'; that is, for every unit of shrinkage, you get a unit of growth in two categories.  It still forces players to mix up consumption, but now there's a steady guarentee of growth without the need for painful management. 

-The size based combat was simply far too complicated for me.  I tend to spend little time paying attention to 'numbers' when describing breast size, and applying these tiny factors to the various attacks simply caused me to lose any interest in figuring out the details.


-I loved the stat-based combat.  Simply adored it.  Having to look at not only your character's stats, but the enemies, juggling it all around in a vicious rock-paper-scissors sort of way was simply fantastic.  it does an excellent job of punishing min-maxers, and was simple enough to grasp quickly and pleasantly.

-The story was great. Simplistic, but easy to follow and sensible.  Good enough to qualify as a short novel, I'd say.

-All the tiny little details that change depending on how the matriach acts was fantastic.  It took me a bit to notice, but the different loss scenes, changes in conversation and the like were amazing. 

-The longer feast scenes were amazing, and the way you had to 'unlock' them simply added a sense of accomplishment to the sexiness. 


So yeah, on the whole, a fantastic game I want to see more of. 

Review by Phenoca

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 06/20/2017

Much better than expected. Looking forward to the new content.

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