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Magical Camp

In Magical Camp, you play as a young loser who through a twist of fate finds himself trapped in a boot camp for Magical Girls. Now he has to hide his true identity and somehow find a way to escape before the psychotic camp director finds him. Fortunately, his fellow campers seem happy to help him improve his disguise, but how far is he really willing to go?

Current Version: 0.4.8c

If you like this game you can support it's development at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HLFMagicalCamp

Or at subscribestar: https://subscribestar.adult/magical-camp-games

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Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: pre-0.5c on 08/04/2022

This is, by far, my favroute game on this site. It is one of, if not the best game this site has to offer. If you're a fan of RPG's like Earthbound, and want a fun game where the MC slowly becomes a female (or not, depending on the players actions), with a well writen, funny, and engageing story, loveable characters, monster girls (both friend and foe), (somewhat optional) Combat that's sometimes tough, but fair, and boss' that often require strategy to beat, as well as over 30 hours of content (at minimum), then you defenitly need to play this game.

I recomend playing blind for your first time, and accepting whatever happens to you, but there is a wiki (that's currently updated to account for 0.4.8 content, and should be updated again once 0.5 Officaly comes out) that was a boon for when l got stuck in a certian water level. It helped me get my character to become the cute Girly (Magical) "Girl" "She" is today. And who knows, maybe in a few updates, I'll be able to fully convert her into a girl. (it's possable in the current version, but only if you take spesific steps, some of which I did not take)

Now, a review isn't complete without a basic summery of the content. Sure, you can read the fetish tags and the description, but still.

The game revolves around a guy who happens to find himself stuck in a camp for training magical girls, and to avoid a fate worse then death, crossdresses and pretends to be a new magical girl. From there, the player can decide their fate. Will they escape with their masculenity intact? (Yes, it's actualy possable, but takes some work) Or will they embrace the oppertunity, and become a powerful (and cute) Magical Girl, along-side their quirky comrads?

There are 2 ways to get transformations in the game:

1: "Accdentaly", either by loseing to certian enemys* (most just give fun game overs) or being given them by events/NPC's (for example, the hair loss tf at the start of the game) (Accdentaly is in quotes cause you can intentionaly go for them by looking at the wiki, so the Player intended to transform, but the PC didn't) (These are the vast majority of the Tf's in the game) *most of these TF's are avalable by other means, so don't feel forced to lose to boss' (though you should at least once, as it causes some fun/kinky things to happen, and there's a poison bottle item spesificaly designed to let you do this.)

2: These are more intentional, though more as a side effect of the PC's actions in their atempts to get stronger. That's all i'll say, as it's a Core feature of the game, and kinda a spoiler.


TL;DR: This is my Fav Game on here, and possably the best game on this site, and well worth a download.

Review by superman89

Version reviewed: pre-0.5c on 08/01/2022

Not a bad game but unless I'm missing something I see zero art minus the character avatars? I've cleared the first three dungeons and maybe the art comes later with more transformation but something tells me I'm not. You'd think when you start transforming you'd get a look other than text at "you now have a bubble but". I wouldn't invest much into this with no art of any kind but love the music.

Also, who's idea was it to NOT put in a way to auto-run? I don't think I'm missing any option menu since I don't see one to begin with?

Edit. After giving this game the benefit of the doubt and being in quarentine with nothing else to do I continued on with the game.

In short the actual plot itself isn't bad but the quest system is a huge mess. There is no hint system or actual quest system for that matter that most rpgm of this type have or character point system, i.e the affection points. Unless I'm missing some feature.

I shouldn't have to go to some website to find my way or do this otherwise you're screwed from completeting this other event. I restarted once after I figured I screwed up something.

Played for another hour and once again realized I screwed up again by finishing the slime dungeon again but didn't get Catherine? out in time or something so I couldn't get her to do something later on.

Also I discovered that I needed C4 to blow a pillar but I can't aquire that because I tossed away the maid headband and the can't get bitten iirc by another character. No way am I restarting and playing for another 2 hours with a chance that this might happen again.

It's just a mess with no real order whatsoever. Still love the music in the dungeons and the turning off encounters was also a nice touch. The art is so so and not enough to warrant wanting to play again after further development of the game. Why would I have to lose to see art? I'll pass and reminds me of another game where if you lose your girl/s get molested. Name eludes me atm.

Good luck with the game.

Review by gummigator

Version reviewed: pre-0.5c on 07/30/2022

Addressing the review below me, a lot of the art is tied to losing to bosses, so if that's something that is dissuading you from trying this game, I would reccomend giving it a try and just allowing bosses to beat you. Most of the time this won't trigger a bad end and you'll just get a minor transformation.

Review by bipbattler

Version reviewed: pre-0.5c on 07/28/2022

Easily one of the best games on tfgames. The story is great; the characters are distinct from each other and well written, there is so much content compared to other games on this site. The rpg combat, story, lore, and character interactions are well balanced and are interconnected in a cohesive way. If you haven't played it, I would stop reading and just go play it. I love how the systems are connected. If you want to do well in content, you need to recruit and interact with the other characters, but it's always to your detriment. TF content is tricky to get right, especially when it's "involuntary". There's a balance, right? On the one hand, my character wants to avoid being changed. He has a life to go back to, and he wants to get back as fast as possible, with the least amount of change. But I the player wants to see him change into a magical girl, I want to see every terrible tf happen to him. What I want and what the character wants are in direct opposition to each other, so the job of the game designer is to balance this, and they do a great job of this in Magical Camp. I encourage you to play for yourself, and if you like involuntary tf with actual stakes, set it to normal difficulty. starting spoilers

In Magical Camp you meet a magical girl that accidentally allows you to get teleported back to the magical girl headquarters: a place that is simultaneously extremely hostile towards men, but also is the safest place for sentient beings on this small island floating through space. The rest of the island is not that challenging for magical girls, but you are a human, so leaving camp means you will die a death of the self and be transformed into whatever form the monster of the week thinks is thematically appropriate. Luckily, the magical girl that brought you here is stupid in the nicest way possible, her and a friend who recognizes you from her childhood put together a decent magical girl disguise to allow you to stay in camp undetected. At first you have to fake magic, but because of magic, you gradually develop powers of your own. This is where the cohesion of game mechanics starts to shine. This game is an RPG so you have stats and skills that are used in turn based combat. You only get these skills by training/spending time with other girls in the camp before and after going to a dungeon each day. And you have to find and get to know these characters by spending time with them. The game naturally guides you into these interactions by encouraging you to find a girl to eat dinner with each evening. And each interaction is a genuinely interesting and engaging encounter between characters with subtle lore fragments sprinkled in that easily invests you into the world. Nearly every character comes from humble or troubled beginnings, and is quite distinct from each other, but they all want to grow and become better magical girls. Since, as far as they know, you are both magical and a girl, they naturally want to "help" you reach the same end they do, usually through the use of magic, so getting new powers usually comes at the cost of mental or physical transformations. Failing boss encounters also lead to transformation scenes, but exclusively hinder the main character's goal of getting out unscathed. I found this game to have a great difficulty curve, so rpg combat seems fair and balanced. Personally I don't like JRPGs, I see them as a slough, but I am often lured into a false sense of security by the rather simple random encounters, so when I enter the final boss I am usually under prepared, so I lose the fight. But because losing a fight means you get magically teleported back to your room in the camp. I can just restock and rush into the final chamber. It's a little like dark souls in that sense. But more importantly, it means the player's goals and the character's goals are aligned and I don't have to intentionally forfeit a boss fight to get to my favorite content. 

That's what makes this game great. It is written and designed in a way so that both I the player and character can make rational decisions. For example, after you save the nymph, she will offer to teach you nature magic, but if you accept she tricks you and you grow boobs, fool me once shame on you. Then you go back to here and can ask her, WTF was that about, there isn't an option to do it again, because why would the character want that? Instead when you end the conversation, she asks you to wait she tells you she is genuinely concerned for your safety (you are the weakest "girl" in the camp) and makes a fairly compelling argument as to why you would want the magic despite the boobs, coupled with the fact that you are trying to blend in, when she proposes the power up it is genuinely tempting to go along with it. There is also a good example of fair warning, If you failed the first boss you get sensitive in the tits the mirror in your room tells you that anytime you consult it, (since the character portrait doesn't reflect any changes to the character's physical appearance that mirror does most of the heavy lifting for summarizing the overall state of your character), and that character that powers up your nature magic has literal signposting that warns you of her being a notorious groper, so if you agree then mid grope sesh you get too excited and expose your true genitalia, and she kills the main character (kinda, he is transformed in body and mind, instantly, and you get a game over so basically eric died and a cute sexy picture was left over).

Review by FakeNameyFakeNamey

Version reviewed: pre-0.5c on 07/27/2022

So, I'm now going through my... third replay of this game. I really love it. After the first run, on subsequent runs I usually turn on the 'debug mode' to skip the random encounters before bosses. I really love the content of this game. That being said, even for someone like me that's beaten the games multiple times, it's still pretty easy to forget what all you still need to do. I do think there could still be some very straightforward quality of life improvements in the 'overworld' map--I think that any dungeon that still has an undefeated magico could have a flashing star or something. I think that's important, because given you may be intentionally losing boss fights, it's actually pretty easy to forget whether you finished the boss fight or not. 

Anyway, that one minor suggestion aside, I mostly just love the new content with each update, and really look forward to seeing the full .5 release. There's a reason people list this game as one of the best on the site, and that's because it is!

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