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Version: 4.35a

Version: 4.32

Version: 4

Parasite Infection

Parasite Infection

We are entering the final stage of the game's development.  Part 1 is looking really good, working on the global inventory system and sex module now.  Part 4 and 5 are pretty buggy in 4.35a, so I'm leaving prior download links up.

Again, to reiterate, nothing new is going to be added from this point on.  The only things that are happening is streamlining/fixing of existing content, adding in content that was destroyed or that fell by the wayside, and adding art.

Android version (for phone) - added link to left bar (isn't clickable on a phone over here)

Discord server: https://discord.gg/DNBFG8T
(Bug reporting in the discord server gets the most attention)


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ParasiteInfection?ty=h

If you don't want to send money, send your likes!  I can see this becoming something really amazing and your support will help create it.

Art: ModeSeven, Mephiscrypie


Music: Nikeils

Coding: Nullus


An alien ship has abducted and infested you with a living biological weapon.

[Part 1 cleanup]

  • Removed the oven room

  • Fixed surgery screen

  • Reworked the escape pod quest code

  • Changed initial breast size from 60 to 25 for female start

  • Removed deprecated overlay widget

  • Choker no longer turns humans into Antari, Surgery Room is now used for that

  • Rooms in space station now directly display infected people

  • Joan is now referred to as male

  • Canal & Starfish parasites can no longer give birth to their own offsprings. Fertilized canals grant 1 extra werm parasite when birthed.

  • Fixed forced masturbation and arousal 

  • Actually fixed the breast size error when transitioning from part 1 to part 2

  • Choker slowly increases breast size up to 25 (C cup) instead of 60 (F cup)


[Part 2 cleanup] 

  • Changed start to only give 1 werm at the very beginning.  No other canisters.

  • Removed player side goals

  • Made it possible for male starts to access sanctum via Tracie, rewrote Tracie seduction sequence

  • Acceptance/Rejection of body changes now affects resistance for that person instead of discovery.  Resistance level and infestation status determines if they will create detection events.  Infesting someone with high resistance and low perversion creates a high chance they will participate in detection events and advance the discovery bar.


[Part 1-2] Added detection spike events variations based on the NPC’s resistance. The higher the resistance, the more likely they can trigger a high detection spike event. Chance is now based on `resistance/2` (at 100 resistance there is a 50% that the infested NPC will create a negative event outcome)


[Part 5] Added `elevator` image links for displaying the currently visited floor


[Part 5] Removed `stairs` from list of passages(locations)


[Part 5] Missions addition & crew creation from biosuit infested characters


[Part 5] Parasite inventory fix: use parasites when merging parasites into other types


[Part 5] Parasite inventory fix: use parasites when preparing traps inside host


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 4.3 on 12/19/2020

The game is one of the leaders of its genre so its worth to play a few times.

There is one loong standing problem about the worm invasion sound tracs sometimes do not end and becomes anoying.

Review by AloneTaco

Version reviewed: 4.3 on 12/16/2020

Games absolutely broken and that's for one reason: When I first put on helmet like I always do and I move around 10 steps, my character gets horny and can't masturbate with his penis nor can he use his vagina because he has none. So I can't move or anything and I'm just stuck forever :D

It's very small issue but literally makes the game impossible to play so please fix thx

Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: 4.27 on 11/18/2020

I feel like this game changes pretty drastically every update. The first chapter was totally not like this the last time I played. It was drawn worse but had significantly more gameplay, but less clicking. I think I'll wait for the finished version because I'm just getting confused. 

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 4.08 on 02/20/2020

This game is interesting, but confusing.  No matter what I do when I get back to earth, it's just a matter of time before I'm detected and the game ends.  If there's a way you're supposed to play to keep your nature from being discovered, this game does not make it obvious.

Review by mimi69

Version reviewed: 4.04 on 12/19/2019

I like this game! It it one of my top favorites!

The pictures in this game are really good, with good ary style. And as you change people, the parasites are laid over them and look wow good!

Working with the parasite so you do not get caught, you have to change & control the people around you but so they do not tell you are doing that. 

There are lots of ways to do sex when it starts.


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