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Version: 3.07

Version: Part 1

Version: 1.81c

Version: 1.8b

Parasite Infection

Parasite Infection 3.07

Patch notes and further information is on the discord server.  I'm going to try to aggregate everything into a single place.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/DNBFG8T

Fan-made phone versions (part 1):

win32+unix64 https://ufile.io/qkx7h
android(6.0+) https://ufile.io/pqwyl


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ParasiteInfection?ty=h

If you don't want to send money, send your likes!  I can see this becoming something really amazing and your support will help create it.

Art: ModeSeven


Music: Nikeils

Coding: Nullus


An alien ship has abducted and infested you with a living biological weapon.

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Review by Durast

Version reviewed: 2.45a on 02/03/2019

This is both a review and a message for the Author.

I've been watching this game develop from a short one-off game about an abductee transforming into an alien woman controlled by a parasite since you could make the parasite increase your bust size, which was many many patches ago. This game has had extremely radical changes and adjustments ever since its conception and has met some resistance from the community as a result. Author, you keep moving your own goal post, overextending and scraping your own work in order to reach an ever more distant conclusion. What you have here is several chapters of a pretty good game, a lot more than some other games with equal promise.

The game has a lot to love; the corruption of yourself and those around you, the infesting mechanics, the artwork, and the story is actually interesting. The concept is genuinely enjoyable and erotic and has the potential to really stand on its own as a remarkable game. Eliminating the bugs and finalizing the details of each chapter is what should be the focus if not at least a secondary objective.

What the community wants is a completed game, as we all know that far too many good and great games get abandoned, discontinued, or fall by the wayside. I don't think the VR is a bad idea but instead of scraping what you've done to do that, finish this project first. A VR Parasite Infection sounds really interesting, but I don't want that instead of a finished twine version. If I were to say anything that reaches the Author it would be to; keep at it, this is a great game and one of my favorite on this site. 

Review by w21dbb

Version reviewed: 2.42b on 12/17/2018

Lots of work has been done since first release, some sound glitches here and there and somes script errors, like on 2nd part if "spoiler"

If you let the worm take control you go back to part one on auto pilot.

 here is a like for the game though!

Review by fangthehedgewolf

Version reviewed: 2.42b on 12/11/2018

How do I make myself lactate? And can you infect Brett and Linda yet?


EDIT: Nevermind, I just had to use the escape pod while I was an alien. It let me keep my lactation status. Too bad I can't use the starfish suit, it keeps saying "Error: <<display>>: passage "biosuit_star" does not exist" the mind drugs idea is cool.  Also, whenever I use the choker suit, I can't make tentacle pits and my infection is always noticed even when I select "Pretend to help those trying to turn you in" 

Review by ikarius

Version reviewed: 2.42b on 11/14/2018

This is kind of a fenomenon for me. Each time i see an update is is somehow worse than before. GRanted some of the new images are nice, but in my opinion its downhill in each other part of the game 

Review by Rheavon

Version reviewed: 2.42b on 11/13/2018

I'm going to do a different review from everyone else it seems. While the latest updates did introduce a lot of new bugs, each update since I find has been fixing them. Most recent that I have found is Sarah the captain still has the red error message when interacting with her. During the scene with the lesbian at school I got an error when trying to infect her brain that caused me to go to the infection "mini game" that couldn't be won. Lastly apparently Steve realized I was infected on my first day after infesting my mouth with a Werm.

Now I must say I love the new pictures, keep up the good work with them. There does appear to be some missing though The afforementioned scenes with Sarah appear to have missing pictures. 

Now onto real critism, I'm not sure if I'm just doing it wrong, but the sex with people scenes seem strange. You get flooded with a ton of options that really don't seem to make much of a difference when clicking through them besides sometimes if you haven't done arbitrarily enough of one thing, the person will be horrified with what you are trying to do. Also what parasites someone has doesn't seem to change what is available. I would suggest cutting this down or at least submenuing them a bit. There just seems to be too much here, and it especially doesn't seem to matter since afterwards there is inseminate all option so you don't even use these to target what parasite you want. I would also suggest altering it so that you can avoid these scenes. Not that I don't like them, but when I'm going to see someone to check on the Werm Suit they are gestating and they force themselves on me every day gets tedious.

The other item I would like to mention is the infection "mini-game" doesn't seem to be anything really. You just triple click each link going down the list until finished. No thought needed or adjustments.  I would like to see this dropped completely or made into something actually interesting.

Overall though I really like this game and look forward to seeing more updates!

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