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Version: 2.41

Version: 2.36b

Version: Part 1

Version: 1.81c

Version: 1.8b

Parasite Infection

This is the story of Chet, a normal guy who is abducted by aliens and infested with parasites.

Part 2 - 2.41:

The sex module should be pretty much done at this point.  This is a test round to find any bugs and see if it generally works, then I'll implement it everywhere that it should be implemented then move on to the mall.  Rebalancing of stat changes and effects of specific sex actions will happen over time.


- Sex is now a separate encounter, with both the NPC and the Player taking actions in turn which affect pleasure, arousal, and tension.
- Lots of sex acts available
- Each sex act has certain requirements, such as the presence of specific parasites or a certain arousal/pleasure threshold
- Orgasm is required for parasite infestations.  For instance, you can fuck someone with your parasitic cock but only if an orgasm is triggered (at sufficient arousal) will they be infested because of it.
- Having canal and werm parasites in various orifices mutates the various sex acts slightly.
- Being mindfucked or mindfucking someone then orgasming should end the encounter and allow you to change their behavior.
- NPC's can automatically initiate sex against you if they are horny enough.  They should do this at maximum once per 'time cycle'.  If you have low resistance, you will be unable to stop them.
- Explanations start at the bottom then scroll upward, separated by a line.  The stat portion at the top displays current arousal and pleasure.  I think to the right of the stats is probably a good place to put the art.

Part 1 is broken now, I'll have to fix it later.   This update is only for the sex module.   However, there were a couple other things updated:

- massive passage renaming scheme, shouldn't affect anything you can see but its becoming more data driven
- Art for Julie has been updated except forgot to include preg/large breasts.
- Art for Robyn has been updated, ditto on the preg.
- Somehow the code that sped up the game got lost in the last few updates, it got put back in this one so the game should run really fast now.



Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ParasiteInfection?ty=h

If you don't want to send money, send your likes!  I can see this becoming something really amazing and your support will help create it.

Art: ModeSeven


Music: Nikeils


An alien ship has abducted and infested you with a living biological weapon.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by NyxReborn

Version reviewed: 2.41 on 10/14/2018

If you can't get enough of this game check out some of the older versions since the gameplay and images change completely every few releases. 

Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: 2.41 on 10/13/2018

The new sex system is rather confusing. Especially since all the options won't show up unless you zoom out. On the other hand, the new pictures are gorgeous.

Review by thenot1tacoirvin

Version reviewed: 2.36b on 09/04/2018

i love this game, played it for about almost a year i think but had to delete it in june. when i redownloaded it it kept crashing on a f.png? anyone know how else to download it? 
love the game, wish ti play th new version. 

Review by RaceRunner

Version reviewed: Part 1 on 08/23/2018

Really like this Game! Small problem though: Playing on Linux is difficult, because your Image links are not case sensitive while Linux is.

Review by Engelstein

Version reviewed: Part 1 on 08/02/2018

Just a small suggestion, add a red outline to your current location on the map. The one used now is hard to see and I end up doing a lot of backtracking just to see my current location.


EDIT: Thank you for changing the current location graphic, much better now. Thank you.

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