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Version: 1.0.0

The Mission Journals of Captain Randy Hart

CAPTAIN RANDY HART! Starship captain extraordinaire, adventurer, warrior, lover, a man's man. Aboard his ship the Alliance Star Ship Penetrator, With his crew by his side, he travels the width and breadth of a dangerous galaxy with no fear, ready to take the human way of life to the stars and beyond.

Brave and bold as they are, he and his crew are not immune from mishaps on the frontier of knowledge. The Issians, a hostile race who show little quarter, have capture the Captain and his crew and now Captain Hart finds himself locked, alone, in his own brig. He knows soon his time will come to escape and rescue his crew and ship and escape their captors hostile clutches. . .


UPDATE:  Reworked in a non-linear path to the end, but still only one possible ending.  More discriptions, spelling and grammer edits.  Unless something else is wrong, this can be considered complete now.

Captain Randy Hart, Captain.  Lover, fighter, bad decision maker.

Ensign William Foster, Helmsman.  Young and talented.

Lt. Cynthia Hoss, Tactical Officer.  No nonsense officer.

Lt. Commander David Talbet, Chief Engineer.  Brilliant engineer.

Doctor Benjiman Larson, Chief Medical Officer.  Simple country doctor, in space!

Counsolor Diana Rothchild, Ship's Counsolor.  Equal rights activist.

Doctor Harry Jefferson, Chief Science Officer.  Drunk theorist.

Commander Matilida Ivanvich, First Officer.  Best officer one could want, stuck with this captain.

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Review by LynxF

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 06/08/2019

Game review:

This isn't a game.


Story review:

Nice, really nice.

Review by toofine89

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/09/2016

First the good:  Very, very well written.  I loved the slow addition of bimbo clothes and how you got a feel for the Captain's arrogant attitude room by room.  The sex at the end was pretty good too, though a little short.

Next the bad:  Not really a game.  It's a good read, but there's no real choices to be made.  Pretty short too, but it is their first time doing a game and I'm too pleased with it to make that a serious complaint.

Next the next step:  You go through the ship and pick up bimbofying items and reading logs of your underlings.  I wish that you could choose the order of rooms you went to.  Maybe you couldn't unlock one item unless you found an item in another room.  Or maybe based on the logs found you could find an alternate ending.  Maybe if you went in to the fight with a particular combination of items you could come out fine.  But despite there being a next step this could have been taken too, the game is entertaining and sexy as is.

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