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Version: 1.30.0

Dynamic Avatar Drawer

Public repository: https://gitlab.com/PerplexedPeach/dynamic-avatar-drawer

Guides for using the the drawer, creating content for it, and extending the avatar system: http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/

Twine demo and guide

Games using DAD

Who Wanna Be a Bimbo

Fake AI

Queen of the Seas

I was Enslaved by an Evil Witch and Turned into Her Maid!

Share your projects using DAD with me!


A dynamic character drawing system that responds to stat changes (note that this is a tool and not a full game, although the tester might be fun to play around with). The main audience of this tool is for game authors, but for a player it should still be interesting to play around with. The idea is to have a character drawer that you could easily plug into any game, immediately increasing the playing value of that game. The tool is also extremely robust and scalable with clothing - they change in shape along with the player's body! See the first post in the discussion thread or the walkthrough on how to integrate it into your game.

There are a lot of things you can do with this drawing library...


[2020-05-11] save as png, colored background and a bunch of fixes http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2020/05/29/1.30.backgrounds.html

[2020-05-11] serialization made compatible with SugarCube, leading to Twine demo and guide (also added more vitals support)

[2019-10-11] various content from Dahakma http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/10/07/1.26.asset_addition.html

[2019-07-06] pregnancy http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/07/06/1.25.pregnancy.html


[2019-07-04] BDSM content http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/07/04/1.24.bdsm.html


[2019-06-30] Better/more heels templates http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/06/30/1.23.heels.html

 new heels

[2019-03-02] Mascara and lash overrides http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/03/02/1.22.mascara.html

[2019-03-02] High resolution patterns (previously wasn't possible!) http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/02/28/1.21.hats.html

[2019-02-28] Hats: http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/02/28/1.21.hats.html

[2019-02-27] Hair overrides and other usability improvements: http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/02/27/1.20.hair_colour_overrides.html

[2019-02-23] Focused drawing windows and not rendering certain info: http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/02/23/1.19.focused_window.html

[2019-02-13] Dresses, corsets, chokers, and a whole lot more - merged content from Dahakma's Who Wanna be a Bimbohttp://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2019/02/13/1.18.content_explosion.html

[2018-10-07] Jewelry/piercings: http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2018/10/07/1.17.piercings.html

[2018-10-03] Fixed GUI (from webpack update)

[2018-09-30] Tattoos: http://perplexedpeach.gitlab.io/dynamic-avatar-drawer/release/2018/09/30/1.16.tattoos.html

Nominal tattoos

covered tattoo

See link in title for how to create/use tattoos

[2018-03-27] New predefined character

New clothing template (and additional engine improvements):

Dress shirts and sequential transformations

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: 1.29.1 on 05/12/2020

Nice tool, females look very decent and I'd much prefer games using this than real life stock models or fugly porn photos.

There are still problems of course, like the blocky weird uncanny males or extreme values looking really weird, but most of the hate this drawer gets is from others using either outdated versions of it which were much less polished or using it improperly which is no fault of developer.

Review by spaul90

Version reviewed: 1.26.1 on 04/19/2020

Don't fall for the haters!

I think it's a great piece of coding and it looks really good to me.

I actually come to this site to check if there are any new games that use it to play them.

If you want your game to have a consistent art style, that actually looks good, but you can't draw than it's perfect!

I would really love FreeCities to pick this up, as their systems never work as well as I think this one would.

You could open up to a new market if you add the possibility to make characters fatter than the currently fattest options, as there are quite a bit of weight gaining transformation games, that could absolutely use some superb art.

I just want to say thank you for your hard work!

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 1.25.0 on 07/07/2019

The graphics detail is average and for some ppl its strange, but its a cheap and better tool set than its competitor for low budget games.

Review by deamonmaster

Version reviewed: 1.22.0 on 03/21/2019

Every time I see a game that uses this I have to close the game.  The art is atrocious and I can't stand looking at it for more than a few seconds without actually getting angry at how bad it is.  The fact that this exsists has actually ruined my enjoyment of other games on the site.  I can't even offer advice on what to improve other than "everything" becasue I can't find anything good to say about it.  I honestly wish that this thing had never been made.  I know that sounds overly harsh, but it's the only way I feel I can get across how much I dislike this thing.

Review by tlmesi

Version reviewed: 1.18.0 on 02/18/2019

It's got that uncanny, thousand-yard stare.

Best advice is to move the eyes a bit closer together. You're probably following the rule of "have each eye an eye width apart", but the eyes you've got are pretty wide to begin with. Instead of measuring the distance from eye corner to eye corner, measure from the center of the pupil. So an eye width (from corner to corner) fits between both pupils, rather than the entire eye graphic. Or just eyeball it (ba dum tssss). That'll at least make everything a bit less unsettling. I'd also work a bit on the eye graphics and face overall as well. I get that it's probably pretty generic so it can be used in many different games, but some semblance of style/personality might really help overall.

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