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Version: 0.08

Rise of Lara Parker
by Stalker

I'm making this game for the purpose of learning how to code. Right now there is no physical TF. 

The game is far from done. If you don't enjoy playing unfinished games with a lot of bugs this game isn't for you. Otherwise, enjoy! 
The reason I'm uploading it is beacuse it kinda takes to long for me to bug test it. So I'll be doing a lot of content, realeasing it, patching it, than release some more etc. 

v0.08 - Shop
v0.07 - Day 6 




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Review by darkminou

Version reviewed: 0.08 on 04/11/2016

I liked it so far, but at the saturday event, when the pub is full, after serving the table, a bug make that... you got no more option.

It was kinda frustrating to go this way and get stuck like this

Review by Nemeses

Version reviewed: 0.08 on 04/10/2016

i've probably played the last few versions of this game, and the most annoying thing i can point out would be the lack of content for each version (this is a positive thing, it means i want more content)

there are also a few other things i'd like to mention:

the need to shower so often seems pointless as a function by itself, i can however imagine that the need to shower would make sense once you have a lot more content with functions that needs you to keep your stats higher. 

The sluttiness stat rises insanely fast, while the sexy stat doesn't really move a whole lot unless with new clothing. 

as of right now i see no way in hell to pay off the 1000 dollar debt in 30 days, even if you don't purchase anything at the store, perhaps raise wages a bit?

as of version 0.08 i'm giving it 3.5/5, but will also mention that the game has the potential to become a lot better and a lot more interesting

Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 02/26/2016

While there is not a lot of content for this just yet  (Made three playthroughs of the current content, maybe half an hour of my time, and I'm pretty sure I encountered everything the game has to offer.)

All-in-all, its a great start.  The writing is decent enough to enjoy, and the picture choices are good.  The game concept is good and well executed.

I'll be looking forward to seeing much more of this project as it grows.

One bit of constructive feedback:  Please make a game thread in the forum and link it to your database entry here.  Having a forum entry would help encourage discussion and give a more appropriate platform for feedback.


Writing: 3.5/5

Photos: 4/5

Idea: 5/5

Review by Stalker

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 02/26/2016

I totally get what you mean. I really suck at writing and nearly all of the scenes should be rewriten. It will happen just not yet.
The eventSEXY is used in the scene with the bouncer. For example if he cums on your face, he'll mess up your makeup or something and your sex stat will go down. I might remove it later if I find it anoying. 
This game will be an interduction to something other. so no, I'm not planing to make a life simulator.


The rapist chance depends on your sexiness. But I had it set high for the purpose of testing, and forgot to bring it back down.




Review by sethrin

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 02/26/2016

Typos abound, in nearly every sentence, adding to a general impression that the writing is secondary. All the image links are formed incorrectly. You're using img\picturename.jpg instead of img/picturename.jpg. Presumably this works in Windows/IE, but it breaks for other systems. Additionally you've managed to put the passage data after the </body> tag, which is an error and will only render anything if the browser feels like being nice to you. The images were fine, but I don't know why you would re-use them in different scenes.

I'm not a huge fan of your dialogue, especially sexual dialogue. There's a lot of repetition, meaningless exclamations, and capital letters. I'd suggest using more description, e.g. "You are moaning like a slut" as opposed to "AHHHHH". You could also add more descriptive detail to just about everything: if the character is entering a seedy pub, we should feel the sting of cigarette smoke in our eyes, hear the clack of pool balls skidding across the dingy felt, and blush a little as the world-weary waitress casts a wry eye over our ripped fishnet stockings. The game is at risk of being a slideshow otherwise.

Mechanics-wise, I am not really sure what your intention is with subtracting from eventSEXY on various sex scenes. Is this just to prevent people from seeing all the sexual content in one playthrough? Likewise, your mechanics with naturalSEXY seem odd. You should be careful with balance, since it seems all of these things affect your money score.

Overall, while I don't have any strongly negative feelings about this game, there isn't a lot here. The story is minimal and doesn't offer much in the way of options between "slutty" and "more slutty". As a "life simulator" type game, there is even less content. There isn't really anything wrong with the idea of semi-interactive erotic fiction, but it does place greater demand on the powers of the writer. If your goal is to be the next CoC, though, you should probably figure out what you want the mechanics to be before doing much with the story.

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