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Version: 0.1.2


CreaMinds is a TG/MC game where you play as a man captured by the sex-slavery organization CreaMinds and converted into a female cyborg named Embryo Four. You are left in your own devices in an apartment-prison. This game is non-linear and revolves around three branches.
- Exploration : Find more about your prison, uncover secret areas and solve riddles. To do this, you must use
- Personas : By doing activities, you gain access to personas, feminine identities that are on their way to being enslaved to CreaMind's customers. You need their abilities to unlock parts of your prison, but you have to dispel them before you are enslaved.
- Feminization : As Embryo, you have no time constraints whatsoever, but parts of your prison can lead you astray from your masculinity. This is currently the least developed branch.
It is mostly vanilla MtF TG/MC, but there is also mother/daughter pseudo incest (as in they aren't actually related) and infantilization content.

The current content as of 0.1.2 ends when you meet the first character after unlocking the safe.

As it is a non-linear game, I would encourage you to discover the content and mechanics at your own pace. But here are a few tips nonetheless :

- Always have a save from before imprinting a persona. Game overs become possible when you do.
- There is only two personas currently, and Akemi is not recommended as your first one as she is harder than Juliette to dispel and doesn't unlock the in-game explanation of the mechanics at play. For this reason, she's harder to unlock, but if you happen to unlock her first anyway, consider yourself warned.
- There is no current need to grind your stats past 5 (discounting the persona-specific stats).
- Regarding the word combination lock, yeah, it's pretty barebones until I manage to implement the gear-shifting correctly. As it stands you only get the possible letters for answering the clue you find. You can always brute force it, but that would cut a major part of the current content.

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Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 05/16/2020

One of my favorite stories. TG + Brainwash.

Review by Stormeh

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 08/07/2016

Really awesome game, I had a lot of fun with it for sure. I'd love for there to be more personas added to the game, because this has a lot of potential.


I love the concept of trying to figure out mysteries using some of the personas, makes it really interesting and kept me well invested for a long time! Well done and I hope to see more bud!



Review by Denkkar

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 05/15/2016

Great story, loads of erotic content. Very much enjoyed. Definitely need to abuse the save system to get out of the Akemi persona though (hint: everything you need to increase the horny attribute is in bathroom but it changes with conditioning). The safe is a tough nut to crack. Sadly, I wasn't able to guess it even with the in-game hint. Had to examing the HTML source code to get it (follow the $LVsafeCLock). Unfortunately, post-safe content is non-erotic and rather short, although it does progress the story. So wierd, I feel like it's a GladOS world, albeit no taunts from a mad AI.

BTW: found a bug. It's impossible to play Silent Hill 3 in the security office, even as Embryo Four. The cause seems to be an undefined variable $SHplayed.


Review by steff

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 05/06/2016

Had fun with the little content that's available to this point.



You can find the hint for the safe in the office computer.

Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 04/23/2016

The conversations seem really fast, and the characters don't really have much development to them. If this is trying to be like an epic story, it lacks the details that make it such. The description of the gritty details. This is a (I'm sure most guys would think) a truly traumatic event. (Personally my most inner thoughts would be finding out who these people were and killing them the next time I got the chance, but that's beside the point.) Immediatly a person would be playing scenarios in their head on how to get out of such a situation, or what the worst possible things could possibly happen to them. The MC seems too calm. Granted, you don't want to appear shaken in front of the people that did this to you, but some of the things would easily shake peoples inner thoughts.

"The discerning customer knows former men surrender far more deeply than any normal female would." I liked that line, that's the kind of dialouge that would unerve a person in such a situation. It seems as you play, things are a bit more fleshed out, very much so. So I suppose first impressions are poor, but it has great potential.


Also the safe clue is very subtle, I'm unsure what it is. I tried words like 'content' 'fulfilled' 'complete' but obviously with the selection I'm given, those words wouldn't work.

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