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Version: 1.0.0

Great Tracts of Land

"The Queen and the Land are one.  As one changes, so shall the other."

This is a life sim where you are the ruler of a small fantasy country.  Your body will change as your country does. 

This version has the basic mechanics and some events implimented, but is still missing most of the major plotlines.  This project has been abandoned, but I've posted the source code and my notes on where I was thinking of going for anyone who's interested in expanding on it.  There are notes both in the program itself and the included text file.

Review by enceralc666

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/22/2018

Good game but has the really bad thing that alot of games have on this site getting released and then the creator looses interest.

Review by GeekingOut

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/07/2017

This is a really great concept & management game. I really like the changes that reflect your kingdom.


I wish there was more content, though, as once you get to a certain point you're just rolling in money and there's not a lot of difficulty.

Review by Ulura

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/30/2016

The Concept is fantastic in my eyes.

Sadly after a few years you are swimming in gold and there is nothing more you can do to loose it!

Because nothing attacks you to steal it, you can make only a few investements and not buy more stuff.

As already stated upkeep costs for an army would be an option for example.

Also visuals would be Wonderful.

8/10 for me, because of a great concept and fun to play, but it needs more content.

Review by zenwolf

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/28/2016

A lot of good work here, definitely a good start.

 This game is so easy that it is more fun to find ways to fail.  It seems the only way to get shorter is to have less than 5 Strength when you lose a battle.  And I had to choose fishing as my major industry to keep my income down, as it is the only industry that might return zero income for a month.

You shouldn't be able to buy upgrades and then just keep swelling with money.  I found myself selling off resources and then buying expensive ones just to drain my accounts.

You need to add in upkeep costs.  Like the army should cost, maybe one gold per point of strength?  If you can't affored them, you weaken just as your nation weakens.

The money system needs balancing as well.  Why would one masseuse make 40 gold for one visit when the entire kingdom's income is only 50?  Seems like only the queen could afford her.

Review by Speedlover

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/27/2016

Good start for the game, but it has a few issues. I found i made money fast enough that within a year or two (24 turns) that i had enough money to outgrow breast sizes and cause errors. I couldnt then shrink breast size since i had nothing to spend money on once the palace was upgraded.

I would really like to see a few more breast sizes and the amount of gold for each one changed. It would also be cool to have a few more things change in the appearance section and a bit more around the invasion of other nations would be nice to see.

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