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Version: 0.4.2c

Version: 0.4.1

Strive For Power
by Maverik

Strive an adult, text based fantasy themed slave management game in development. You take a role of an aspiring young Mage, who takes a possession over a mansion and aims to achieve greatness by utilizing power, wits and magic, take control over various procedurally generated slaves of over 15 different races. You control your servants, which are used to generate food and gold, but not only that, - mana, utilized by magic, generally can only be acquired from sex. You can brew potions, learn and play with spells, modify servants and yourself at the laboratory, and keep human farm. The turn-based combat, which allows you to capture and train slaves of different races and upbringings with unique traits. 

You can view changelog in the game's main menu.

We moved to the itch.io: https://strive4power.itch.io/strive-for-power

You can support the project and gain access to latest unreleased version at https://www.patreon.com/maverik

You are a mage, inheriting lone mansion in forest. Your aim is to come to prosperity, and for that you will need to organize your new base, acquire servants, money and mana, which will also require you to have sex. 

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Review by slickyslicky

Version reviewed: 0.5.7d on 02/23/2021

This short review is for 1.0a on the author's itch.io page, as it seems they have stopped updating here.


The writing is good, which makes the transformation scenes even more disappointing. There basically is no scene, it's essentially "thing happens."

The game offers quite a few transformation options, yet most of them are not very satisfying. The characters do not seem to react to changes either, not even the mutation spell that randomly alters their body. Though the least satisfying of all was probably lactation, I couldn't even tell who I had given a nursing elixir as it makes no discernable change to stats or descriptions.


If you're just here for the slave management with zero interest in transformations, you'll probably have a good time.


If you're looking for a fun TF game on this TF site, you might be a little disappointed unless you're prepared to let your imagination do all of the heavy lifting.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.5.7d on 08/10/2018

This is good. It's a slave management game with a combat and exploration side in a cute fantasy setting with sex. I don't think it does anything new, The individual parts to the game are quite simple but putting them together makes it seem more involved. Overall it is enjoyable and feels nice to play. There are potions in the game that can transform people but I wouldn't particularly call this a TF/TG game

What it needs though is a longer tutorial! There is a lot of content in the game but players might give up before they find out how to equip new combat skills, for example.

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 0.5.7d on 04/26/2018

For people who don't know you best change the constants first before you play, and options too it might make easier depending on how you want to play.

Easy normal or just extremely hard. If you leave at at what dev sets up at your stuck at hard/normal. You end up loosing money rather fast.


I kind wish you could change these settings:

Aging system -> its never been changed not even from original game.  You can't modify it where it reaches great settings and time still goes to crazy setting where you ageless child or ageless teen or adult that never dies?

Might want to do something about that dev if you have child with your surname what happens does that child take over everything and becomes the next kin that takes over your empire <- might be something think about.

I was think of this in sandbox mode if you could add to:

add other option which mean you make so player can modify how he or she wishes to make so. Brother and sister gets stale fast.

No other family member besides those two, no father, mother, no uncle, no aunt, no cousin very strange?

No backstory how you survived and got wimbeldon just says you made your way to your fortune. It makes question you can't go about say goblins razed your home and raped you or bandits came and raped you, you impregnated or you killed all bandits and raped one...it bore a child. Dude that would been something interesting to see before going wimbeldon. No encounters or rape battles... there something you makes your game feel very static. You should really read a special post from one erotic gamer had to say on this issue.

Including the family part dang it but there nothing there no change in the whole change up just has no continution or anything going on. You can't really do much or go on dates with your family what heck is that. take family vacation hey I thought something for you dev.

No brother or sister takes vacation without you like why? -> I thought they liked you.

https://ulmf.org/forum/hentai/hentai-games/13470-strive-for-power-mostly-text-slave-management-game/page2?postcount=23(I recommend using this link) to use profile pics and whatever other information you need to survive the game.

I never really took on any quests I tried really but those quests either you amp up health on characters or find way to figure out what heck. its seem more you need alchemy labratory no nursery until later and money issue is problem, I think you should find way delete farm, its mindless idea unless you get way to use it for crops or find extinct plant to put there but that was just purely insane no plants means no income just mindless orgies.  I feel that was crazy you could use farm for growing organic dildos...you know or treant growing potentials but that just me thinking outside box for you. You have to catch either fairy or some sort  forest creature(not a wolf) and some slime to combine together and create ent that kind makes any bad girl*someone unwilling to be good* into fertilizer its how I see it. rotten apples you see will eventually turn into something good but I wouldn't recommend doing this wimbeldon the city guard won't like you but maybe gorn, or frostborn...one those two. gorn is goblin town and frostborn is town that cares about gathering resources naturally as I think about it. <- that being greater tip up for game I recommend it for dev.

For dev you might want to make so you can grow the estate owning idea to expansion like other cities as well instead just freaking one. Summer or winter house hold would be nice in future that was just how I felt got kind boring. I kind like if your still stuck with siblings you could go on journey visit your second home and be called spouses instead have normal relationship with him or her.  It felt like it was odd everyday maybe that what needs to be done.


Interaction needs change, You need when you get all green, you need to have pleasure interaction possible, meaning one on one possible so makes interactions per day increased for group sex you had that part fine just idea what else to do with possible interactions I was thinking, read book, explore the mansion, or explore perimeter of mansion, learn to cook, multiple options for master to do so. Learn new spell? Learn combat technique...build new structure...


Facilities you might need change as well, I think pool, sauna, herbal hut-> alchemy lab, nursery you may need to put that added extension to infirmary...so if someone like player build infirmary it have already built in. No more of crazy hey I had go to town and blah blah well its only for limited time. what what if you had infirmary and you had assigned nurse I don't think so, it permeantly in there. What with crazy 500 smackers for baby to raised, why modify it down to something reasonable - hey we could drop that baby to church or sell to slave market. I know that sounds bad hey child was born what do you even if you don't have any money for it..the other idea I had drop off the butcher chop for cannibals...since you have price so fucking high.

Beauty parlor is for tatooing okay I understand that but seriously you could make unlock when you see someone in town or carpenter he add to you estate. I rather see when you add to whatever estate is enjoyable. Like gorn or something. at place that oh so temperate its not enjoyable...

Wimbeldon is temperate zone or place that never seems to change, seems it good for humans, elves all forms of life, Gorn is a desert area, Frostborn is frozen wasteland and Umbra which I am not sure if unlockable is underworld. I am not sure there ever put amberguard is deep elven forest, and strange place one is swampy place where you could die you don't have magic armor and tools surive.

Gold I think sandbox mode you need to be able customize the allotment no more just giving to us that just crazy talk that allotment I couldn't upgrade everything I wanted to do. in story mode he just gives you 500 gold and that is not even enough...I think being researcher or farmer has better life expectancy...you really got think about it.  Gold customizing amount people wouldn't be so grumbling.  Money is crap shoot for those of us...who seen it I don't like sending my slave out yet because they stressed to easily I like mold them up before I put them out there to play with other ai.

Like another interaction with first slave would be hey how was your day today -> besides the same old talk interaction it might come out that it won't be so montous it depend where you send your slave to do. Branded slaves might forced or empowered to say lot stuff versus those who hide what behind their mind, Mind spell will have to used often when it happens.

I was thinking if dev could add you other option like father, mother and then other one as additional if f or male could you add additional family member as successors(twins poss.)? I feel game got really dull and tiresome for some reason.  I am not sure what you do with it might throw out my ideas. I could put on Itchio but I not interested hearing what other people had to say about my perverted notions...


 Overall needs to improve greatly it still has errors on my end I have wait until you improve greatly before I try it and they I pay for it damn it I wait for that moment..I want to see you improve at least some of these options they very tiny compared what other people may have wanted.

Errors that occured were during the sex interaction...it said it could not find sex interaction part I like sometimes your game crashes and falls apart and I like what heck?

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.4.41d on 06/18/2017


The game actually works well!!

the graphics and writing and porn is around 3/5

game side 4.5/5

Recomended for those who likes to brake in slavesand evil enough for some tf potions and craft in late game. And also for doms.


Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 05/21/2017


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