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Down the Tubes

Down the Tubes is a transformation game written in the DayDreamer engine by Fever Dreamer for the 2015 Deep Ocean Contest.

Requires DayDreamer 9.1, recommend version 9.2 if you have a small monitor.


You play as a member of the Teen Titans, whose ranks now include two reformed villains, who have received a distress signal from Aquatica Station.  They respond, but when they arrive they claim that nothing is wrong, aside of a major flu outbreak that they have already contained.  The T-Ship is damaged but they handy dockworker is on the job fixing it.  After searching much of the station and concluding that they have been pranked they find out exactly what happened and why no one seems to know anything about it.

Beastboy - Beastboy is the jokester of the Teen Titans.  He tends to play pranks though they often backfire.  He has the power to transform into any animal he comes into contact with.  Due to having been most domesticated animals, he is a committed vegetarian.

Cyborg - Cyborg is the main technician of the Teen Titans.  After a severe accident most of his body was replaced with mechanical parts.  This gives him incredible strength, various forms of scanners, and multiple built in weapons.  Being part machine, he developed quite the knack with technology out of necessity.  As he has both organic an mechinical parts, he needs to both eat food and recharge his batteries.  Unfortunately, because the only available charging device compatible with his systems is in the T-Ship, he spends most of his time in the docking bay, only coming to the aid of the other Titans when they need his assistance.

Jinx - Jinx is a former member of the Hive Five, the Titans' nemesis, but was kicked out after numerous failures.  After realizing her power to create bad luck does not necessarily make her evil she had a heel-face turn and joined the Titans.  She is still new to the team but she tries to get along with them.

Raven - Raven is by far the most intelligent Titan.  She spends much of her time reading.  Her vast array of arcane knowledge and demonic heritage make her the most powerful of any member on the team but she fears her power's catastrophic potential.  Her powers are fueled by her own emotions so she keeps bottled up to keep her powers in check.  Except when absolutely necessary, she limits herself to using her ability to project her soul which is most often used for telekinesis, including allowing her to fly,

Robin - Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans.  He has no powers but as Batman's former apprentice, he is skilled in hand to hand combat, general detective work, and has a small arsenal of gadgets.

Starfire - Starfire is a Tamaranean princess whom the Titans rescued from an alien prison.  She befriended them and joined the team.  She is naive when it comes to Earth's customs, which is often confused for being a cloudcuckoolander which is far from the truth.  When angry, she has quite the foul mouth but no one seems to notice as Tamaranean profanity does not translate into most languages.  Her powers are emotionally driven, including the ability to fly, incredible strength, and various forms of energy beams.

Terra - Terra is an on again off again member of the team.  She initially joined the team but left, fearing rejection due to her inability to control her telekinetic power over rocks.  She allied herself with their nemesis who used technology to train her to control them better but it also controlled her.  She realized she made a grave mistake and betrayed him as soon as she regained control of herself.  She has since rejoined the Titans but cannot get over her regrets.

Full "This is what you can do as soon as you can" Walkthru


Step By Step Speedrun


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 1.8 on 12/05/2017

Got bored in a few minutes, didn't see how to accomplish a darn thing.  Waste of time.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 05/15/2016

Unless I have missed something BIG, or it's a bug, everything so far is just a very LONG winded (on rails) Intro that ends after being kicked out of the 'Test House'... and NOTHING interesting whatsoever happened.


Very disappointing, right now.

Review by Taxouck

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 05/15/2016

Still a better Reboot than TTG.


To be a bit more serious, the game's really good for TFGamesSite's standards. I mean, it's complete, there's a lot of content, it's varied, so just that is enough to make it better than 97% of the other stuff here. However, having to repeat it at least six times (once with each character) to see everything/get every achievement can feel a bit overwhelming and motivation-crushing.

Review by Inethica

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 05/03/2016

Absolutely worth playing. Most importantly, it's complete! There's no waiting for updates or wondering if it's dead, you just download and have a good time.
Beyond that, there's a pretty impressive chunk of content, too. The game's multiple hours to complete, especially first time through, and it even has a good deal of replay value.
Compared to similar games, it feels harder to get stuck in; there're only a few really tricky parts. Proper gameovers are hard to come by, too, the game prefers to kick you back to start, which really saves on potential frustration.
The selection of art can be kind of inconsistent, but for the most part it holds up solidly. Same deal with the writing. 

Review by Lerianis

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/02/2016

A very good game in my opinion. A good raft of transformations, pretty hard to get 'stumped' in the game (in fact in some parts of the game it is impossible to get stuck or get a bad ending unless you are really dense), and pretty good artwork (though ripped from other artists sites).

Only issue I have with the game is that the whole "Mansion Infiltration" mission is obtuse and if you forget to change into your infiltration wear BEFORE going to the mansion, you are stuck because there is no way to get back to the changing rooms.

This could be fixed with an additional 'changing area' near the mansion however.

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