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Version: 0.2.0

by axlol

You found yourself firmly bound to a chair, a mysterious man enter the room and start asking strange questions.

Soon after the so called "treatment" who was your punishment for a crime you will have to endure a difficult path of reabilitation, depending on your attitude you will be redirect to one of four tutor who will have absolute power over the approval of your re-educational program, you can follow what they say or rebel, but beware that every decision has a consequence, sometimes small sometimes heavy, good luck!

If you can't find all the routes in the walkthrough section you will find how to access them.

The patreon is now open, consider pledge for awsome rewards to support my work if you have the possibility!


Game development stopped - Source file added to the downloads for anyone to continue the game or use some part of it


11/07: update 0.2.0

Added contet to the special route and to the slave route

More than 36.000 words

Fixed some broken links

Fixed some images not showing properly


01/07: update

Added a big chunk of content to the brothel route, addition to the other route as well, bimbo and brothel route will not have addition in the 0.2 update, which will contain added content for slave and special route


13/06 update

  - The intro is completed and there is the first part of the fourth paths in which the game is divided, every path has at least a couple of sex scene, it could be more or less based on your decision


ps. may contain several errors, the author is not a english native speaker.

A mysterious organization is experimenting on you a special re-educational program. After the final phase of the treatment you will be delivered to one of four tutor that will guide you to your reintegration in society.

The game is based on some hidden values, different answers proc different consequences and in some cases your values will preclude some options and allow for others.

The three main values are shown but there are three other values that will remain hidden and influence the game.
The game soon after the intro divides in four routes, every one has a theme and will put you in different situations, there is a lot to fap you ladies and gentlemen! Hope you enjoy.



Slave route: Submission/domination

Bimbo route: self explenatory, bimbo training

Brothel route: a slut in training in a luxurious brothel

Special route: A mysterious woman will train you in the most unconventional ways testing your resistance and skills, can you endure it?



Spoiler (how to access the 4 routes):


For the dom/slave route you have to arrive at the choice with a low resigned value, but if you reject to hard the lab researcher you could proc the second mini treatment.

Fort the Bimbo route you must have a high resigned value and that's all

For the special route you have to keep a medium resigned value and have a high clever value

Anything else you'll fall in the brothel route.

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Review by Stormeh

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 08/07/2016

Despite the other reviews, I've really enjoyed this game. Really the only problem I had was the abrupt endings, but that'll be fixed simply by adding more content. The slave route was fun, Bimbo was interesting but stopped before it really went anywhere, and the Btothel route was well done but again, has more potential to build upon.


You've got an awesome game here with an awesome concept, and I hope to see this fleshed out a bit more bud! Great job so far!

Review by mariapazborquez

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 07/15/2016

Quite good. You can tell a lot of work has been put into it.

Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 07/11/2016

Is spell check broken on computers these days? Hold on.... nope it's even right here! Well anyways, constant spelling errors (and not small ones that still sound the same. Spelling errors like thwy, transfrred and misure 'measure'. My favorite is indulgin. Guessing they were trying to spell indulge.) plague this game everywhere. Also if you are a guy and respond like a normal human being, you get the broken ending so that's kinda bullshit but whatever.

Example text.

The wait was killing me when we reached flor 35. I sa so curiosu to know the person who was entrusted the final decision on my freedom.
The elevtore beeped. A shor piece of corridor was between us and my new home's door.
Very shor since the door was the 421.

Worse yet, the MC seems to be concious of the player making choices, so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take it seriously or if it's a gag joke thing. Whatever. I thought the MC was supposed to be me, the player, but that's not the case.

Review by pifpafpouf

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 07/11/2016

Gotta say its good to see a game this good being regularly updated.

A pretty fair amount of content added each time including really cool pictures and gifs.

Hope to this the end of this one.

Review by srauls

Version reviewed: on 07/04/2016

Ok I agree alot with what EyeLoch said. Alot of spelling errors, grammer isn't very good. This is pretty much a very linear story. Whatever you choose doesn't effect the story very much only the stats. Not sure what the stats are for at this point. Not sure if I will try this story again it wasn't interesting enough to keep my attention.

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