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Nanite Infection

You are a girl named Emily that is infested with lust inducing nanites. What happens after the infection is up to you.

 So far the game if i may call it so is just a very early alpha. I'll be adding more content in the following days.

What you can expect from it

  • open world, random events
  • male on female action, gangbangs
  • cumbaths, golden shower and piss play
  • lesbian scenes, BSDM scenes
  • Public sex, Degradation

Right  now the game can be considered dead. I'm lacking the inspiration to continue it, and honestly i have no ideea where to take it. If you got your hopes up, I'm sorry i dissapointed you.


Added drescriptions to Mall
Random events when going to explore from your front yard
 Clothes shop
    added tops for now and a few will be restricted by stats so they won't show
Added images to a couple of scenes
Moved from Twine 2 to twine 1.4.2

V 0.0.3 is out. Ceck the game thread for update

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Review by MoonSquad.Inc

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 - final on 07/29/2017

If you lose inspiration I get it but why take it down? Makes no sense

Review by bladeray

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 - final on 11/01/2016

A good intro and that is all. I was excited to get to some story, but it only had two random scene encounters. You can go places I found one shop with one item in it. No places to make money to buy the one item. It saddens me to see this game in its current state of DEAD. I hope for the love of any holy or unholy god/s  that the creator continues this work or at the very least lets some determined soul to continue his/her work.

Review by darth123

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 - final on 08/14/2016

It was a cool concept and I was excited to see what was to come of it but with it being dead and "complete". I would highly not recommend you download it. Don't waste your time like I did. It's not worth it.

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 - final on 08/12/2016

The "Complete" status here means that the author's given up on working on it.  It's no where close to being a full game.  Lots of gramatical errors, and most of the choices lead to blank pages.  Not much reason to bother downloading this, honestly.

Review by Tsai

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 07/24/2016

It'd like to say the game is looking great so far, but i cant seem to find the thread for this game anywhere on the forum? I'd love to vote for future content and give a more indepth look at this game.

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