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Version: 2.02

Version: 2.01

Version: 2.0

Version: 1.0 Alpha

Version: 0.1

Maid in Training

Maid in Training is a story about a young man who finds himself transformed into a girl and forced to work as a maid. Both Mr. Larrens and his daughter hate you, but they're giving you a chance to earn your manhood back. This is no easy task, however, and you may just find it easier to give in to your new role.



More bug fixes. This should fix a dead end with the butler


I fixed some bugs that I can't believe I missed. So you'll want to download this version.


I'm happy to say that my game is finally out of alpha! With the most recent update the first week has been completed and I think the game is pretty playable. Other changes include grammar fixes, custom CSS, and some backend changes.

 Pleas report any bugs. I'm sure there are some in there.

---------------------2.01 Beta:-----------------------

This is a short update that fixes some bugs I found. I also clarified information in a few places where I think it was needed.

----------------------2.0 Beta:-----------------------

Massive update! The game is officially in beta! :D

Notable changes:

  • The first week is COMPLETE
  • Custom CSS
  • Tons of backend changes

----------------------1.0 Alpha:-----------------------

  • Massive overhaul of the underlying code
  • Chef interactions added
  • Day system implemented
  • Other minor changes, including more text switched to second person


----------------------0.1 Alpha:-----------------------

This was my first release and I have to admit, I didn't know how to make the game.


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Review by Huntermun

Version reviewed: 2.02 on 08/31/2018

Not bad.  I like what's here so far, though I do have a few thought:

Clearly there needs to be more ways to remove submissiveness.  I realize having that happen to a character over time is a big draw for some, but I personally don't need my agency taken away slowly over time just to enjoy the misadventure of the main character.

Overall, I'd say there just needs to be more content.  More ways to get points by jobs, more sexual favors, and maybe a slowly increasing points value over time for each week's total?  As a game, I'm not sure of what the win condition is supposed to be.

Like, I get that you want to turn back to a man, but do you?  I think there might should be a win condition where you survive for a period of time and keep your mind and you have the option to leave with your mind intact but your physical changes kept.  Perhaps the in-universe reason for this would be that the family thought you being a woman would be fun because you'd lose your mind, but not losing your mind bores them.

Is hucow or anthro cow going to be a feature?  Because I think that'd be neat... and I suspect the butler might find an udder rather enticing, at least how he's been written.

If you can take away changes with end-week points victory, maybe give chances for beneficial changes that are merely outweighted by feminization.  For example: amazonian changes could get you some strength for biggest assets, but then you could trade in the female alterations with your points while keeping the strenght increase.

This is why I think points totals should increase over time... because the family would probably realize you're getting more out of it and not want you to win.  And, honestly, I think the father of the house is one who might like being dominated and what better way to do it?

Just some thoughts.  For what is here, I'll say and 8/10.  Would play again with more content.


P.S.: Sexual content might should have a condom option, thus allowing the character to experience pregnancy if they become to submissive with someone who want to breed, or if the risk pregnancy for just one more point.  While a number of games end in pregnancy, I could see it as a mechanic in this one making certain tasks more difficult or impossible to complete the more the pregnancy progresses.  Living with a pregnancy, I think, would be interesting.

Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: 2.02 on 03/22/2018

Good Game.Not that much content, but I hope it gets updated soon. 8/10 because of missing content, but otherwise very solid game.

Review by Theacds

Version reviewed: 2.02 on 02/02/2018

I picked this game up out of sheer boredom, but and stunned at how I missed it for so long. The IQ-/bimbo content is fantastic, and I hope to see it integrated with the core gameplay and progressed in further updates.

20,000 stars! Kudos!

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 2.02 on 11/06/2017

Loving the game so far. I hope that watching the TV in future week enhances depending on if you watch it again and again. Also, I hope that more options for episodes appear. Other than that, I'm curious to see if one can truly resist till the end the temptation of submission. I don't mind a horrendous challenge (I play Trap Quest actively ^^), so be it challenging or SUPER challenging, I'm ready for the fight of my life...even if in the end I don't mind the idea of becoming a Maid in all including mind :P

Review by JNBackup

Version reviewed: 2.02 on 11/06/2017

Too early in development for a proper review, the game seems late concept stage, and existing content will need some work like the writing, but all in all it shows promise, and its interesting.
i have one complaint however, the Father Event being a dead end annoyed me a little.

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