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Amnesia Aphrodesia

Basic release so I can get criticism as I continue working on this.  I hope to eventually add custom artwork so it isn't awful.  Part one is escaping the manor you're working as a slave in.  Part 2 will be your next escape from the sewers underneath the manor, and your eventual journey to the nearest town. 


Things happen, people make moaning noises, maids everywhere.

The plot revolves around Erika's attempts to regain her lost memories, and all the shenanigans that ensue in the process. 

Erika:  The main character.  Resident Amnesiac and fate's chewtowy.

Harold: A pretty little princess.  Backstory currently unrevealed, has been a slave of the manor for approximately one day (or was he lying?) by the time you stumble upon him.

Dahlia:  An elf.  'Nuff said.

I wrote this at 3am so there's probably some things missing.



At the start you get three traits to choose from.  Silver Tongue, Flexible, and Magic Sensitive.  Of the three, the first one sees more action than the other two, and the third is only used once - but it can warn you off of a near instant bad end.

1st Room:

Your first choice is, of course, whether or not to spit in the head maid's face or grovel like a good little girl.  If you grovel, she leaves the gag off and if you spit on her - she shoves it right back in. This can affect two different things later on.

You can find 5 gold in the sleeping maid's room in her cupboard, a copper ring worth 60 gold in the closet to the right of
where you get your broom, and another single gold coin on the middle dresser in the bottom right.  

If you have Silver Tongue, you can knock the guard above the table to the left out with your near magical tongue after interacting with him IF you aren't gagged. There are essentially four options here.  If gagged: Consent to give him a handjob, or knee him in the crotch.  If not gagged:  give him a blowjob (you get a key here IF you have the Silver Tongue trait, it also modifies the next big encounter) or.. knee him in the crotch.  Your actions affect your Dominant/Submissive standing.

After you get dressed, grab the broom, and do whatever else you want in the room, you can head downstairs.

2nd Room:

There's a potion on the desk you can grab.  You'll probably need it later.  Search the bathroom up north for the key.  Might want to grab that rope while you're at it.

After getting the key, you can head to the room to your right.

3rd Room:

Lots of stuff to interact with, there may or may not be a point to checking every item you can select.  As you may have gathered, your objective is near the sparkly cabinet.  Upon arriving there, you will be caught by a maid.  Here's what can happen.

If you have a silver tongue AND gave the guard upstairs the blowjob of his life, she'll proposition you.  Turning her down results in fighting her.  In all cases where you end up fighting her, you'll use the rope if you grabbed it to tie her up - and if you didn't, you won't.  That will matter in the next room.  If you consent to giving her a ride on your magic tongue, you'll get another point towards being submissive.

If you have a silver tongue but didn't give the guard a blowjob, you can talk your way out of it with no ill effects.  After that, there are three more options.  Attempting to convince her without a silver tongue will lead to a fight.  Flirting with her will lead to a sex scene, but you'll only be able to impress her enough to 'forget' you were there if you took the Flexible trait.  Otherwise, it will lead to a fight.  Alternatively, you can say screw it and just fight her.  I hope you didn't ignore the suggestion about equipping your broom, because otherwise you will lose, and you will get a bad end.

After beating up or not beating up the maid, assuming you were successful in your "battle" you will get a key to the west wing.  Onwards, to the final and largest room of the Manor!  Bahahahaha!

4th Room:

The first encounter here will be the dreaded head maid.  If you didn't tie up the previous maid (assuming you beat her down in battle) she will show up to aid the head maid.  That will practically make it impossible to win, leading you to a game over.  If you were smart and tied up the maid, it'll just be you versus the old lady.  Despite her theatrics, she's
a push over.  Surrendering to her leads to a bad end as well, incase you couldn't tell that.

There are basically three varients (small ending text changes, same picture) to the bad end here.  Either you get beaten down by the old lady and her help, the old lady beats you down, or you surrender.    

After smacking her down, you'll find a key that you can use to unlock your gag, which you will immediately use.  You can tie up the old lady if you want to, but there's no need.  She won't be getting back up.

The blue and red potions on the wall next to her can be used to completely restore your hp and mana.

Going to the kitchen to the right, you can talk to three different maids in an attempt to get them to tell you about how to get the hell out of the manor.

The one in the middle will inform you of the sewer exit after you remove her gag.  You can get a dominant point by shoving the gag back in after you're done talking to her, if you want.  You meanie.

Repeatedly bothering the one up in the top left corner leads to an instant bad end.  

There's a small mana potion hidden near the three red wine bottles.

Aside from the mana potion and the fight, there's no real need to go in here.

After you talk to the maids or don't talk to the maids, you can head down the first hallway.  There's a note about the sewers in the books by the bed in the first room, a small mana potion on the dresser in the first second room down the hall, and a silk rope in the last room (the head maid's room).  At the end of the hall is the entrance to the sewers.  You'll be back here later, but for now, it's locked and you don't have the key.

Instead, head up and deal with the butler.  The correct way to get past him is to stumble and then flash him.  Afterwords, you get to recruit your first party member, Harold.  Or Harry, for short.  There's a brief chat with him where you can say a few things that will have a possible affect later on down the line.  

Continuing on to the right there's a broom closet.  Being Flexible lets you avoid a fight here.  The guard that jumps you if you decide to check out the closet (there's nothing inside of it, and you can ignore it entirely if you so choose) is a bit tougher than the maid.  It's no cakewalk, but he CAN be beaten.  No worries if he doesn't, however.  Harry comes to the rescue.... however, there might be an eventual "downside" to letting him save your bacon if you do it again and again.

Moving on, eat the pizza in the next room after Harry opens the door for you. It restores your mana and hp entirely, which will help if you've been getting into fights you shouldn't have been.  There's also a chest you can open with the copper key you got earlier, if you got it.  You'll get a nice gem encrusted necklace (heh, family jewels) that you can sell later on.  Gold will be worth something, I promise!

From here, you have several choices.  You can head to the guard's room and fight the captain of the guard.  After which you can flip the switch and grab the whip you spotted in the room by the hall.  It will make your attacks much stronger.  

Alternatively, you can head straight to the final room with Master's favorite slave in it.  If you haven't already taken out the guard captain, she'll call him and you'll get an instant bad end.  Get the sewer key from her room after you deal with her and it's time to get out of there!

Once you head to the sewer exit and out, the current content ends.  I'll continue this once I have more content to continue it for..

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Review by Lazarus

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/25/2016

Okay then, I have played though the game and investigated everything.


Loved the three choices at the start, so of course I had to go for the second one :D


Pros for this game - simple fighting mechanics that most RPG maker games have. Interesting "bad" ends. 

Cons - Very short (yes i know its a demo/first chapter) but it felt like it was rather easy to get though it all without hardly being noticed i.e. opening doors you shouldn't go though without permission. No notifications that you get magic, the fight with the captain was over for me until I found that I had magic on my side, but I suppose it was my fault for not looking at a status menu, it would just be nice to know you've been given it is all. I know its not likely to found, but some additional items that could help you along your way i.e. equipment would be nice.


Overall, fun first chapter and I will be looking forward to more updates :)

Review by Starwolf001

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/19/2016

... Meh. I don't know. There is a lot of potential here as an alpha, but I'm just not feeling anything special. I did get stuck up to a certain point but I feel like that was the current end for now.

To the creator: I'd keep going and try to impress me and others. Show us your full game.

To the players: I'd still give this a go!

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