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Version: 1.0u2

Don't Mess with Magic

Don't Mess with Magic is a transformation game written in the DayDreamer engine by Hiccup.

It all started simply enough. You were just an average guy who won the lottery... okay, maybe you weren't that average. After a twist of fate you were cursed by a witch. She transformed you into a woman! You don't know why she did such a cruel and hurtful thing to you. Sure, you accidentally thought she was a stripper and you tried to tip her by stuffing a $20 bill into the waist band of her skirt. But that was just a misunderstanding so you're sure that couldn't possibly have any reason to do with why she cursed you.

After your "nonconsensual gender reassignment" you retreated from society to avoid embarrassment. You took refuge in your mansion in the countryside and began a desperate search for a way to undo the curse. After two years of searching, you found a spell book forsale on the internet. You purchased it and it has finally arrived in the mail.

You look at the first page of the spell book and see that it says that you must remove all non-magical clothes before the spells can be cast. So you remove all your clothes.

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0u2 on 05/01/2015

Solve the word puzzles game. Interesting but not my cup of tea.

Review by Noyb

Version reviewed: 1.0u2 on 06/18/2014

Of course it has other endings.  All you have to do is look at the spells and pick out which ones match, and you can wind up with an ending for fully frog or pig or slut or whatever.  Just remember there may be times you need to skip a set of spells.

Review by batmreload

Version reviewed: 1.0u2 on 06/17/2014

Its been said that the joy is in the journey, not the destination. This game may not have tons and tons of endings (i'm pretty sure it only has one) but its a ton of fun to play!


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