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Version: 8.0

by kerdvx

You are a noble in a fictional, medieval land.  After being framed for a military debacle, you are disgraced and are forced to watch as the enemy casts a great curse on your people, making your women barren.  With no other choice, you decide to raid other lands, bringing their women back in chains so your kind can continue.  But you’re blown off course and find yourself in a strange land, blessed by an angel an artifact that lets you turn the women you meet into [somewhat] willing slaves.  But there are many forces with their own plans for this land.  Can you find a way to return to your land with a hold full of fertile slaves or will you be brought down by plots within plots?

Current content: Harem c8m0 patreon, c7m8 public.
44 women to find and have sex with. 31 enslavable through early access content.
367 scenes among them (all generated in 3dcg)
7051 images and a similar number of pages of text/dialogue.
30+ hours of gameplay
Custom sprites/faces for each character

Ignore the version number on the download link.  I update the folder linked with the new version and it will always be the newest public version.

Note, I've updated the version numbering for the game.  The version is now C.M.P.

[C]hapter - Describes how far along the main plot we are.  [M]inor - is how many additional content sections have been added in that chapter, either completing that chapter or creating side-quest content.  [P]atch - is bug-fix version, without content additions.  There is a changelog.txt file included for details.


I have been doing monthly content updates for more than a year now.  My patreons get access to the new content as soon as it's ready, and every time they get new content, the prior version gets released to the public.

Complicated and not actually known to the player at this point.  You're just running around enslaving beautiful women with your magical cock and trying to find a way back home.

Ralph - Main character

Donna - A former loving wife who can use her inner strength for healing.

Samantha - An arrogant peformer, beautiful but haughty.

Sarah - A powerful fighter trying to reject her inner-submissive.

Terra - A young mage, possessed by demons until broken by your cock.

Angelica - Raped to the point of suicide by orcs, you gave her a new reason to live.

Jessica - A ranger for the Circle Guild, skilled and strong-willed enough to repeatedly resist your power.

Noemi - A Cheli theif who tried to rob from you but got more than she intended.

Naitay - A Cheli Warrior who was raised to find the prophesized savior of her people.  Which is you.  Maybe.

Kathleen - A strange woman imprisoned by a archmage for centuries.  Out of her own time, but picked up a few tricks.

+many more!  (18 women to enslave in total, dozens of other characters)

This is designed to be a simple mechanical guide to get you through the quests.  Exploration and experimentation is recommended as following this will have you
miss the vast majority of scenes in the game.  Use this guide as an emergency tool when you get stuck, not an walkthrough.

Primary quest

Wake up in the Hideout, you must interact with the 4 stars to proceed.  Bookshelf, Cell door, storeroom and kitchen.

Take the boat to the south, talk to the woman on the beach.  Donna joins your party.

Continue going south into the village and enter the inn.  Talk to the performer.  Either agree to deliver drinks or meet Samantha on the beach.  
    Private meeting - Run drinks to each of the three patrons and then use the bathroom behind the common room.  Then talk to Samantha and she'll join you party
    Kidnap - Talk to the innkeeper after Donna makes arrangements.  Talk to Samantha on the beach and again in the cell.  She'll join your party.

Get into the boat and go north, head to the town to the Northwest, stopping at the camp along the way

Eleen-Sarah : Go to the weapon shop and talk to the owner.  Lose the first fight with her.  
    Fair fight - Talk to the man in the inn to find her weaknesses.  Challenge her again
        2nd fight - Keep up parry until she emotes twice and then disarm her.  When that works, strip her, then tackle her.
        3rd fight - Parry until first emote then disarm.  Keep up parry and attack until charges.  Trip then handcuff
        4th fight - Fight normally.  She'll give up quickly and join your party after victory
    Whatever it takes - Challenge her again to fight, beat her with your full party.  Interact with her 3 times in the cell and she'll join your party
Eleen-Cindy : Talk to Governor in NW corner of Eleen.  Return to Cindy's camp.  Return to Governor to capture her and get a reward from his wife.

Terra sequence : Travel west through Eliba, through the mountain pass toward Mountain Glory.  Fight her captors in the pass.  Interact with her on the bed in your
    hideout.  Return to Eleen, talk to the Priest in the church.  Go through the east red passage and talk to the priest again.  Talk with Terra 3 times (hideout,
    basement, ritual).  Enter her mind, travel to the end of the dungeon and defeat the demon by the broken red rock.  Make sure to fight enough demons to get
    4 of her memories before fighthing the last boss for bonus scene.  After defeating the final demon, she joins your party.

Eliba - Circle Guild intro : West of Eleen you'll see adventures climbing up a mountain.  Talk to them.

Travel West, through the mountain pass and into Mountain Glory.  Several events on the passage, gain the hearthstone and then travel to Eowen.  Talk to the Governor
    in the far east of town and then the Circle Guild in the pub NW in town.

Angelica sequence : Travel West to the orc camp in a small mountain range.  Return to Eowen, talk to the performer in the pub, capturing her.  Return to the orc camp.
    Burn down the 3 southern huts and then enter the northern hut.  Defeat the chief and Angelica will join your party.  Return to Eowen and talk to her father the

Jessica's date : After finishing Angelica's sequence, go to the pub in Eowen.  Talk to Alexander by the lake, then Jessica in the common room to have your date.

Castra Corson : Travel to the north until you see a fortress in the mountains.  That is Castra Corson, your new base.  After the tour, go into your chambers.  
    You'll be attacked by the Red Hawk.  Her combat is difficult, if you haven't done any of the sidequests your likely to lose.  Win or lose, return to the
    Governor of Eowen

Noemi/Phoebe : After talking to the governor, go to her home in Eowen, SE corner.  Find the secret passage by her bed and go downstairs and confront her.  Return
    to the governor.  Go south of Eowen toward a village in the mountains.  In the SW part of the village, you'll find Noemi's sister,
    Phoebe.  After talking to her, she'll join your party.

Passage to Corsix : Return to Castra Corson and talk to Angelica who will open the secret passage to Corsix in the fireplace.  Travel through the passage.

LC/Tower of Selem: Travel North to Lesser Corsix.  After the battle, enter the common hall to the north and listen to the speech.  Go upstairs and talk to the seer.
    Leave the city and go West.  Enter the tower. 1st floor throw the switch to the west and exit north.  2nd floor find key in SE corner and exit East.  3rd
    floor press the button in each corner and exit center.  Approach Priestess.  Return to Seer

Corsix Mines - Talk to Governor.  Go NW to the mines and talk to Vanessa.  Enter mines.  Talk to Vanessa.  Go East, destroy 1 of the 2 passages and return to
    Vanessa.  Exit East.  Talk to Vanessa, exit east.  After losing battle, talk to seer.  Exit south and talk to Phoebe.  Talk to seer.  

Deep Mines - Re-enter mines, go to central, talk to Vanessa and exit north.  Talk to Vanessa, go north, destroy 3 of the 4 passages and return to Vanessa.  
    Exit North.  Talk to Vanessa, destroy 1 of the 2 passages to the north and talk to Vanessa.  Exit North.  Talk to Seer.  Talk to Vanessa.

End Lesser Corsix - Enter Common Hall, go north and hear speech.  At party, move east.  Talk to either Donnie or Tomas dependent on earlier choice.  Talk to
    Jessica.  She's either at the party or in the 2nd floor of the inn dependent on earlier choice.

4m2 Main plot - Go to Eastern Corsix mine and interact with the flame.  Interact with Terra in Castra.  Go to Digsite (SE corner) and talk to archeologist
    in building.  If you've done 3x Phoebe's quests or Phoebe has had brothel customers he'll let you in for free.  If not pay and enter tomb.  Fight
    Guardian battle (see below).  Interact with Terra in Castra.  Interact with flame in mines to clear 4m2 main plot.
Guardian battle
    Phase 1 - Provoke will remove the targetted debuff and any heal will remove chilled debuff.  Otherwise just smack it down.
    Phase 2 - Have Ralph disarm the Guardian to win.


Sidequests: The vast majority of sidequests will create unique 'dungeons' where the actual action takes place.  Only the Westlands involve combat on the
    world map.

Governor's bust:  Given by the Governor after freeing Cindy from Jorge.  Talk to him again and he'll send you to a cave in SE Eliba to retrieve a statue.

Celeean Swords, Eleen Branch:  Started by Vercin in the inn in Eleen.  You must have captured Sarah before you can begin
    Quest 1 : Get 3 sets of wolves tails from the forest north of Eleen
    Quest 2 : Recover 5 jugs of win from the beach far north of Eleen
    Quest 3 : You must have capture Angelica before doing this quest.  Defeat 20 bandits in their camp in the mountains to the west and then kill their
    Quest 4 : Fenja's quest

Fenja's quest : Started by quest 4, Celean Swords Eleen
    1.  Talk to the merchant walking around northern Eleen
    2.  Go to the village in Northern Eliba, by the beach fromm quest 2
    3.  Investigate the buildings, examining the body and the plaque
    4.  Go north and into the cave
    5.  Travel through the caves, defeating the goblins on the way.
    6.  It will have you come out in a small forest surronded by mountains.  Kill orcs there until you find a 'survivor' and enter their camp to the east.
    7.  Enter every building, killing every orc you find.  You'll find and capture Fenja and then be brought back to the mainland, finishing the quest.

Celeean Swords, Eowen Branch.  Started by Gregory in the resort in Eowen.  Must have done at least Eleen Branch quest 1
    Quest 1 : Destroy the orcs west of Eowen in their forest camp
    Quest 2 : Go to Fiona's home and do whatever she wants you to do.  She is in SW Eowen.
    3m2 Quest 3 : Travel to the Westlands and do whatever's necessary there.  Boat is by the river between Mountain Glory and the Westlands

Fiona quests : STarted by Celeean Eowen quest 2.  Each quest will expand her shop's inventory
    Quest 1 : Get 10 Emerald Shells from the Beetles in a swamp to the far south.
    3m2 Quest 2 : Find 10 Thunder Shards from the swamp also to the south
    Earthen Staff quest : Started by Phoebe Quest 4.  Collect 4+ Earthen Boar tusks in the mountains to the Southwest.  The more tusks you gather, the
        less the Earth Staff will cost.  Free at 24 tusks gathered.
    Character Progression : Is not based on quests, rather how much you spend at her shop.  There is currently an event at 2000g and (3m2) 5000g

Phoebe quests : Started by talking to her in base
    Quest 1 : Travel through the Cheli village to the south of Eleen and enter the Tower past it.  Find the four treasure chests within to complete.
    Quest 2 : Travel back to the old hideout.  Get on the boat and travel West.  Find the dungeon on the island (could be any), get to the second floor
        and defeat the final boss to complete.
    Quest 3 : Travel back to the cave east of Eleen (Same as Govenror's bust).  Enter the secret passage and the dungeon.  Find 5 treasures to complete.
    3m2 Quest 4 : Travel beneath Castra and into the mine.  Complete Fiona Quest 2 (it's prereqs required).  Travel though mine, close passage in the
        throne to co complete.

3m2 Joan (Westlands) Quests : Started by Cleean Eowen Quest 3
    Quest 1 : Kill all the orcs in the 3 forts surronding the camp
    Quest 2 : Find and kill 15 orcs roaving the area around the cmap
    Quest 3 : Scout the passage into the desert moutains far to SE of the camp.

4m1 Noemi capture - After interacting with her in Lesser Corsix and getting through the 2nd deep mine, go back to the Castra, leave quarters.  Talk to Noemi.
    Talk to Eowen Governor.  Talk to Noemi again in Castra.  Complete

4m1 Shenetore quests - Must have completed 3m2 Joan and 4m2 Noemi Capture.  Talk to Noemi again
    Go to Cheli in Westlands.
    Test 1 : Build TP with attack, land a hamstring.  3x Ring Removal
    Test 2 : Fertility, Make them all equal, The Truth, Sanctuary, 1598
    Test 3 : Simple Combat

4m1 Lesser Corsix Celeean Swords - Starts in Inn in Lesser Corsix
    Quest 1 : Go into dungeon southwest of town, kill all goblins
    Quest 2 : Talk to Vanessa, Go to dugneon west of town, kill either 10 or 15 packs of Tu'Than (depends on Quest 1)
    Quest 3 : Talk to Magister in Lesser Corsix.  Talk to Governor of Eowen.  Talk to Blockade on world map.  Talk to Govern in Eowen.  Talk to Magister
        in Lesser Corsix.  Talk to Benjmain

4m1 Brothel
    Talk to Innkeeper.  Talk to owner of item shop.  Talk to Innkeeper again.  Talk to Inn-owner.  Talk to Governor of Eowen.  Talk to Inn-owner.

4m2 content:
4m2 Main plot - Go to Eastern Corsix mine and interact with the flame.  Interact with Terra in Castra.  Go to Digsite (SE corner) and talk to archeologist
    in building.  If you've done 3x Phoebe's quests or Phoebe has had brothel customers he'll let you in for free.  If not pay and enter tomb.  Fight
    Guardian battle (see below).  Interact with Terra in Castra.  Interact with flame in mines to clear 4m2 main plot.
Guardian battle
    Phase 1 - Provoke will remove the targetted debuff and any heal will remove chilled debuff.  Otherwise just smack it down.
    Phase 2 - Have Ralph disarm the Guardian to win.

4m2 Terra Brothel - After defeating the guardian and talking to Terra, she can be brought to the resort in Fisher's Island

4m2 Kathleen sequence (choose memories when interacting) - Interact with kathleen in Castra.  Interact with her again.  
    Quest 1 - Go to mine NW of Eowen.  Go far north and use plaque.  Fight skeletons until Kathleen is possessed.  Defeat her and return to Castra.  
        Interact with Kathleen x2.
    Quest 2 - Travel to Westlands, explore the fort north of the forest (NOT NORTH FOREST DUNGEON).  Interact with the 3 objects of interest.  Travel
        toward Shenetore.  There will be a cave at the start of the mountains, enter and interact with the object of interest.  Travel to Shenetore,
        talk to the elders.  If Kathleen hasn't been possessed during combat, fight enemies with her until she has.  Interact with her at base 2x
    Quest 3 - Travel through the pass between Eliba and Mountain Glory, entering sub-map.  Interact with monument on north plateau.  Die.  Interact with
        Kathleen x2 in the Castra.
    Quest 4 - Travel back to the dig-site and enter tomb.  Sequence complete.

4m2 Heather Sequence.  Requires Westlands open to start
    Quest 1 - Talk to Gregory in Eowen Resort.  Enter forest dungeon SE of Eowen, gather 10x Indigo, return to Gregory    
    Quest 2 - Talk to Gregory then go upstairs and talk to Heather.  Go S of Eowen, enter forest dungeon and defeat the 5 waves of enemies.  Return to
    Quest 3 - Talk to Heather.  Enter the mountain dungeon SW of Eowen along coast.  Interact with the 3 OoI (Ship, sword and gold pile) to complete
        quest.  Return to Eowen, talk to Heather.  Sequence complete

4m2 Fiona's quest.  Requires Westands to start.  Ask Fiona about work.  Talk to Joan in Westlands.  Enter the Westlands, gather 10x hearthwood.  Return to
    Fiona.  Wuest copmlete

4m2 Fiona's capture.  Requires spending 100k gold in her shop.  Spend the gold until she brushes against you after shopping.  Talk to her.  Leave shop,
    re-enter.  Capture compelte

4m2 brothel scenes - Terra, Naitay, Noemi and Phoebe have unique customers.  No spefic requirements to see scenes, just have them work.

4m3 Westlands Sequence - Requires Naitay to have been captured and that you have cleared Tu'Than out of Corsix's mines
    Quest 1 - Defeat the orcs in the middle camp west of the Harvester's camp.  If you clear out the side caves first, the battle is easier.  Go to Shenetore,
        talk to the Elders.
    Quest 2 - Go into mine in Eastern Shenetore.  Travel all way to the north and blow the three passages.  Return to Joan in Harvester's camp
    Quest 3 - Go NW of Shenetore.  Interact with 5 nests and defeat boss.  Talk to Elders in Shenetore

4m3 Vercin sequence - Requires completeling Kathleens quest from 4m2.  Requires completing L.Corsix Swords from 4m1.  All quest start at Vercin in Eleen.
    Quest 1 - Defeat the three ogre camps in the pass between Eleen and Eowen
    Quest 2 - Go through the eastern portion of the pass.  Travel west in the dungeon, talking to the man to start the next sequence when necessary.
    Quest 3 - Enter the final camp north of the pass.  Defeat the king ogre.  Talk to vercin to complete series

4m3 Heather sequence - All quests start at Heather in Castra Corson
    Quest 1 - Go to arid area south of Castra.  Enter dungeon and interact with the wagon in the middle.
    Quest 2 - Go to the village in far central east Eliba.  Quest series will play out on its own.
    Quest 3 - Requires 4m3 Vercin completed Go to the forest dungeon in the Mountain pass between Eliba and Eowen.  Kill 10 wolf packs.  Return to Heather

4m3 Brothel - Sarah, Kathleen, Donna, Heather have brothel scenes.  No requirements beyond service.

Character specific quests - All require you to have defeated Tu'Than king in Lesser Corsix before starting plus more

4m3 Terra unique - Requires completing Phoebe's quests through Phoebe's scene.  Requires finish 4m2 LC Celeean quests.  Requires spending 5k+ in Fiona's
    shop and talking to her afterwards.  
    Quest - Talk to Terra in Castra about unique.  Talk to Fiona.  You will need 6 rubies, 4 emeralds, 1 gold ore (4,2,1 if you've captured Fiona).
        You can either buy them from the shop in Eowen or find them in a mine west of Lesser Corsix.  Talk to Fiona again.  Interact with Terra
        in Castra.
4m3 Sarah unique - Requires uniting the Westlands.  Requires seeing all of Sarah's in-Castra scenes.
    Quest - Talk to Sarah in Castra about unique.  Go to the weapon shop in Eowen.  Go to the mine between Castra and Eowen and mine until you find
        the Orichalcum.  Talk to Sarah back in the Castra to complete.
4m3 Donna unique - Requires clearing the flame in the Corsix mines.  
    Quest - Talk to Donna in Castra about unique.  Bring Donna to the church in Eleen.  Attack the bandit camp in the forest to the east.  Go into
        the tents and find the 3 relics.  Talk to the priest again to complete.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by hotenhornay

Version reviewed: 8.0 on 12/02/2018

@Decapitare0: you can make the game full screen by pressing F5


Onto my review of the game.


I have been following the development of Harem for a few months, and I have been continuously pleased by the character development. Admittedly, there are a few instances in which things work out to be particularly convenient, but, given the subject matter and the ultimate goal of the project, I think a few instances of plot convenience are acceptable.


Though I'm a strong proponent of the "light side" route, wherein you take part in only necessary evils, I appreciate that both routes have distinct and compelling character development. The challenge to make equally interesting characters, one who doles out only punishments as deemed necessary, and the other who engages in needless sadism, and to have the harem members adapt accordingly is nothing to scoff at.


The combat, while at times difficult or a slog, never feels out of place. Though the game balance is still being actively worked out, I appreciate that most fights have been fair, albeit grueling in some instances.


All in all, I greatly anticipate the finale of Harem, as the ride thus far has been extremely enjoyable.

Review by Decapitare0

Version reviewed: 8.0 on 10/24/2018

lovely game. only problem cant do a fullscreen and no animation.. but still.. great game.

Review by XPrience

Version reviewed: 7.5 on 05/28/2018

Insanely good game, played it for hours (even during exams)

still I have one big question, is there something different by choosing the blue or red path in the way that the scenario would be different. Or will the MC just act a lot darker?

Review by Zerolight000

Version reviewed: 6.7.1 on 12/13/2017

A great game, 

For the story: good plot, great images, an amazing work put into the "evil" and "good" storylines and involving characters all very well thought. 9/10 (just because like most games here with a plot it sometimes feels like said plot becomes too convinient)


For the actual game mechanics: one of the best works on RPGMaker ACE I've seen on this site so far and a surprisingly well balanced RPG system were you can actualy end up losing your battles if you don't train your team and end up in need of money if you don't work out the best cost and benefits for equipment; all of that without ever making me feel like a hard enemy is pure luck based or loosing the spark of an XXX game. 10/10 (really loved how well this game plays)


Sound wise... I can't really say much besides that it never bothered me for being repetitive and actually felt fitting whenever I noticed it, acting most of the times as a nice background to keep your ears occupied while you advance through the game. 7/10 (nothing special but still good)

Review by Erojusutsu

Version reviewed: 6.6.1 on 11/25/2017

So i tried to leave a revieuw on legendofkrystal.com since that is the discuss link but it would not let me create a account that said let me get into it. I Started playing a couple of patches ago and have been coppying my saves to the newer games so i went a started a new playthrough for clean saves and the begin is still buggy at times.For example i am doing this one quest in eowen where you turn the inn into a whorehouse and after a certain "proper ratan lady" refuses to work there, you take note of this and will speak to back at castra corson. So i go back there and she is playing music and i can not get the event to progress. And when you fight Sarah for her questline she still has warnings that the fight is buggy. Also i noticed some spelling errors and typos. But wat really looked bad wjere the [End of contend] warnings just have npc's on repeat or in the case of quest givers that they wont have quest for you any time soon dialogue so you know tho move on. The game is a lot of fun.Came for the porn stayed for the story and gamplay!I hope to see  a lot more content soon!

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