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Version: 0.0.37

Version: 0.0.35

Arcology Arena

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You awake to discover that you've been entered into a tournament with lascivious consequences. Fight for your masculinity... or not.

This is my first game ever and it's definitely in alpha. Some passages are unwritten and incomplete, but I would love feedback on what's there so far. 

Inspired by games like Free Cities, Trap Quest, CoC, Masculine Mystique... you know, the classics.

Latest version = V 0.0.36 Edit 09/25/17

  • Quick update for bug fixes pointed out in reviews and discussion board. I've (hopefully) fixed:
    • The pesky Mr. Glass BJ bug
    • The "didn't get the escape codes" scene that triggered when it shouldn't have
    • The failed escape errors pointed out by newport_georgeg
  • New version available from the same previous link

Tiny Mini Update = V 0.0.37 Edit 09/28/17

  • Just fixing images for people using non-Windows systems, adding a missing image or 2, and sneaking in some little text improvements. Same download link as previous (grab the zip from google drive)

PS. thanks to everyone who's given me feedback, insight, and encouragement. This is a wonderful community of delightful perverts!

It is the year 2029, and the past 13 years have not been kind. The world is starting to fall apart...

Traditional governments and societies have begun to lose their grip on an increasingly desparate populace. In order to defend their property and maintain their standards of living, many of the wealthy and powerful have begun to strike out on their own, creating defensible walled cities subject to no laws but their own.

Within these cities, laws and freedoms vary wildly. Some are rumored to be dangerous, degenerate hives of depravity where women (and even some men, you've heard) are bought and sold as chattel.

Fortunately, you've immigrated to a new city where this is not the case. While the atmosphere may be more sexually charged than you're used to, the biggest difference you've been able to notice is the popularity of the Battle Arena--a venue for sponsored contestants to duke it out in non-lethal combat for the pleasure of the viewing public.

In fact, the TV in the bar you're sitting in has just begun a newscast about the upcoming new season of the Battle Arena. You take a sip of your drink and listen as the reporter explains that this season will be different.

Be ye wary... thar be spoilers ahead...




... okay, a few things to know if you want to try to find everything:

  • An easy way to win fights is to use the back button whenever you suffer a bit hit. This lil' exploit won't be present in the final build, but it's helpful for bug-squashing so I'm leaving it in for now
  • Brittany's branch changes depending on the size of your breasts, which is increased by drinking BattleBoost potions
  • To trigger branches with Elle and Leanne, you need to visit them after your match but before you sleep
  • Heather's branch changes depending on your record. She really likes winners.
  • Similarly, the scenes where Dr. Pinger and Mr. Glass visit you at night change depending on your record. If you want to avoid TF, you need to win!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 0.0.37 on 09/24/2019

This game has some really great things going for it. The art here is some of the best i've seen on the site. The characters are plentiful, each has a unique personality and are drawn very well. The different interactions and choices you make in the story are very nice, from becoming the champion to escaping to find a different ending. You actually come to form rivalries, friendships and care for the characters. The combat leaves something to be desired, but it's still a decent system that lets you have some agency. 8/10.

Review by 69ztare

Version reviewed: 0.0.37 on 07/23/2019

Short and simple. I really missed some images, especially from MC.

I still don't understand the battle, and story progression is not that great.

But after all, it is a good game.

Review by willnotwork

Version reviewed: 0.0.37 on 03/28/2018

Short and relatively simple, but a lot of fun. I found most of the plot pivots, and enjoyed them.

The static images somewhat belie the potential of the doll system, but it works, and once again, fun. I liked the story and plot bunnies, even though there wasn't a huge variation in plot splits.

If you like RPS in battle dystopias, you'll like this.

Review by Nail1212

Version reviewed: 0.0.37 on 10/04/2017

Good, sut short

Review by newport_georgeg

Version reviewed: 0.0.36 on 09/26/2017

First off, it's a fun game and I like the pictures.

I played thru to the failed escape once and found bugs.  Looked at the code.  Thought I had found the typos.  Reset the browser and oops had to start all from the beginning.  It took hours to get back to that point.  I tried losing as many battles as possible and that surely didn't do well.  So then I had to win to get to the errors:

Passage: Wait 
        line 6591: if $pussyfuck = 0  ; replace with == 0

Passage: Suck dick while you get fucked
        line 6660: replace /else with else 

        line 6662: same


Note: the bug on line 6591 is allowed in the programming language 'C' but it caused too many runtime errors so it's not allowed in C++, Java, and the like.  It says test if variable is zero and set it to zero.  Depending on the compiler it might say set variable to zero and then test if it is zero.


--- 0.0.36

Passage: Suck dick while you get fucked
line 6687:  replace anthing with anything
also           replace /else with else 

Passage: Heatherfight
line 1190:  replace /else with else 

---  0.0.36

Passage: Spit

    line 6495 <<print $player.name>>          (typo was <<$print player.name>>)

Passage: They stand you up
    line 6753 transport                                  (typo was trasport)

Passage: Next man up 2

    line 6801 merge three sets into one stmt  <<set $assfuck +=9; $pussyfuck +=9; $cocksuck +=6>>
                  problem is only one <                (big red error message)

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