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Version: 1.0.0

Volumetric Enhancement Center

The Game
Volumetric enhancement Center is a simple game about managing a facility that offers size changing therapy. You will have to manage budget, patients, and medication.

The Audience
The game might not contain any explicit material but it was created with a fetish crowd in mind. If any of the content in this game offends or repulses you in anyway you are welcome not to play it.



This game is free. Payment is not required! The way Itch.io handles pay what you want is by prompting people to pay a minimun price and having a stupidly small button for getting it for free. If you dont wish to pay just look for that link when it asks for payment.


The Premise
In a near future where size changing technology was achieved and it's uses spreading worldwide throughout many industries, such as construction, security and advertising, the demand for it's cosmetic potential was ever growing.
So the first ever licensed facility was created to offer volumetric therapy to the common people. As a doctor on this field, it is your duty to properly overview this procedure.

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Review by icepixie8

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/15/2016

Okay so the concerns in other reviews are valid.  There's not much to this, the English is not great, it's all stats and little personal information to get into, and the interface is a bit clunky and uninformative.  I ended up liking it anyway though. 


The idea is you are presented with a patient with a target height/weight/breast size, and you have to grow or shrink them to get there.  You initially only have access to basic growth and shrinking chemicals.  Upgrading your lab gives you access to the breast chemicals, and the ability to use the patient's genetics to your advantage.  There's a scanner you can upgrade to give you more info on your patients, from their basic info (including their starting height/weight), down through their breast size and genetics.  Rooms upgrades just increase how many patients you can work on at once.


You set which chemical and the time of exposure and give it a whirl, and see if you over or undershoot.  If you're close enough to their target, they'll pay you, with extra for precision work and fewer tries.  If not, they'll stick around and you can keep trying 'til you hit their goal.  There's mathematics based on the chemicals, exposure time, their weight, and their genetics that determines the result, and developing a good understanding of the relationships between these numbers is how you get better at the game.


In the end though, it really is just, get the pile of stats, change the pile of stats, get the money, and that's it.  There's no end goal, description, or stary element.


I'd love to see the game developed more with more body parts to grow/shrink.  I'd also be very interested in the same idea applied to other changes, such as animal, mind, and transgender changes.  The game could use more development implenting some of these or other ideas to flesh it out and make it more broadly enjoyable.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/15/2016


I am intrigued by this game, but I had great difficulty figuring it out initially. With the two options of patients being Shrink or Grow, but no real clue as to which they wanted you are on a trial-and-error gameplay from the very beginning. Additionally when you start you only have access to Shrink chemicals, so this limited my choices when I tried to take two Grow patients at once but could do nothing with them.

With the cash available at the start being very merger, you are also taking a guess without the assistance of the scanner unless you give up $50 of your $125 starting capital to get something to try and guide you. The lack of more detailed images of the patients to use as a reference is also very restricting as you don't have much else you could fall back on.

That said, the sim-management idea of the game is appealing and the control system does work. I think the game might need more development to hold the hand of the new player so they don't give up quickly in frustration.

Review by Kei-chan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/10/2016

Extremely simple game in which customers come to you wanting a desired size and weight, and then you pick their exposure time, in seconds, and the amount of different enlargement or reduction (breast or height) chemicals, which affects how much they grow or shrink. Once you select the amount and start, you can't stop it, even if they grow or shrink beyond what you intended, so the game is figuring out how much each chemical increases an attribute per second, and then giving the customers enough of the proper chemical for the right amount of time to have them hit their goal.

There are no descriptions or feedback of any of this. You're just watching numbers increase or decrease. Interesting concept, poor execution, and the little text that is present in the tutorial is full of broken English.

Review by drizzzit

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/10/2016

Love the management game idea.


Totally baffled by the gameplay.


Example concerns:

Why do the patients only stick around for mere seconds?

Need way more information on current measurements and desired goals.

Why have Labs/Rooms/scan at top (realize those are upgrades but still what does it accomplish) - click any and am out out money.

So I tried a treatment, person says "under".  Can't do anything else with them.  Indicators please (how long will it take, what is outcome, etc).  What do I do now?

How much am I getting paid per treatment?  By accidentally clicking the 3 upgrade buttons I'm already out of cash so what happens now?


Yes I read the intital information screens, they do not help once you get to the actual game start.


Anyway, it may seem as I'm being harsh, sorry - I would have been very interested in a paired down theme-hospital concept centered on growth/shrinkage.

Review by srauls

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/10/2016

When picking your patients the description of what the patient wants is Shrink Job. You have 2 options to guess from body reduction or breast reduction. The samething goes for patients that want Enlargement Jobs. Are we talking about body growth or breast enlargements. The game doesn't tell you how much the Enlargement or Reduction the customer wants. This game is guess work. So far no interesting stories or anything going on this might be for some people but I doubt I will check this game out again.

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