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Version: 0.4.3

Version: 0.4.2

Version: 0.4.1

Version: 0.4.0

Version: 0.3.2

Version: 0.3.1

Version: 0.3

Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.0


You wake up one morning to find yourself in a new body, one that seems to have her own personality, her own life, and, most worryingly, her own boyfriend.

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Review by Buridan

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 09/27/2019

Really like this one, despite the relative paucity of content. There's 15-20 minutes of reading here, at most, in all the paths.

Mechanically, it's like nothing else I've seen on this site yet - a CYOA where you have a certain budget of 'stars' to spend at key points to either unlock special scenes and variables you want, or avoid ones you don't. As you do you not only define what your traits are in this reality, but also that of the other characters.

The writing is low-key fantastic and strikes a good balance between pacing and detail - well-written enough to carry it through a complete lack of images. It manages to include a bunch of variables without the tone feeling out of place from paragraph to paragraph, which is seriously impressive.

It's really a shame this has apparently been abandoned. There's a lot of potential here.

Would highly recommend, even in its current state.

Review by bimbo_alison

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 09/25/2019

Glad to hear there are plans for this to be continued.  Unique and effective engine that has a ton of potential!  Really well written and fun.  For those who would skip a game like this because it has no images, this is exactly the kind of game to try... you’ll see that in the right hands you don’t need images!

Game is very short right now... probably 10 minutes of playing time.

Review by SuggestiveQuestions

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 10/06/2018

One of my favorite games.  What really sets it apart is the natural feeling of the writing.  It allows you to really slip into the scenario, and respond as one might naturally respond in such a situation.  I also really love the "compel/invoke" mechanic.  Mind control is something of another fetish of mine, and the mechanic taps into that.

It's a shame it hasn't been updated in almost a year.  Fingers crossed that it will be.

Review by Trueblades

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 06/30/2018

Its pretty short, but the mechanic is interesting. 
I hope there is a large content update in the works for this but i understand how hard that could be to write with this system. 
Looking forward to more. 

Review by wixxy

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 03/17/2018

This has the potential to be one of the best games on the site. Its core mechanics are simple and clever, with significant impact on the game and choices made, while the writing is good and the story compelling.


Please keep it up, I check for updates for this game every time I log in to the site!

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