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Version: 6.66

Version: 6.63

Version: 6.60

Version: 6.52

Version: 6.46

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Version: 6.36

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The Hero We Need

The Hero We Need is an erotic rpg game full of transformations and 'bad endings'. It revolves around the transformed heroine Bernida cursed with womanhood, who must travel the fantasy land of Magisteria on her adventure in order to stop evil Users, save others and ultimately defeat the evil Demon Queen, Dark Lord Heliot. Currently with well over a hundred bad endings, the game includes Corruption, Hypnosis, Transformations and Heavy Transformation elements, mental changes, twinning/cloning, assimilation, latex and rubber. Additional non-game over endings and transformations are unlockable via the "Purification System" that allows you to earn purity points by purifying corrupted subjects, which can be spent on costumes, special potions and additional erotic scenes once properly unlocked. Features extensive spritework and added artwork throughout the game.  

The game is currently a work in progress and constantly updating, players can get beta testing and newer updates not quite public yet from Patreon support. 

Link to the Game's Discord: https://discord.gg/7JUe8sz


Current TFs include: Bee girls, fairies, elves, sylphs, oni, slaves, lolitas, plants, drones, sexdolls, villagers, horses, anthros, bar wrenches, demons, bunnygirls, prostitutes, mothers, daughters, schoolgirls, villainesses, ninjas, copies of other party members, brides,  gold statues, goblins, queens, sorceresses, librarians, nurses, goddess worshippers, nuns, priestesses, jesters, witches, dryads, portraits, skeletons, zombies, slime girls, ghouls, furries, dancers, secretaries, tour guides, princesses, kappas, cows, sentries, frogs, Harem girls, latex and rubber beings, possession, thieves, dogs and hellhounds, becoming minions and twins of villainesses, angels, bat-minions, cops, Kunoichi, geishas, spirits, vacbed patients,  nymphs, and lots more.

Patreon version: Chapter 6.66 - New Purity Ends, Omake/Purity thearte 22, Alice Minigame complete

Areas available as Patreon Exclusive: Heliot Gaiden, Ambrosia Gaiden,

Current TFsite version: Chapter 6.66 -  New Purity Ends, Omake/Purity thearte 22, Alice Minigame complete

Areas available publicly: Eden, Aerotown, Atlas IslesLumaQuest, Nightgale Woods, Ingrissvern, Boarding School, Library Temple Goblin Caves,  Temporal Path,  Elvenmire, Egrisway, Haunted Mansion, Reverence Cave, Fey Dungeon Zombie School, Anthrubaysia, Sunnywood, The Omake Room, Time Temple II, Cleaflow, Phantom Caves, Bee Dungeon and Bee Hiveship, Verishire, Clepsydrale, Sunken Ship and Underwater area content

* - This is location is essentially finished and completed, or near complete.
* - This location has heavy development/ample progress but will be still Updated in the future.
* -  A location more recently started, underdeveloped, will pave way for future content.
* -  Patreon fresh, newly introduced 
* - Locked currently for rework

(Can still be found in earlier versions prior to 6.52)


The adventure continues...


Oridinary schoolkid Bermuda just cannot catch a break. First he's transformed into a girl by a dark evil demon. Then he's pulled into another world where he's told that he's destined to defeat her! With only a kooky court and mousy maid as her initial supporters, "Bernida" has to set a corrupted world right and stop darkness from swallowing all. What's a girl to do but travel across continents just to get his man card back?

Bermuda/Bernida - An ordinary dorky highschool kid. He got turned into a girl and found out she was the Chosen One.

Maid - A quiet maid is also the Chosen One, apparently.

Ambrosia - The mysterious, maternal guardian of Eden whom trains Bernida and starts her off on her journey.

Heliot - Heinous Demon Queen. You've gotta train lots to beat her up.

Luma - Another party member you meet, whose life was that of a mousy mechanic prior.

Abyssina - A humble priestess girl in training.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by XHollow1

Version reviewed: 6.60 on 05/28/2021

Some of the ending pictures are missing. Any clue on how i can get them or is it a patreon thing?

Review by bumbles

Version reviewed: 6.52 on 03/27/2021

A personal favorite, "The hero we need" has staggering amount of content! A massive number of "bad ends"/transformations of every type imaginable (and some unimaginable) are emphasised by dozens of unique themed area's, each with its own cast of enemies to fight! All in a densely packed world with plenty of secrets and optional areas, that'll leave you checking every nook and crany.

A definite classic: If you enjoy seeing a wide variety of transformations, or exploration based RPG's with some combat I can't reccomend this game enough!

Review by StacieMeier

Version reviewed: 6.32 on 04/06/2020

Love the game and idea of the plot. I do have one issue. The speech and chats are way too long, if I wanted to read a book that is fine, I want to play though and this simply kills my excitement. Perhaps, lowering the amount of chat and get to point be best. 

Review by Zaknod

Version reviewed: 0.6.12a on 05/02/2019

Been laying this game for a long while, and although the gameplay is excessively repetitive and the map has bugs all over it, IE enter a specific map icon and you can't leave until you complete an impossible challenge(library). After the certain event of me giving a spoiler>MC breaks Main Baddie's mindf**k< there is ZERO guidence on where to go next....just wander aimlessly? maybe return to the original castle? Go off in search of frolliking elves? No idea where I am suposed to go, though I like non-linear stories, the lack of dialogue or a quest journal pointing in possible directions is what kills me with this game. Dunno where to go  and the lack of depth put into character personalities plus the extensive dialogue/volumes of books on the game world's lore is all out of balance. I can overlook the gramatical and spelling errors, however, direction after certain events as well as the ability to leave certain areas or notification of "UNABLE TO ENTER DUE TO UNFINISHED WORK" woud be nice...

Overall, the quirkyness of the characters interactions is mildly humorus at best. The story itself is a bit vague, but still there. Wondering why the illusion of choice is there if it only leads to a game over scene(i get it, game over rape fetishes). It is a really good?? game that seems hollow, but has the potential to be among the greats if the dev pauses on the expansions and pays attention to the reviews. Going through everything and polishing up what is already there would help them in the long run, moreso than mashing out updated for expanding on what is there. There are devs out there that don't really post updated games that often, but are more polished because they took a little extra time to clean up what is already there before expanding on it. That and they had to fix bugs in their games themselves.

Review by Reiruu

Version reviewed: 0.5.99 on 02/01/2019

The game seems to be updated quite frequently, so I decided to give it a try. After a rather lengthy, and extremely dialogue heavy, introduction where you are shown off to the game's frequent non-choice "choices" the game gets you into some very generic area maps filled with NPCs who, in many cases, don't even have default dialogue set. And this is just the beginning. I ran into 2 "game over transformation scenes" one after having to complete a rather stupid mini-game of sorts and the other after getting blasted with another dose of the game's frequent use of the hypnosis spell effects -- and from what I could tell in that second one it wasn't even the MC or his companion who were the ones TF but some other random person. I will also have to admit, like  I was with MOnline, I don't really like TF "game overs" but... MOnline does them better if that's your thing.

The game seems to try to make fun of itself in some places, but the times where it does just kind of fall flat and aren't very funny. The writing, in general, is okay at best and from the limited time I spent with the game before losing interest, I found many of the characters... just kind of dull and unlikable. Could they change and become fantastic in the future? Sure, they could. But, I didn't really feel compelled enough by the game to be hooked and want to keep on playing to find out.

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