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Version: 1.0.3


A collaboration effort by Brandygang and Goopy brings Maleficium, a long awaited sequel to the original Panty Raid. It follows several playable characters from the first game into a cryptic cave and features a CYOC styled game where your choices effect the outcome, leading to a maelstrom of metamorphosis. The game focuses on Personality and Twinning transformations, carrying on the tradition of changes via magical mayhem from the first game.




Redmayne's Academy for Magical Girls is having it's yearly field trip into the trial Caverns, an intuitive path where students who enter will tested. The purpose of these Cave journeys is to help guide and change the students lives on their path to becoming good Magical Students. Little do they know just how far these changes will go. One by one the girls will go in on the players digression, whether or not and how exactly they come is entirely up to you.

Playable characters

Pauline - Teacher’s Pet
Ligeia - Goth girl who is into bad horror movies
Alice - Unpopular outcast
Lucy - Heartless, spoiled rich girl
Kokoro - The new girl, she's a little weird

Returning characters

Meg - Sadistic School Bully
Shante - Attractive, outgoing Jamaican girl
Asaji - Shy Japanese girl with a creepy love of dolls
Bobby Joe - Feisty redneck redhead
Dawn - A girl hailing from a group of elementalists

Ms. Carter - The girls' teacher, a bright but scatterbrained young woman.
Ms. Harkgood - Current head of the school. A strict and non-nonsense individual.

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Review by robertwill2

Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 12/17/2016

well, i really love this game, you should really try it.

Review by khinzaw

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/24/2016

There are so many variations. I love it.

Review by TheMartial

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/23/2016

It's a little buggy on some aesthetic things, but from the half hour so I played, I can tell there's a depth of content here.

Basically, five girls travel through a transformative gauntlet, and what happens to them depends on a variety of things, from the order you send them in, to the choices you make during the gauntlet, to what happened to the other girls.

If your first run doesn't accomplish much change, the others certainly will.

I've gotten maybe two full endings, and seven or so transformations so far. They're all focused on mental changes, with some implied physical.

Excellent, I encourage anyone to take a dive in, help the rest of us decode this enormous puzzle.

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