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Version: 0.2.0


The game is aimed to be classic rpg with all the good parts that we like, - discover the world, do quest, level up, get reward, watch sex scene - with story to link it all.
The main hero that has trauma induced amnesia is transformed to woman and has to find his/her way through the world.
World is fantasy world with renessaince and modern real world elements. You should be able to help other characters that you meet to transform as well.

Some world and gameplay mechanics are implemented such as Sub/Dom, Femininity and Day/Night
For Sex Scenes 3D renders are used.

Gameplay time - 2-3 hours. 

Check the forum thread for news on the game.

Initial release 0.1.0
12.2.2017 - 0.2.0

  Hero with unknown past gets transformed to woman, does different   quests and learns about the world in which (s)he appeared.
  Also after transformation PC has sexual encounters from woman POV.

Hero - mysterious character.
Heroine - transformed mysterious character.

Story & Gameplay
Justin - natural born leader, a little dense though
Sora - elven sorceress that seems to be permanently on fire
Jones - casual guy that hides deep trauma inside
Julia - goget'em woman that is blunt and makes no excuses

That's about it.

After initial transformation, find pocket mirror and check yourself, talk to peddler and buy throwing daggers.
Learn Bull's Eye skill by training in farm on the area with solitary tree.

Innkeeper is the main quest giver, you will go to the deserted kloister twice first to fetch bottle then with the wagon the deliver the whole stock.
By that time you should discover the cultists, be sure to reach level 4 and have equipped items that give you magic defense to maximize your chances
before entering the final battle.

When you finish kloister quest you meet the pal in the inn that waits for something is now looking for somebody to join him on his quest. Talk to him.
In the Roasted Pig hire either Jonas or Julia, both would do well.
In the dungeon find the Pigman Boss. You may fight the other pigmen too but only their boss is relevant.
After you part you can find references to other members of the crew.
Then you may finally enter Venetia for current story finish.

Side quests and "jobs" - discover them for yourself, they are easy to encounter.

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Review by rypperdoc

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 10/28/2017

hmmmm  Downloaded Venetia 0.2.0, but when I unpacked it, I find everything in a folder labeled Venetia 1.34....  Is this why the horse bug is still there?

Review by hathios

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 10/21/2017

I am stuck with the horsegirl quest.

I tried to talk to the boy several tiems to try to get a carrot but nothing works.

I run around and manage to get the horse to the pole but nothing happens.


When i 'talk' to the horse. Julia is always saying: 'We need to get his attention and trust somehow. I'd suggest to feed him some carrots.

Question: Where can I find or buy carrots?


I can only enter two maps.

1st:  The Horseranch

2nd: the farm with the boy.

Review by Babaicheg

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 03/14/2017

0.2.0 The game says you have 95% hit rate and this is not true. Its more likely you have 30-40%. So gamplay goes like "Miss. Bang-Bang-On-Your-Head. Dead. Load game just before battle. Because if you dont save before every battle you will end pretty fast. Miss. Bang-bang. Miss. Dead. Load. Miss. Ban-Bang. Hit. WOW!. Save. Next enemy." Even you should make enemies easier, or rise hit rate, otherwise not many will have nerves to play save/load game. At leat me lost them all when you fight against cultist and get 2 fights in a row without chance to save. 

Review by zehirman

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 02/28/2017

Good game, i like the art and the story but i'm block in the kloister quest, it's said fund the cultist but i can't look in the hole and acces to the door of the garden and i can't take the candle. any help please ?

Review by Takai153

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 02/20/2017

Really like what you've made here!  The game is fun and the art is great.  I appreciate that the walkthrough isn't too explicit about how to do everyhing, though I would like to know how many sex scenes are there are to be sure I haven't missed any.  I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this in the future!

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