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Version: 0.5.5

by Demur

The premise is pretty simple. Our hero dies and goes to Hell, where he get an unique opportunity to become a succubus. Under a watchful gaze of new mentor, the main character begins his descension into demonhood.

This build has: Prologue and 3 Main story acts, first Pandemonium district with 5 random events, 5 side quests and a jester's mini quest. Plus 56 game over endings. Every act can be completed in various ways, so game rewards multiple playthroughs.

English is not my native language, so I hope you can cope with my writing and feedback is very welcome.

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Review by Felicat

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 06/16/2018

My first Review :)

I really liked playing the Gane, the story and your way of writing is really cute and complements the choice of the engine.

Sure, there are still things to add but the gameplay and the story itself is smooth and i didn't had the feeling something was mssing here.

I really hope you will stay on this project! And i'm eager to do the exams :)

Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 11/13/2017

Grammar needs some imrovement

Nice gameplay that isn't battle heavy

More than one way to achieve goals

Choices that seem to actually effect the game (maybe not all)

Some nice pictures

one side quest, gives you information you should not know at that point.



this was a enjoyable experience which i recommend


Review by hartmannsyoukai

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 09/13/2017

Quite a solid game concept. It is fun to interact with the world doing quests and playing through the stories. There are some noticable cases of the language barrier as stated by the author, but its not too bad at all. I eagerly look forward to progress being made on this one.

Review by P112

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 09/11/2017

First thing it has good content 

second its nice to play 

and third awesome Rocky reference :D had to laugh at this moment :D

Review by zarock

Version reviewed: 0.4.5 on 06/02/2017

Quite a good start, and I like the writing that has gone into this. I would highly encourage you to finish it, I think a finished version of this would easily become one of my favorite games on the site.

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