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Version: 0.9

The Witch's Mansion 2

Witch's Mansion 2 is a sequel to Witches Mansion. It is created by Sir Robin on the DayDreamer engine.

The game follows one of the friends of the original Witches Mansion protagonist. The player may choose to enter the Mansion, at which point he is transformed and transported into a new series of tests.


The protagonist is the player character, named by the player at the start.

The Witch

The Witch is the owner of the Mansion. She is also the protagonist's old friend, the player character from the original Witches Mansion game, transformed into a voluptuous witch.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 04/17/2021


This was a hard one. On one hand, there is a lot more to this game than I expected: good amount of puzzles that aren't too repeatative, high number of transformations that can occur, multiple CYOA pathways that can be followed and multiple endings.

But the images in the average and it's sometimes deceptively simple to get railroaded on to a bad end path without realising it. And in the DayDreamer engine that's a hassle, but again you'll either be okay with it or it'll bug you to no end. That said this game does a good job with the engine so you'll rarely be stuck in a total dead end on what you can do next.

Cautiously recommended: it's really going to come down to personal preference, so play it for yourself.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 01/19/2015

I cannot express how much pingguo's so called ''review'' is shit.

It's clear from the get go that he's enormously biased against the system, and thus everything on it... and he never played an exploration game before, apparently, from the way he got lost in something with barely more than 10 rooms. -_-


In any case, the game.

Well, after just a bit of trials and errors to figure out 'how much' of 'this' or 'that' action I could do before getting a 'Bad End', it went on relatively smoothly.

Overall, a pretty 'ok' game. Not the biggest thing ever, yeah, but one of the better ones I played in that system so far.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 05/03/2014

I was wondering what a game would be like when anoneemuss shows some gratitude, plus he gave a 2 stars to a game with a reason, "because it is running on DayDreamer which is shit." Well lets see how this game goes while running on the same shit.


Turns out that the game has a very special taste of graphic. If you palm face after seeing your self portrait, well you are going to see this through out the game.

Then it has a very complex town. So complex that north is on your left and wrong is on your right. I got lost as soon as I reach the first town. there is no way for anyone to create a map when north is not north and east west south are randomly located. well done.

The plot of the game... well, you walk into a mansion with every single room dark out... no doubt you dont want to go in any of them... so the author help you out by not implementing them at all. Then you were sent to... well somewhere I dont understand by someone without much background. Then you kicked a small rock and the returning route is blocked off thanks to Mr. butterfly...


Lets face it. There is no writting in terms of an novel. There is no choices in term of an AIF or RPG. A poor game mechanism. An unique taste with the images. Now where is that 4 stars come from I have no idea, consider that this anoneemuss giving almost every other game a 1 star.

Review by anoneemuss

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 12/30/2013

decent game, even if the daydreamer engine is as horrible as always, liked the first game much, so this one gets an extra star.

Review by zippy

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 01/27/2013

This is one of the best games around, I think.  It has:

  • Entertaining puzzles
  • A wide and varied assortment of TFs.
  • Multiple branching paths
  • Multiple ways to solve many problems
  • A metric crap-ton of endings

This may well be my favorite game I've found on the site so far.  Awesome work!

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