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tome 1 (v0.8)
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Version: tome 1 (v1.0)

Version: tome 1 (v0.8)

Version: tome 1 (v0.6)

New Witch in Town

This "small" game I've started to make mainly to test RPG Maker MV, but it quickly become not so small as I wanted it.

please note that english is not my native language so feel free to tell me, where I made a mistakes.

One day Lana found a strange book. She decided to look at it at morning.

Lana: our Heroine (Vilian). she always wanted to take a revenge.

Don't forget to look "key items" tab. every item there is usable and contains a tips for the game.

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Review by Kaetii

Version reviewed: tome 1 (v0.8) on 10/12/2017

Thank you for making a game at whatever rate you make it and whether or not it is ever finally complete or out of beta state.

Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: tome 1 (v0.8) on 10/11/2017

Don't bother making a game unless you're going to see it to the end!

why is this still alpha? were getting close to a year since the last update!

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: tome 1 (v0.6) on 12/30/2016

The map in this game is the same as part of the map by DrunkNescafe.



Review by Pekachews

Version reviewed: tome 1 (v0.6) on 12/29/2016

Lets get the positives done first, because why not?

Firstly - the scenery is fantastic, a lot of RPG Maker people fall flat at this, but you have added detail to the world - and that's what I think a lot of games need more.

Secondly - The transformation scenes are done well, I like the slow and methodical change rather than the straight to it BAM you're transformed sequences.

Thirdly - The variation in transformations is well done, I love how it isn't the same transformation every time. (P.S. on this as well, the story behind the transformations could use some work, but they look like a fantastic starting point)


And, this is a review so I must list some negatives, don't take this too seriously as it is the first release and mistakes will happen - and remember - this is just advice!

Firstly - Right of the bat I noticed that there were a couple of spelling mistakes, not major ones but stuff that could be a bit better.

Secondly - (This may just be my opinion) but I feel like having a random chance to fail a spell is BAD in a game, especially since you can just save infront of every person and it gets tedious doing the same text OVER and OVER again. If you were to listen to my opinion I would say add CHOICE to the game to change how sequences play out.

Thirdly - Add some interactivity! You made a fantastic place where you can explore a lot of the detail, but none of it has text attached to it. Personally I love games that add little bits of information in between the cracks just to add to the experience.


To summarise my time with the game, I got lost after the cat tf, she said she was going to see 'Arnold' but I searched everywhere I could to find 'Arnold' and could not find him, that could just be my fault but in all honesty if you make an open(ish) world game, you need to direct the player about where to go (I recommend some kind of quest book). This is in very early development so don't take the criticism too harshly, but build on it and make the game greater :)

Review by Bimodyes

Version reviewed: tome 1 (v0.6) on 12/29/2016

I don't think this game could be classified as 'beta', it's more like a very early alpha, or even just a play test. The concept is good, and so far, I have found around three transformations. To sum up the plot, you get a book, and you can transform who you don't like with it. But, the spell might come back and hit you, transforming you and giving you a bad end. I don't know if I didn't explore enough, but that's as far as the game goes.


If you like a game where transformation = bad end, this is a good playtest for something like that. Otherwise, the game will not be for you.


For being as early as it is, this is a pretty good playtest. But I don't think everyone will like, but keep at it!

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