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Lilith's Throne
by Innoxia

If the downloaded .jar file is not working for you, I also package the game as an .exe (and a 32-bit .exe), so you could try running that instead. You can find the links to the .exe downloads in my blog post: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/2019/08/version-0341-hotfix.html


Hello, I wanted to share a game I've been working on for a little while now, so here it is!

Lilith's throne is a text-based erotic RPG, in which you travel through a world filled with demons, magic, and lots of sex! Some main features include:

  • Several explorable tile-based maps.
  • Turn-based sex, which gives you a lot of control over how a sex scene plays out.
  • Randomised, persistent NPCs, who can be fully transformed!
  • Levelling systems for perks and fetishes. (Currently 30 fetishes, with plans for a lot more!)
  • Fully transformable bodies, allowing you to turn yourself into all sorts of different races!
  • A lot (currently 230 items) of clothing for you to customise your character with.
  • Options to set your personal preferences for NPC furryness, gender, and gender pronouns.
  • Lots of sex! ^^
  • Weekly releases! (I update TFGS roughly every fortnight, but my public github and Patreon builds are updated roughly every week.)


I have lots of future plans for the game as well, including: 

  • NPC romance.
  • Four more major areas (desert, jungle, fields, and sea).
  • At least 20 more races, almost all of which you'll be able to transform into.


Thanks for playing!



I make posts on here three times a week.


Lilith's Throne Discord

I'm very active on here, and it's a good place for asking questions, reporting bugs, or just chatting with other players! ^^



I no longer have a Patreon page. I'll have a link to my SubscribeStar page up for the next release.



If you're on windows and the downloaded jar doesn't work, you can find an .exe download on my blog.


Screenshot of an encounter with a wolf-girl.

An encounter with a wolf-girl during an arcane storm.


Screenshot of the game's crafting menu.

The game's crafting menu. You can craft potions to transform both yourself and NPCs. Clothing can be enchanted to apply slow-acting transformations, and both clothing and weapons can be enchanted with many other different effects.


Screenshot of an elemental's perk tree. 

The perk tree for a summoned elemental companion. This particular elemntal is named 'Helajyx'.


Screenshot of all the items in teh game, as of version 0.2.12.

Here are all of the items in the game, as of version 0.2.12. All of the clothing and weapons can be dyed in many different colours.


Important: This game requires the *latest* version of Java to be installed on your computer! (Due to the engine using the most recent release of JavaFX.)

Important: I've only tested the game on a computer running Windows 7, and I can't guarantee that it'll work on other systems.


Added a 'loiter' action to the phone menu, allowing you to advance time by four hours in safe, suitable areas.

Fixed bug where characters would only have 5 health when affected by the 'arcane impotence' status effect. (PR#1193 by AlacoGit)
Added support for OccupationTags to be read by the parsing engine, and added 'ENFORCER' occupation tags to relevant occupations. (by Stadler)
Added support for multiple-slot equipping on: Realistic dildo (vagina, mouth, anus); Leather Bracelets (wrists, ankles); Siren's Cloak (over-torso, neck); Key Chain Necklace (neck, wrist); Clover Clamps (nipples, vagina). (by Norin)

Reduced intercrural sex's default corruption from 'horny' level to 'vanilla'.
Prostate massage is no longer achieved via anal fingering for futa characters, with their prostate instead being stimulated through vaginal fingering.

Candi can now be impregnated.
Slightly improved dialogue flow in Brax's feminisation scenes.
Added options to keep Brax as a futa when feminising him into Bree or Brandi.
Slightly improved display of capacity-related random descriptors for orifices, and added colour to random descriptors for lips, nipples, labia, and penis.
NPCs with a neutral fetish desire towards feet-related actions will now use those actions if your corresponding foot-fetish desire is positive. (i.e. An NPC with a neutral 'dominant foot' fetish will not use their feet in sex, unless your character has a positive desire towards the 'submissive foot' fetish.)
Improved visibility of character-swapping positioning actions.
Added finger to lower-half actions to the sex position slot where you're kneeling behind someone who's down on all fours.

Fixed major issue where you wouldn't be able to request access to the harpy nests, nor ask about the side quest up there.
Fixed issue where the game would freeze when selecting masturbation while having a positive desire towards exhibitionism, and also having a companion in your party.
Fixed semi-major bug where the actions available in sex would not update correctly after switching position using the new positioning menu actions.
Fixed numerous minor parsing errors, as well as incorrect description in anal actions, and incorrect parsing in prostate orgasm descriptions.
Fixed taurs spawning in with crotch-boobs even if you'd turned them off in the content options.
Fixed taurs having a 95% chance of appearing instead of 5%.
Fixed incorrect sex title for masturbation.
Fixed horse-morphs as being described as being present on the streets of Dominion during an arcane storm.
Candi no longer behaves as though she was satisfied from sex immediately after a sex scene in which you didn't let her orgasm.
The positioning menu actions now correctly work in the prologue's sex scene.
Fixed issue where the game would freeze after Rose's hand-holding scene (and any other sex scene in which no 'real' sex interactions were performed).
Fixed being able to interact with characters on the other end of a taur when you were spitroasting said taur, and improved action availability between these slots for when the in-between character is a non-taur.
Fixed positioning menu actions not being available when targeting characters who were on the same dom/sub 'side' as you.
Clothing now shows up in every category into which it can be equipped when using the debug menu's spawn menu. (Type 'buggy' when standing on a neutral tile to open the debug menu.)
Fixed issue where the sex slot descriptions being displayed beneath each character's name would sometimes be incorrect on the first turn of sex.
Fixed expanded positioning actions not being available when in the sitting position.
Fixed Ms. Cunningham's 'Perform cunnilingus' action causing a softlock if you were a taur.
If she's unable to access your ass, Vicky should now prefer to use your vagina, if you have one, instead of penetrating herself on your cock.
Fixed new positioning menu actions not causing sex to calculate a turn correctly when selected.
Debug menu's 'Reveal maps' action now correctly unlocks all maps to be viewed in the maps screen.
Fixed cause of a bug where duplicate 'Arthur's home' tiles could be created in Demon Home. (Also the game will delete any duplicates in your save file when loading into this version.)
The cultists which spawn during October can now appear on tiles which have friendly occupants living on them. (So that they can now spawn even if you've filled Dominion with friendly characters.)
Fixed bug where setting your birthday in the character creation would allow the year to go past the boundaries.
Lyssieth now correctly always creampies Lilaya/Meraxis during their demon TF scenes.
Fixed bug where Lyssieth would transform her penis away between the scenes in which she corrupts Lilaya and Meraxis.
Fixed issue where the 'degrading talk' sex action was never available.
The new taur spawn preference setting is now correctly saved in your properties file, so you don't have to set it every time the game is restarted.
When being transformed into a demon, your anus, nipples, vagina, and penis now correctly transform to have the same colour as your new demonic skin.



Added a content toggle for 'sadistic sex', which now needs to be turned on in order for actions such as slapping, choking, and spitting to be available during sex. (This content is set to 'off' by default, so you'll need to manually enable it in the content options if you want to see or use this content.)
Added ability to masturbate almost anywhere in the game, via an action in your phone menu.
Added small side quest to buy Brax from Candi.

Fixed bug where combat would sometimes freeze/crash when using effects that targeted multiple combatants. (PR#1190 by Shadowheart329)

Added ability to define itemTags based on the slot that a piece of clothing is to be equipped into. Updated the template folder's 'socks.xml' file to show how this is defined.
Added 'physical' as an available damage type for bucklers.
Added support for weapons to have natural physical shielding. Added 0.5 natural physical shielding to crude shields, and 1 natural physical shielding to bucklers.

Refactored the positioning code, and added a new system of position selection for when you're a dominant participant in sex (or if you have the same level of control as the dom).
Pure virgin fetishists now gain fetish experience at the end of sex (if they have satisfied their partners) based on if their vagina, penis, ass, and mouth are still virginal.
Lusty maiden fetishists gain experience at the end of sex (also having needed to satisfy their partners) if they have retained their vaginal virginity, as well as had their ass or mouth penetrated, or performed hotdogging or paizuri/naizuri.
Added a 'Prostate massage' sex action, available for the performer of anal fingering if the recipient has a penis, and also added a line to describe prostate milking for if a cahracter cums while someone is anally fingering them.
Added 'Encourage creampie' and Encourage pullout' orgasm preparation actions, for when the targeted character is penetrating a third character in sex. These requests are influenced by the 'convincing requests' perk, although the targeted character may ignore you if they are not submissive, have more control in the scene than you do, or are an unruly slave.
Information regarding whether a character will listen to your requests or not is now displayed in their 'desires' status effect's tooltip.
Added a 'spit in face' sex action, which is locked behind the new 'sadistic sex' toggle.
Added vaginal and anal penetration description variations for non-bipedal characters, so they aren't described as being able to reach their partner's cock in order to guide it into their orifices anymore.
Added double-penetration actions and description variations, allowing two characters to be simultaneously penetrating a character's vagina or asshole.
Added a setting in the furry preferences to set how furry you want randomly-generated NPC taurs to be. By default, this setting is set to 'normal', which means that all taurs will spawn in with fully-human upper bodies.

Made some minor improvements to some sex action descriptions.
Removed almost all String character restrictions for saved game names and saved enchantment names. Only the double quotation mark character is restricted.
Altered health icons to use a heart symbol, instead of a lightning bolt.
Added a calendar entry for the month of June (in the calendar menu in your room).
Added option to change age appearance in demon and slime self-transformation menus.
Compacted information in the character view page, and added the character's birthday information (only displayed if you know their name and they are friendly towards you, or if you are their mother or owner).
Added indication in characters' information tooltip, and their information page, for if they are significantly taller or shorter than you.
Characters now only need a wolf-morph's arms in order to unlock the 'Savage attack' special attack.
Slightly adjusted maximum arousal increments in multiple-partner sex.
The minimap now correctly displays unexplored tiles as black squares.
Increased chance for muggers to spawn with weapons from 50% to 90%.
Added a secondary confirmation click for removing friendly occupants from your house or their apartments.
Added indication in the 'Toggle Calendar Display' tooltip text that you need to look at the calendar in your room to reveal the date.

Fixed major issue where starting some sex scenes (such as Pix's) would result in a background error, causing any of your clothes which were stripped to not be returned to you after the sex scene.
Fixed bug where selecting the 'sex' tab when interacting with a slave or occupant in their room would cause the game to freeze/break.
Fixed an issue where having sex with slaves/occupants would display them as being both a submissive and dominant participant.
Several typo and parsing fixes.
Father's day content can now correctly be triggered on the 14th June.
Fixed issue where selecting sex actions which were outside of your corruption range would not give you an increase in corruption.
The phone icon is now correctly greyed-out during the prologue.
You and Lilaya no longer lose your clothes after having sex with Desryth in his/her apartment.
Lilaya now correctly puts her lab coat outfit on when returning from an evening out with Desryth. (This will also reset her clothing to her lab outfit when you load into this version.)
Fixed characters with flat chests being described as having 'null' breasts/pecs under the character information tooltip.
The 'Double creampie' action is now correctly unavailable if the secondary target's orifice is blocked or already in use.
Fixed the error.log file getting spammed with warnings if you entered Lilaya's lab without having started the Father's day quest.
If Lilaya is a half-demon, her skin and hair colours will be reset to their correct values when loading into this version.
Fixed bug where when resisting in sex, sometimes using an action wouldn't work for one turn.
Fixed issue where if you loaded a pre-saved enchantment of a differing type to the item you're viewing in your inventory, the game would sometimes freeze when pressing the 'Back' button.
Fixed issue where saved games with a single quote character in them would not load.
Fixed enchantment menu displaying a clothing/weapon capacity cost for fertility and virility enchantments.
Fixed characters having their hoofed feet referred to as normal feet in some orgasm descriptions.
Fixed some actions not being available when in the 'standing face-to-face' sex position.
Rose now correctly unequips her strapon after her dominant sex scene, and Kalahari correctly replaces her clothes after interacting with you.
Fixed NPCs reacting to your orgasms when you were a spectator in sex.
Fixed speech in sex not being muffled even if your tongue was busy inside an orifice.
Fixed issue where spectators in sex would have their area availability limited by what position the actual participants were in. (Was most noticeable in mating-press, where spectators would be unable to use their fingers.)
Fixed bug in sex where characters would never remove their equipped sex toys in order to start the actions they wanted. (So, for example, if they have a butt-plug equipped, and want to receive anal, they will now correctly remove it to do so.)
Fixed bug where your character would not be affected by changes to age appearance, and corrected code such that your character's age is handled like any other character's, although you gain a -3 year age modifier upon entering the new world.
Fixed issue where repeat actions in sex could be used on a third character who shouldn't have been able to have had those actions performed on them.
Fixed some game-breaking bugs related to clicking out of the debug menu instead of closing it manually.
Fixed bug where any character orgasming while receiving a handjob would sometimes break sex.
Fixed incorrect descriptions in the 'Receive anilingus' sex action.
Fixed bug where some expected sex actions would be missing in some positions.
Fixed several incorrect sex action descriptions and parsing.
Fixed bug where futa characters couldn't simultaneously fuck one another.
You are now correctly banned from asking for the same position request after being denied it once.
Amber now correctly ends sex after orgasming enough times to be satisfied, instead of after her first orgasm.
Fixed Ralph's sex scene never accepting your request for a big discount.
Fixed being able to initiate penetration when locked in the breeding stall, and being able to lie in your back if you were a taur.
Fixed bug where the game would sometimes freeze when generating a new character's outfit.
October cultists now correctly prefer to get you to eat them out before giving them a blowjob, as their dialogue implied.
Fixed NPC's sex AI not stopping oral actions even if they were blocking the NPC from performing their desired action.
Fixed issue in Lyssieth's demon TF scenes, where even though the descriptions were of her cumming inside of you, the effects (getting a creampie) would sometimes fail to be applied.
Fixed characters in the glory hole not having their inventory slots concealed.
Fixed issues with characters being able to penetrate you in impossible-to-reach areas while you were fucking them.
Fixed background errors being thrown when hovering the cursor over the right-hand-side's inventory panel during masturbation.
Characters who are spectating sex can no longer deny orgasms of those who are actively involved.
Offspring now correctly have their body stats slightly randomised from their base values.
Amber, Zaranix, Kelly, and Katherine now self-transform back into their preferred bodies when you leave Zaranix's house.
Time now correctly passes in the scenes in which you give birth.
The status effect 'arcane impotence' (gained when a cahracter's arcane stat is under 5) now correctly limits that character's maximum aura to 5 (as the status effect's tooltip said it should be doing).



Added some Father's day content, which triggers when entering Lilaya's mansion during daylight hours between the 14th and 21st of June (in-game time). You also need to have progressed the main quest past the point of meeting Lyssieth, and not have a negative desire towards the incest fetish.
Added 'offhand strike' as a combat move, which deals 100% of your offhand weapon's damage to the target.
Added a toggle in the content options to disable the 'Enchantment capacity' mechanic. (The game won't ever be balanced around this option being turned off, so you will be able to get very OP with it off.)
Clothing can now support multiple slots into which it can be fit. The 'rental_mommy.xml' file is no longer used as the example for modders, as I've made a 'template' folder as a tutorial instead, which also explains how to define these multiple slot options.
Added a small Father's day encounter where someone gives you Vixen's Virility pills (occurs during the third week of June).

Added image variations of ChattyNeko's Lilaya artwork of her with a shirt on.

Fixed bug where the back button on the selfie page wasn't working. (Fix by Stadler)
Added: Toeless stockings. (Variation of the 'striped toeless stockings' by Blooms)

Added: Hard hat. (Head slot, no femininity requirements, sold by Nyan.)

Altered energy and aura calculations, to give more weight to level and physique/arcane.
Reset the player's base attributes, as an extra 10 physique was incorrectly applied to the player upon starting a new game. (This shouldn't affect anything else, as permanent attributes are only obtained through the debug menu at the moment.)
It is now free to remove positive enchantments from clothing/weapons/tattoos.
Positive corruption, fertility, and virility attribute enchantments no longer have an enchantment capacity cost.
Allies no longer regain 100% of health and aura when ending combat.
Elementals now have 100 spell efficiency from their core 'elemental' perk.
Balanced natural physical resistance on all clothing.
Did another balance pass on all resistance values from perks and status effects.

Added support for multiple characters participating in the same ongoing penetrative action. Currently implemented for blowjobs, so up to three characters can be performing a blowjob on one person at once. Added description variations for all blowjob actions related to this.
When in sex, if a character's mouth is blocked, all of their speech is now replaced with muffled noises.
Converted the 'sitting' sex position into the new format, so that it correctly supports taur bodies (who cannot sit on a chair).
Added an 'Assist blowjob' sex action, where a third party can push the head of the person giving a blowjob down onto the cock of the person receiving it.
Amber now 'assists' you if you choose to thank Zaranix by giving him a blowjob. Zaranix now also orgasms twice before ending that sex scene, and several other minor issues have been fixed in it (such as being being able to stop the blowjob).
Characters moving to perform cunnilingus or anilingus on taurs will now correctly move behind their partner, insstead of beneath them.
Added a 'receive oral' position variation during sitting sex for taurs.
Added 'between legs' position slot during sitting sex for non-taurs.
Altered requirements of the 'Request rough sex' action, so that only NPCs with the 'masochist' fetish will use it. (This also fixes Nyan asking for rough sex.)
'Dirty talk', 'Submissive talk', 'Rough talk', 'Request rough sex', and the 'Request/Offer X' actions now all have variations for if the person's mouth is blocked.
Kate's sex scenes now correctly start with you standing between her legs (or over the top of her, if you're a taur), not sitting in her lap.
Nyan's sex scene now takes into account if you have a taur body or not.
NPCs who dislike the masochist fetish will now ask for their dominant partner to be gentle with them in sex.
'Submissive talk' and 'Rough talk' actions are now only available to characters who have the submissive or dominant/sadist fetishes, respectively. These actions are now also available for you to use, limited by the same criteria. The 'convincing requests' perk affects these actions, overriding the target's preference for accepting/denying the related pace.

Renamed 'energy' attribute to 'health'.
Renamed 'resistance' attributes to 'shielding'.
'Barren' and 'Firing blanks' perks now give -200 to fertility and virility, respectively.
Improved debug menu's item viewer.
Renamed 'enchantment stability' to 'enchantment capacity' to make it clearer that it's a limiting attribute.
Removed majority of attribute boosts from elementals' subspecies status effect, as their stats are derived from perks instead.
The action name for 'Strike' and 'Offhand-strike' combat moves now display the descriptor for your equipped weapon.
The 'Savage attack' special attack is now available to anyone who has a wolf-morph's face and arms.
Changed Vicky's shop icon on the map.
Youko can no longer alter the number of tails they have via TF potions.
Potions made from the Fox-morph racial ingredient (Chicken Pot Pie) can no longer grant Youko tails. (Both of these changes are in preparation for the lore-friendly Youko TF.)
Defined tail ribbon as being able to be alternatively equipped into the hair slot. Defined hair scrunchie as being able to be alternatively equipped into the wrist or tail slot.
Added tooltips to combat's shielding icons.
Turning slimes into angelic slimes, and then reverting them to flesh, will now revert those body parts to human, in the same way non-demonic slimes lose their demon parts when turning back to flesh.
Moved all hand clothing out into xml files in the res folder.
All non-slave slimes and demons will now transform back into their preferred gender form when you are no longer in the same tile as them.
Added occupation 'OCCUPATION_occupation_enum' and clothing type 'CT_clothing_id' parser tags. Also added a way to define Strings for use in the parser in the code, by means of the new 'SpecialParsingString' methods in UtilText.
Arthur's home in Demon Home is not revealed until you've gained the quest to find him. Similarly, Zaranix's house has been moved to its own tile in Demon Home, and is not revealed until you get the associated quest.
The 'too masculine/feminine' clothing status effect now inflicts -15 lust damage instead of -5 arcane.
Added centaurs, unitaurs, pegataurs, and alitaurs to the list of races you can find when searching for a partner in 'The Watering Hole'.
Added text variations for the footsie and seating sex actions in 'The Watering Hole' for if either you or your partner are not bipedal, and fixed the toilet stall sex not supporting taur positions.
Added support for if you have a taur body when having sex with Kalahari and interacting with Kruger.
Added more information to the character information tooltip (when hovering over the race symbol next to their name).
Added minor variations for Vanessa's sex scenes for if you have a non-bipedal lower body.
Moved all of Kate's dialogue out into an external .txt file in the res folder.
Added ability to switch in to/out of the 'sitting' sex position. As it's part of the to-be-fully-updated new sex positioning methods, the follow-on options are currently a little limited.
Added 'freckled (face)' covering for skin, to apply a freckled pattern only to the character's face.

Fixed major bug in how weapon damage was being calculated, which was causing damage to rise multiplicatively with each attribute that was affecting it (making damage numbers far too high).
Fixed several parsing errors.
Fixed the purchase of the quadruple slave room upgrade not working correctly, and made it available as an upgrade from double slave rooms.
Fixed giving yourself perk points in the debug menu not working.
Summoning elementals out of combat now correctly drains your aura.
Fixed fire elemental not being able to be summoned outside of combat (through the spells menu), and fixed it so that it uses energy to cast if you are too low on mana.
Fixed elementals not having their core two perks unlocked.
Fixed clothing resistance values being incorrectly displayed in a couple of places.
Removed 'Untouchable' perk from player (obtained via bug in previous version) and replaced it with your correct occupational trait.
Fixed 'Angel's Purity' having a value of 0.
Fixed not being able to dye weapons/clothing that was on the floor.
Fixed description of pumping cum into a slave's womb in the milking room saying it was due to 'having unprotected sex'.
The 'creampie' orgasm action has been removed for if you're fucking someone with a strapon.
Allowing NPCs to manage your clothing in sex should now work correctly.
Fixed baneful fissure's status effect being applied to allies of the caster.
Attempting (and failing or succeeding) to escape from combat will now correctly reverse selected moves of you and your allies (thereby refunding spent aura/energy).
Fixed bug where combat moves would stay queued up when attempting to escape.
Fixed bug where NPCs trying to cast fire spells would softlock combat.
Fixed 'Ass-to-mouth' and 'Pussy-to-mouth' orgasm actions being available during spitroasting.
Fixed issue with clothing tooltips breaking when they had too many extra effects.
Fixed men's leather jacket not concealing torso clothing.
Removed reference to "+0" in racial status effects' core attribute modifiers.
Fixed incorrect reference to Kate having black hair in her intro scenes.
Fixed issue with not being able to rename Youko slaves.
Fixed issue with altering a Youko's tail count not increasing their stats.
Clothing management during sex will now correctly use the rough description variant if the managing character is in the rough pace.
Importing a character when starting a new game, or when importing one as a slave, will now correctly clear their sex and combat history.
Fixed incorrect description of clothing going into NPCs' inventory when you took it for yourself.
Fixed bug where new player characters would start with an extra 10 physique.
Fixed incorrect attribute modifiers for racial essences.
Fixed inspection of slaves describing them stripping, even if they were already naked.
Masturbation and breast groping actions are no longer available if hands are not able to be accessed.
Fixed issue with demonic slaves transforming back into their preferred gender forms.
Defeated NPCs will no longer have multiple copies of their related lore book in their inventory.
Slaves who are allowed to masturbate now wait 6 hours after gaining the 'Pent-up' status effect before masturbating, during which time they are available to use you for sex (if they can reach you).
Sex with slaves now correctly sets your companions and other slaves present in the room to be dominant & submissive spectators, respectively.
Fixed background errors being thrown upon starting a new game related to the Rental Mommy not being spawned in.
Fixed some inconsistent dialogue in Lilaya's laboratory sex scene dialogue, and added correct variations for the chair sex for if you're a taur.
Fixed dildos not being displayed correctly in the character information tooltip (when hovering over the race symbol next to their name).
Fixed Lilaya's and Meraxis's nipples, anus, vagina, and penis colours not being updated to their correct demonic colours when being transformed (or have already been transformed) into a demon.
Fixed fingering and other appendage-area actions missing from the standing sex position.
Fixed orgasm cum targets missing from some sex positions (making it so cumming on the floor was)
Fixed another issue in sex where if a character was receiving a handjob, they would be unable to start receiving anal or vaginal sex.
Noxinia can now have items equipped onto her, allowing you to enslave her again.
Fixed issue where threesome sex in slave/occupant rooms would not work when even if you had a companion with you.
Fixed NPCs not being able to use the 'Choke' & 'Slap face' sex actions.
Fixed issue with the 'leader' of the submissive or dominant sex partners not being at the top of the list.
Fixed bug where if you went to give Nyan a gift, and had no gift available, the 'Gift' action was still put on cooldown.
Both Pix's and your character's bodies now actually get cleaned when taking a shower after her workout.
Fixed incorrect description being parsed in the loss of your pure virginity scene.
Fixed bug where sex actions already ongoing when sex starts might not be targeting the correct person.
The character 'selfie' view now describes horn length, and also had a related horn parsing bug fixed.
Fixed the 'grab horns', 'twintail pull', and 'ear pull' sex actions sometimes not being available when they should have been.
When NPCs use a sex action that ends sex, it now correctly stops other characters from performing more actions afterwards.
Fixed some categories of clothing being absent from the debug item view menus.
Fixed issue in the sex scene with Ralph's 'big discount', as well as in the Breeding stall scene, where vaginally-equipped clothing might get permanently deleted.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Lurk Morrison

Version reviewed: on 07/06/2019

Note: I am actually critiquing based on version which can be found via the author's site.


The short and sweet of it is that, while this game has lots of potential, it's not quite there yet.


The biggest flaw in this game is how slow it is. Going through menus is slow. Managing your inventory is slow (you manage one item at a time/no dragging and dropping). Moving around the map is slow. Sex scenes, while full of options, are painfully tedious (god help you if you lose a fight -- you'll be clicking for a while).


On the upside, the game gives you plenty of options to define your character. From your gender, to your body shape, your fetishes, your gear, your history, weapon types, spells, TFs, etc. You name it, you can probably select and alter it to your whim.


Verdict: Can NOT recommend at this time but I think it's worth keeping an eye on.

Review by bobbyjoe789

Version reviewed: on 05/08/2019

wonderful game, been playing for forever. Some ideas: make the map more random so it actually looks different instead of just having the buildings at different locations, add forced piercings when defeated by enemies, and keep up the awesome work!



When getting dressed to go on stage, you're supposed to have shoes and socks on before you go on. However, no shoes or socks are available in either inventories, so you can't get dressed! Also, when you click on the jar file on mac, it says the "res" folder is missing, though not sure how that affects gameplay.

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: on 03/22/2019

*March 21. 2019*

I believe I've reported this somewhere before, but it's still a problem. Male PC, NPCs set to maximum transformation and feminine+, they all just rob PC instead of transforming.


*August 23 2018*

You beautiful person, you!

Anal can be disabled. Futanari internal testicles can now be enabled.

I found this just on starting up the game. I'll update with other comments where applicable.


*update July 13, 2018*

I edited some of the content below, but mainly I have a new complaint with this version:

NPCs having both cock fetishes, both pussy fetishes, an impregnation fetish, and a pregnancy fetish, as well as most other fetishes at neutral or negative... are prioritizing HAND actions when they're the dominant partner and refusing any position that would allow them to fulfill their fetishes.


This is a fairly awesome game so far.

Three major complaints as of right now (that I can think of).

1. Guide, dang it. I found that I could mitigate a lot of the complaints I had, but it took me a while to find it. (Examples: a. Enchanting consumables is how you craft potions. Different consumables give different options. This gives much more control over fetishes and transformations than clothing enchantments. b. Slaves can be sold once you complete quests.)

It occurs to me that some of this may be explained in the game and I'm just skipping the text.

2. I can't disable anal. Anal is a major turn-off for me, and NPCs can spawn with anal fetishes. For what it's worth, I can manipulate fetishes.

3. Futanari external testicles - I do my best to pretend these don't exist. There are so many customization options, but for the most part I can't turn these off. If you absolutely insist on having testicles (for realism? in a high magic universe?), please make them internal. (Note, I can optionally transform NPCs to have internal testicles. I'd still like it to be a pre-set option.)

4. I'm not sure how you would implement it, but NPCs get kind of same-y personality-wise. Slowly corrupting an NPC with a unique personality would be way more enjoyable than just throwing numbers at bars until they fill up (so to speak). On that note, NPCs get accustomed to slavery rather quickly.

I've probably got a fair few minor complaints, but one off the top of my head is the inability to expand a single-slave room into a double-slave room. If you want to do it, you have to unassign slaves from it (particularly annoying if it's your first room), set it to empty and then assign it as a double. This wastes a lot of money.

Again, I do like the game, these are just some issues I have with it.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: on 03/05/2019

Hands down, Lilith's Throne is one of the most well made sexual education game on tfgamesite, to the point that I feel like there is a little bit too much information. The customization of your character is... well, *amazing*. You could easily spend like half a decade on creating your character. Then within the first few minutes of the game, you could be transformed into something else. If you do not want that to happen, you'd better be very combat ready before working on the main quest.

Storywise, the game is a bit of an old-school. The gem, or fault, lies within the sexual encounter mini-game... The number of actions you can pick is... well, *amazing*, too. To start a sexual encounter you pick your opponent (if there is more than one). You click the inventory to undress your shorts and the rest of your clothes that matters, piece by piece. You click your opponent's inventory to remove her clothes piece by piece. You then check out her fetish list; check out your fetish list to build; mentally pick your genitals to use; pick her genitals to use; pick a position; pick a method; calculate the horny state and orgasm rate; pick a mental state; pick a pace; pick a breathing rate; FINALLY, pick your action, click it a few times and Boom! Your character hits the tide within seconds. What a man! (joke, but not too far away from the truth...)

With all the complains (lol), it is still fun because it is one of a kind. If I am doing this for science, I would have rated it a GPA of 4.0 or a grade A+. I guess everyone should have check this out. The pickings could be fun. Who knows?

P.S. Aside from the above, this game has great GUI, a good mapping system to explore, a good shopping system, a good combat system, a good enough story, quite a good flow, and good potential, or else it won't get that 1k+ likes. I was just complaining about the few glitches of it. Don't take this one review too seriously.

P.P.S. Version has the quests in Submission finished, sort of a like a major wrap up. Some of the mysteries were resolved. There is quite some reading to do to understand all that. Anyway, it is a good story transition to the World Map where you are about to deal with the bigger problems... which is not implemented yet.

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.2.12 on 12/14/2018

LOVE the game. I hope you soon get to go outside the main city.


One thing you might add (don't know how difficult it would be) is squicks. You can add fetishes for 5 essence, but you can't say: 'I don't want this happening'. So maybe make it possible to set extreme dislike for fetishes so that your character actually fights to prevent it might be interesting. You can make it expensive so most won't do it, but think about it.


For the rest keep up the great work.

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