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Lilith's Throne
by Innoxia


If the downloaded .jar file is not working for you, I also package the game as an .exe (and a 32-bit .exe), so you could try running that instead. You can find the links to the .exe downloads in my blog post: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/2020/01/version-036-release.html


Hello, I wanted to share a game I've been working on for a little while now, so here it is!

Lilith's throne is a text-based erotic RPG, in which you travel through a world filled with demons, magic, and lots of sex! Some main features include:

  • Several explorable tile-based maps.
  • Turn-based sex, which gives you a lot of control over how a sex scene plays out.
  • Randomised, persistent NPCs, who can be fully transformed!
  • Levelling systems for perks and fetishes. (Currently 30 fetishes, with plans for a lot more!)
  • Fully transformable bodies, allowing you to turn yourself into all sorts of different races!
  • A lot (currently 230 items) of clothing for you to customise your character with.
  • Options to set your personal preferences for NPC furryness, gender, and gender pronouns.
  • Lots of sex! ^^


I have lots of future plans for the game as well, including: 

  • NPC romance.
  • Four more major areas (desert, jungle, fields, and sea).
  • At least 20 more races, almost all of which you'll be able to transform into.


Thanks for playing!



I make posts on here three times a week.


Lilith's Throne Discord

I'm very active on here, and it's a good place for asking questions, reporting bugs, or just chatting with other players! ^^



Here is my SubscribeStar page, for if you wanted to support the game's development. ^^



If you're on windows and the downloaded jar doesn't work, you can find an .exe download on my blog.


Screenshot of an encounter with a wolf-girl.

An encounter with a wolf-girl during an arcane storm.


Screenshot of the game's crafting menu.

The game's crafting menu. You can craft potions to transform both yourself and NPCs. Clothing can be enchanted to apply slow-acting transformations, and both clothing and weapons can be enchanted with many other different effects.


Screenshot of an elemental's perk tree. 

The perk tree for a summoned elemental companion. This particular elemntal is named 'Helajyx'.


Screenshot of all the items in teh game, as of version 0.2.12.

Here are all of the items in the game, as of version 0.2.12. All of the clothing and weapons can be dyed in many different colours.


Important: If you are using the .jar (and not one of the .exe downloads from my blog), then the game requires Java 1.8.0_172 (or later) to be installed on your computer! (Some earlier or later Java versions may cause the UI to bug-out.)

Important: I've only tested the game on a computer running Windows 10, and I can't guarantee that it'll work on other systems.








v0.3.13 Patch Notes

  • Contributors:
  • Dragon breath attack is now unlocked by the character's race being identified as 'dragon', not by having a dragon torso. (by DSG)
    Fixed issue with the dragon subspecies 'Coatl' not being detected correctly. (by Stadler)
    Fixed bug where feral characters would spawn with crotch-boobs, even if crotch-boob row count was defined as 0. (by Stadler)
  • Engine/Modding:
    Added parser hooks to penetration, orifice, and tongue modifiers (using prefixes 'PENETRATION_MODIFIER_', 'ORIFICE_MODIFIER_', and 'TONGUE_MODIFIER_' respectively).
    Added support in racialBody xml files for setting 'breastCrotchType' to NONE for races you want to never spawn with crotch-boobs.
  • Other:
    Characters no longer have their cum & girlcum automatically gain the 'musky' modifier when changing into a non-bipedal leg configuration. (Centaurs still have this modifier by default.)
    Sharks and all dragon subspecies will no longer spawn with crotch-boobs.
    Removed restrictive minimum and maximum limitations for insect wing size.
    Ralph no longer sells Impish Brew (you can still buy it from Roxy).
  • Bugs:
    Racial food items which have more than one torso type associated with them now have access to those torso types in the enchantment menu.
    Fixed dragon's 'Breath weapon' special attack dealing 0 damage.
    Fixed some minor issues with NPCs spawned as a dragon subspecies having the odd part assigned incorrectly.
      Fixed bug where the penis slot would not accept any clothing if a character lacked a penis, causing strapons to be impossible to equip.

v0.3.12 Patch Notes

  • Contributors:
  • Added variations of starting demonstone damage type based on your birth month, and correct some descriptions during the prologue related to this. (PR#1409 by Rfpnj)
    Fixed bug where the 'Dye & reforge all (stack)' action would not consume reforge hammers. (by AceXP)
    Fixed bug where 'Unequip all' would inadvertently unequip milking pumps, which would end up with them being added to your inventory. (by AceXP)
    Editing your character's description in their save file will now display that description in the in-game selfie screen. (PR#1411 by aDrunkLittleDerp)
    Fixed issue with incorrect anus description for elementals (with help from PR#1412 by AceXP).
    Fixed parser command 'glow' to work without a defined colour, as well as for rainbow colours. (PR#1439 by CognitiveMist)
    Typo fix in bread roll description. (PR#1414 by aDrunkLittleDerp)
    Added the option for a slave to be mute to Helena's custom slave shop and removed tongue recolouring from the Hair options tab. (PR#1416 by AceXP)
    Characters with the NON_CON_DOM fetish will now gain lust when having sex with someone that is resisting. (PR#1417 by AceXP)
    Slaves in the stocks at Slaver Alley without a vagina will no longer have vaginal sex events generated for them. Also fixed these slaves' descriptions and the issue where they would always have all permissions granted. (PR#1426 by AceXP)
    Added checks for fertility pills, including broodmother. Roxy now sells broodmother pills and random NPCs may sometimes be carrying them. Ralph and Lilaya now react to broodmother pills in the same way as fertility pills. Fixed incorrect colour descriptions of fertility pills in several places. (PR#1422 by AceXP)
    Fixed issue where hair length, breast size, ass size, and hip size had no tolerance so that post-combat forced TFs alternated between too big and too small. (PR#1334 by Stadler76)
    Fixed typo in phoenix-harpy description and tidied up parts of the code in UtilText.java. (PR#1336 by Stadler76)
    Fixed some instances of incorrect unit parsing. (PR#1321 by NoStepOnSneks)
    Fixed a bug where if a clothing item to be equipped had multiple occurrences, equipping this item would lead to bugs when the next occurrence of the item was to be equipped. (PR#1419 by Deboucher & AceXP)
    Fixed the bug where clicking on an equipped item while enchanting during a trading session would give you full access to the inventory of the trader, allowing you to take all their equipped items and the items in their inventory. (PR#1420 by AxeXP)
    Fixed issue with milking rooms not being able to support 8 slaves, maids gathering on the player's tile when loitering in the corridors of Lilaya's home, and the 'well rested' status effect no being applied correctly. (PR#1425 by AceXP)
    Enchantment recipes can now be applied to weapons that already have enchantments. (PR#1423 by AceXP)
    Updated github build tutorial. (PR#1323 by LjyiH)
    Fixed missing verbs in several files. (PR#1291 by TadUnlikely)
    Fixed incorrect dialogue scene titles when getting tattoos in Kate's shop, incorrect description of how much cum was expelled during orgasm when performing a double creampie orgasm action, and a reference to ass instead of breast in nipple-fingering actions. (by AceXP)
    Fixed a bug where having an elemental in a feral form would cause the the left and right sidebar to go blank. (PR#1457 by AceXP)
    Prevented pregnant slimes without a vagina from transforming back to flesh, as the birthing scenes only account for characters with a vagina. (PR#1459 by AceXP)
    Fixed issue where Sean could not be challenged a second time if you backed out and changed your mind about fighting him. Also fixed some incorrect clothing descriptions and missing text. (PR#1458 by AceXP)
    Added support for defining feral face description in face modding xml files. (PR#1452 by Stadler76)
    Added 'Poncho' clothing item. (Unisex, over-torso slot, sold by Nyan.) (by NoStepOnSnek)
  • DSG's race contributions:
    Added 7 new races: Sharks, Bears, Dragons, Ferrets, Gryphons, Otters, and Raccoons.
    Added 1 subspecies for each of these new races, except for the dragon race, which has the subspecies: Coatl, Ryu, Dragon, Drake, and Wyvern.
    Added 18 new consumable items, consisting of a drink (attribute) & food item (transformative) for each of the 7 new races, with dragons having an extra 2 variants of their drink item and 2 extra variants of their food item.
    Added 12 new colours related to the new races added.
    Added 7 new combat moves for the new races: 'Charging Bite' (sharks), 'Five Claw Strike' (bears), 'Breath Weapon' (dragons), 'War Dance' (ferrets), 'Hunting Call' (gryphons), 'Tail Slap' (otters), and 'Cornered Beast' (raccoons).
  • Engine/Modding:
    Made some slight improvements to the documentation of the xml files related to race modding.
    Added support for wing types to have a defined minimum and maximum size (see the 'res/mods/innoxia/race/hyena/unused_bodyParts/wing.xml' for the commented example).
    Added comments for the imageName elements in 'res/mods/innoxia/items/items/race/hyena_bone_crunchers.xml'.
    Choosing to not define any covering modifiers or patterns in coveringType mods is now correctly handled without throwing background errors.
    Leaving the 'backgroundName' element empty or not including it in subspecies xml mod files is now correctly handled and uses the default race background (as was implied it should in the comments).
    Added elements in the 'racialBody.xml' file for defining male and female hip sizes ('maleHipSize' and 'femaleHipSize').
    Added parsing hook to BodyPartTag (using the prefix 'BODY_PART_TAG_').
    Added ColourTags, which can be added to modded colours to have them be automatically added to the game's covering colour lists.
    Added setCovering() to Body class to make the setting of coverings easier in race mods. (See 'applySubspeciesChanges' element in lion.xml for an example on this being used.)
    You can now leave the half-demon name elements empty in subspecies xml files (in which case the game will automatically generate a generic half-demon name for your subspecies).
    Added support for a 'displaySize' attribute to the 'iconName' element in subspecies xml files, allowing you to define the resizing percentage of your icon image.
    Added 'coveringIconColour' element for modded colours, allowing you to define the colour to use a different colour for covering icons than its usual colour for text.
  • Gameplay:
    Added a separate variant of the aquatic status effects for characters of an aquatic race who have the leg configuration 'TAIL'.
    Added ability to recolour cum, girlcum, and milk in the self-TF menu.
    Minimum size for a clitoris to be used as a psuedo-penis has been increased from 1cm to 5cm.
    Split cat-morph race into cat-morph and panther-morph. Removed cat-morph's 'panther face' TF option. Tigers, lions, leopards, and snow leopards are now classed as panther-morphs.
    If a character has the cat-morph's 'panther face', their cat-morph body parts will be converted into panther-morph parts when loading into this version.
    Added 'Deep Roar' and 'Panther's Delight' consumable items for the new panther-morph race.
  • Other:
    Improved sorting of subspecies in several menus.
    Updated spawn locations of all subspecies.
    Altered the names of the reindeer and centaur books.
    Added some more global NPC transformation debug buttons (in Misc. category).
    Added labourer outfits, so reindeer overseers will no longer spawn with completely random outfits.
    Slightly adjusted the default colours of the leather belt.
    Diamond necklaces will no longer spawn as a random item in Dominion's alleyways, canal tiles, or in the crates in the Supplier Depot.
    Characters with the TAIL_LONG leg configuration now gain access to the 'tail swipe' combat move.
  • Body:
    Added ROUGH as a covering modifier.
    Added TAPERED as a tongue modifier.
    Added REPTILIAN and AMPHIBIAN foot types.
  • Sex:
    NPCs now have the chance to decide to initiate penetration using a clitoris that's large enough to act as a pseudo-penis.
  • Bugs:
    Fixed bug where characters of a modded race would show as 'human' after loading a game.
    Fixed non-centred alignment and uneven circle dimensions of race & item backgrounds.
    Encyclopedia information for modded races should now load and display correctly.
    Fixed issue with the tile's default dialogue being shown alongside the intended dialogue when refusing a partner's offer of sex in the nightclub.
    Fixed issue where declining sex in a nightclub partner's apartment would lead into the nightclub's toilets dialogue instead of Dominion boulevard dialogue.
    The game no longer autosaves when following or taking a nightclub partner home, as loading the autosave which was generated at that point would result in that NPC being unintentionally deleted. Instead the autosave is generated after leaving the partner.
    Fixed bug where nightclub partners would not be saved if you followed them home and then refused sex, despite the tooltip indicating otherwise.
    Fixed huge amount of background errors being thrown whenever you changed any of your furry preferences (which was causing that preference screen to lag a lot).
    Fixed issue with race books not showing up in the library.
    Added handling for automatic birthing of nipple-incubation eggs when a character transforms into a feral form which lacks breasts.
    Fixed issue where litters birthed by NPCs would always have the same birth date as their conception date.
    Fixed issue where background errors would be thrown if a generic sex event generated a half-demon character.
    Fixed issue where NPCs with eggs implanted in them would never lay the eggs if you saved & loaded the game while they were in the 'completed' stage of incubation.
    Removed incorrect reference to going to consulting Lilaya when having eggs implanted inside of you, and replaced it with a hint on having to access your phone's menu in order to lay them.
    Enchanting the item 'Biojuice Canister' now correctly gives you just the option to create a slime-reversion elixir, instead of the full racial options that other standard racial TF items have access to.
    Fixed image position and alignment in combat move tooltips.
    Fixed issue where milking pumps and spider webbing seals could spawn as generic clothing on randomly-generated NPCs.
    Fixed spotted & striped hyenas not having correct plural names for their feral forms.
    Fixed issue where TF potions with a TF type that's been removed from the game would throw background errors when trying to use it.
    Fixed parsing errors when eating the hyena food item 'Bone Crunchers'.
    Fixed reference to feral characters having feet when they had a tail lower body type.
    Fixed a couple of issues that were causing modded status effects to not work.
    Fixed issue where loading a previously saved game would sometimes show parsing errors on the initial dialogue page (for example, in the entrance tile to Slaver Alley).
    Fixed spam of warnings about getFeralAttributes() returning null every time you loaded the game as a feral character.

v0.3.10 Patch Notes

      • Contributors:
      • Fixed issue where NPC speech would sometimes have errors in it. (PR#1415 by AceXP)
        Added a unique icon for the 'dazed' combat status effect. (by DSG)
      • Engine:
        Added modding support for items to be defined as being able to be enchanted into new items, and support for a background to be added to item images, as well as size and rotation definitions. (See 'res/items/innoxia/race/horse_equine_cider.xml' for an example.)
        Added support for nesting folders inside mod folders (so mod makers can more easily categorise mod files within their directories).
        Improved performance of status effect conditional checks, which should have considerably improved the time it takes to end a turn in games with many saved NPCs.
        Added 'tags' field to status effect modding, allowing (some) ItemTags and their effects to be applied to modded status effects. (See the 'res/mods/innoxia/statusEffects/set_template.xml' file for an example.)
        Added parsing commands for clitoris diameter and circumference.
        Improved handling of body covering types in the code.
        Added full mechanics support for all other leg configuration types (serpent-tail, fish-tail, arachnid, cephalopod, avian). You can test these lower body types by using the debug TF menu to give yourself the demonic leg types which support this.
        Added 'aquatic' race definition and land/water tile definitions, so that aquatic races have beneficial/detrimental status effects applied when they are in a water/land tile respectively. Tile land/water status and danger status is now displayed at the top-right of the UI.
        Added full support for spinnerets, which will be granted by spider tails and spider 'arachnid' leg configurations. Spinnerets can be used as sexual orifices, and also grant several web-spinning sex actions, along with a special combat move.
        Added full support for penises and clitorises to be ovipositors, by means of giving them a modifier (via TF potion or self-TF menu). Characters with an egg-laying vagina which has been impregnated can use an ovipositor penis/clit to lay the fertilised eggs in vaginas, anuses, nipples, and mouths.
        Cephalopod lower bodies now support tentacles as penetrative objects (like tails) and grant a special combat move.
        Added support for combat move modding. (See 'res/mods/innoxia/combatMove' and 'res/combatMove' for examples.)
        Added support for fully-feral bodies. (There is currently no way to obtain a feral body, but the underlying code is ready for future content.)
        Added full support for race modding. (See 'res/mods/innoxia/race' for an example.)
      • Gameplay:
        Added 'darkness' mechanic. Darkness status effect gets applied when a character is located in a map tile which is not illuminated. This status effect can be negated by having animal morph eyes which grant night vision, bat ears (which grant echo location), a body made of fire, mastery of fire spells, or an equipped piece of clothing/weapon which counteracts darkness (night vision goggles or the flashlight).
        Increased upper cap of base unarmed damage from 20 to 50.
        Added 'hyena' race with 'spotted hyena' and 'striped hyena' as its two subspecies. Added related 'Bone Crushers' food item and 'Workout Power' drink item.
      • Items:
        Added weapon: 'Flashlight'. Sold by Ralph, illuminates dark areas when equipped.
        Improved icons for all racial attribute drinks (such as Equine Cider, Canine Crush, Wolf Whiskey, etc.), and moved all of them out from the code into the external 'res/items/innoxia/race' folder.
        Moved all racial food items out from the code into the external 'res/items/innoxia/race' folder.
        The 'Angel's Tears' item has been considerably buffed and can no longer be naturally found in-game (it will be added back into the game later on).
        Made 'tabi socks' unisex.
        Most racial transformative food items now additionally restore 10% health when consumed.
      • Body:
        Added a transformable value for tail length, expressed as a percentage of the tail owner's height (minimum value is 5%, maximum is 250%). It can be modified via the self-transformation menu (for demons or slimes), or via a new potion enchantment option.
        If a tail's girth is the same as the default value for its type, then changing the tail type will reset the girth to the new tail's default girth. The same happens with tail length.
        Alligator-morph body hair is now coarse hair (the same as their head hair). It is always absent on alligator-morphs by default if you have your 'Scaly Hair' option off.
        Added more options to change the colour of your elemental's body coverings.
        Fixed issue where face type would always use the same covering as torso type.
        Increased maximum breast and crotch-boob row counts from 5 to 6.
        Slightly adjusted clitoris size category values to make them mroe in-line with penis size values, and reduced maximum length from 125cm to 100cm (so that it's the same as penis length).
      • Sex:
        Fixed several parsing errors and incorrect descriptions of several sex actions (mainly tail-asshole and tail-vagina actions).
      • Other:
        Ralph now sells modded weapons which have been given the tag 'SOLD_BY_RALPH'.
        Slaves now enjoy the prostitute job if they have the 'nymphomanic' trait active, instead of if they have the cum addict fetish.
        The cum-inflation status effects for a character's breasts are now triggered by either breasts or crotch-boobs being inflated by cum.
        Horn adn wing types will no longer have random ordering in the self-TF menu's options.
      • Bugs:
        Fixed issue where using the 'Quit' button in the main menu would sometimes fail to close the game's background java process.
        Fixed bug where summoning your elemental for the first time in a new game wouldn't work.
        Taking a thorough shower in your room's bathroom now correctly applies the 'Recently showered' status effect.
        Fixed bug in conditional parser where identical if statements that each return 'true' would return the last encountered block instead of the first.
        Elementals now correctly return to their passive form after successfully escaping from combat.
        Hair clothing is now correctly unequipped when hair length is set to 0.
        In the 'Witch's Seal' sex scene with cultists, the character who is sealed can no longer use orgasm-locking actions (i.e. 'leg-lock', 'hug-lock', etc.).
        Fixed issue with some NPCs spawning with metallic-coloured shirts.
        Fixed issue where tail length decrease button would continue to work when greyed-out.
        Orgasm actions which direct cum onto a partner's groin will now correctly dirty their vagina/penis inventory slots.
        Fixed issue with 'hoof-kick' attack's critical hit logic not working correctly.
        'Martial artist' perk now correctly increases base unarmed damage, instead of modifying the damage in the same manner as the 'unarmed damage' attribute's calculation.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by DerrekA

Version reviewed: 0.3.13 on 03/11/2021

I want to love this game, but the updates are so sporadic, and being handled so poorly, that it's hard to imagine it ever getting back on track. Showed a lot of promise, but it's stalled super hard.

Review by Silky_Layla

Version reviewed: on 05/28/2020

An absolute "Masterfully Crafted Game" and and incredible story... and the sex system... Very hot.

I only wish that the NPC partners you can have could also have "Vicky's" (from arcane arts in the shopping arcade) attitude and... "Forceful nature?" Specifically the fact that she will ignore your half hearted protests and then... "She then bucks back a little, and you let out a startled cry as you're pulled along with her" ... Yeah, that's extremely hot... More... Much more of this flavor please... and the dirty talk... Great dirty talk, though you could use a few more humiliating lines in there while being called a girl when, ya'know, you're not quite one? haha You know what I mean. I love elements where they really make a bitch out of you. But really, all the other flavors in there too, also very well done and you for sure have a lot already.

I can't imagine how long and difficult it is to program and code a game like this but the effort and love you put into it very clearly shows, and the writing... Just awesome!

OH, and the clothing and gear system... Honestly, as much as I love all the super hot kinky stuff and all the flavors you offer, the actual game and combat is really awesome, I normally am not a fan of that kind of stuff in sexy games, but this game is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I can actually powerhouse my character into a god, and IT STILL flows with the story sooooo well.

AMAZING DETAIL, Keep it up. Seriously, and what a great story.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: on 01/21/2020

Lilith's Throne is one of the games on tfgamessite that is with quite a ton of replayability.

If you haven't look into Lilith's Throne for a while, I am listing some of the more important changes:

  • there are a ton of new customized clothings to the point that the filesize was doubled comparing to 3.1.1
  • the enforcer uniforms are reworked, as well as the related quests.
  • pc perks are totally reworked. they are now less essential and more fun.
  • there is now a cap for benefitial enchantments.
  • a few enchantment is added. the more important ones are level drain and vibration.
  • a side quest (axel) is added.
  • other game engine changes

Some people criticize the enchantment cap... so the author add a way to turn it off at the option menu.


previous version review

Hands down, Lilith's Throne is one of the most well made sexual education game on tfgamesite, to the point that I feel like there is a little bit too much information. The customization of your character is... well, *amazing*. You could easily spend like half a decade on creating your character. Then within the first few minutes of the game, you could be transformed into something else. If you do not want that to happen, you'd better be very combat ready before working on the main quest.

Storywise, the game is a bit of an old-school. The gem, or fault, lies within the sexual encounter mini-game... The number of actions you can pick is... well, *amazing*, too. To start a sexual encounter you pick your opponent (if there is more than one). You click the inventory to undress your shorts and the rest of your clothes that matters, piece by piece. You click your opponent's inventory to remove her clothes piece by piece. You then check out her fetish list; check out your fetish list to build; mentally pick your genitals to use; pick her genitals to use; pick a position; pick a method; calculate the horny state and orgasm rate; pick a mental state; pick a pace; pick a breathing rate; FINALLY, pick your action, click it a few times and Boom! Your character hits the tide within seconds. What a man! (joke, but not too far away from the truth...)

With all the complains (lol), it is still fun because it is one of a kind. If I am doing this for science, I would have rated it a GPA of 4.0 or a grade A+. I guess everyone should have check this out. The pickings could be fun. Who knows?

P.S. Aside from the above, this game has great GUI, a good mapping system to explore, a good shopping system, a good combat system, a good enough story, quite a good flow, and good potential, or else it won't get that 1k+ likes. I was just complaining about the few glitches of it. Don't take this one review too seriously.

P.P.S. Version has the quests in Submission finished, sort of a like a major wrap up. Some of the mysteries were resolved. There is quite some reading to do to understand all that. Anyway, it is a good story transition to the World Map where you are about to deal with the bigger problems... which is not implemented yet.

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: on 12/10/2019

I really loved this game I could play characters and then export them buy them but issue for me not enough places visit I almost visited all the places on map, until I couldn't visit certain place unless I unlocked the rest of storyline. Some part me wishes there more means create character images even custom characters. 


Fun part I guess you could say sex scenes.  Graphic in nature kept me thinking my dull reality was enhanced playing it I could never have sex where I live, because of my own existence, in eyes of my family I shall remain never married. 


At least with this game I could always have sort game that feeds what I can never do. 


Magic and sexual content that really lives up what really suppose to be. There should one main trait, Living celibate life and living it up? Is that hard to ask for. I trying come up with for while but I could never ask you because I forget it.

Mod idea I had:

Maybe super excite people you should have sex slave fair? Races you could have your fastest slave undergo running or outrunning others. 

I was thinking heaviest milk and cummer would get trophy, depends of course on taste,  Most broken slave get their minds restored or not. Liln might using them for testing? 


Job fair since your stuck lilith world you should get job if you can. 

Review by Lurk Morrison

Version reviewed: on 07/06/2019

Note: I am actually critiquing based on version which can be found via the author's site.


The short and sweet of it is that, while this game has lots of potential, it's not quite there yet.


The biggest flaw in this game is how slow it is. Going through menus is slow. Managing your inventory is slow (you manage one item at a time/no dragging and dropping). Moving around the map is slow. Sex scenes, while full of options, are painfully tedious (god help you if you lose a fight -- you'll be clicking for a while).


On the upside, the game gives you plenty of options to define your character. From your gender, to your body shape, your fetishes, your gear, your history, weapon types, spells, TFs, etc. You name it, you can probably select and alter it to your whim.


Verdict: Can NOT recommend at this time but I think it's worth keeping an eye on.

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